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Date: Tuesday, February 24
Location: Gondar Ethiopia

Can you say castle in the middle of Africa? I mean really. Starting in the 1600's a series of emperors for 250 years ruled from here. Each son had to build a new castle so we explored not 1 o2 but a series of 6 castles. Full of intrigue of assignations, poisoning and later Brits bombing the Italians.

There is even a grand swimming pool still used today for religious ceremonies and 44 churches in town. Ethiopians are very devout.

Food continues to be interesting. Personal favorite was and avocado smoothie today. Others had multi-colored and multi-layered fruit drinks you drink with a spoon.

Now we are heading onto the veranda for a drink. It oversees the whole lovely valley. The 4 hour morning drive took us through very rich, 3 crop per year farm land. A long way from the famine images we have in our minds of Ethiopia.

Be sure to listen to our live audio post today. Tonight we are preparing for our trek that begins tomorrow...

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Sounds Great! Glad everyone is well! I have become a PPS blog junkie....don't cut me off.

Terri - 2/24/2015

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