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Date: Thursdsay, February 12
Location: Moira Camp,13,600.

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For: Carlos

Just viewed some of the posts and sounds like your having a great time. Hang in there and you will feel euphoric when you reach the top! Hope you have enough Advil PM! But I always enjoyed getting up in the night to pee to see all the stars! Stop using that pee bottle! Poli, Poli!! Good Luck to all, Enjoy. Peter.

Peter Martin - 2/13/2015

For: Tim and Carlos

Your satellite phone location shows you in the middle of Mali! Did you go on a side trip?

Theresa - 2/13/2015

For: Susie zafuto

I really enjoy reading the updates, it makes me feel less worried and so happy for the progress you are all making. Maggie and Rob went out and I got to snuggle the baby, she is so adorable. Everyone leaves for Florida today. It,s so cold outside so I think the kids are thrilled to go. Still missing you, but oh so proud of you. Love ya xxxooo!

Mom xxxooo - 2/13/2015

For: Susan Holmes

You are making progress!!!Candy and Frank hope you are having a great time. They are interested in everything you see and do Tea in your tents sounds relaxing. Have a good day tomorrow. Love, Marilyn

Marilyn - 2/12/2015

For: Kris and Ben Thompson

GOOD LUCK & GOD SPEED! You guys are awesome!!!

Chuck Olin - 2/12/2015

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