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Date: Thursdsay, February 12
Location: Moira Camp,13,600.

The picture is of Ben and Kris holding banner of the names that supported their climb and charity fundraising. See under Life Matters/Scholarships for more on that wonderful, inspirational story. Their is still time to help support them and their efforts. Seated, Carlos, cosmically supporting their effort.

5 hours of hiking. Started sunny, below freezing, sun came out, jackets came off. Clouds came in and it got cool and it rained lightly as we approached camp. 50 degrees daytime currently.

Up we go! Some are starting to feel the altitude. Shorter of breath, a little dizzy. But all are doing well enough. Loving the scenery. Misty clouds up here cover and uncover moonlike lava rocks, caves and not much vegetation. Hanging like old man's beard is a mossy orange lichen on the black, gold, rust red rocks. Lava rocks are a moment frozen in time. Impossible drips that are not moving.

This campsite is off the main route so quieter. Only two other groups in camp. Spirits are still high. Some anxious about going above 15,000 feet tomorrow.

Sue really appreciated the birthday greetings and we enjoyed them and the cake they made over stove. Susan still manages to put on eye makeup somehow at night. Carlos was sporting his plastic poncho today. Tim is getting the tough guy look going. Kris is loving the hiking. Ben is having no problems and not missing school a bit though wants to support his swim team since he can not be there. Jeff must love the fee of rain as he let it soak his head at the end of the day. Ghionul is learning lots about how to use her equipment and enjoying the slower pace then on Meru.

Tomorrow is a big day. Longer hike and very high. The team is developing the support necessary to continue to the summit so it is expected to go well. Tune in....

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For: Ben

Sectional update: we came in 2nd. Dave made States in the IM as did the free relays. Great swims had by all. Missed you in the breast- no HFL made it back there. Best part? We won a Sportsmanship Award for the season. You celebrate that one, buddy! The announcer asked me if we really only had one senior. I replied, "nope. The other's nearly to the top of Kili right now." He laughed...I don't think he believed me! Keep rockin' it!

Waymouth - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

-3'F here this morning, Friday the 13th. It's a good time for you to be away from NY. Hang in there, Susan, you can do it!. Hope you have a great day. Love, Marilyn

Marilyn - 2/13/2015

For: Susan

Hi, Susan....good to know you haven't compromised your values regardless of the phyisical and emotional challenges that would overwhelm all but those few with the tenacious, tough and razor sharp focus of a Navy Seal. Glad you had room for your eye make-up...hang tough! Ken

Ken - 2/13/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Make-up, Really! Lol! I know you are fine if you can still get the make-up on. I can't wait to see your picture at the summit. I hope you brought a special bottle of wine to celebrate. Don't worry, I will have a glass for you!

AnnLynne - 2/13/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hey Cuz - LOL I can just picture you putting on eye makeup. You go girl! Enjoy every minute of your awesome adventure. love Kathy

Kathy - 2/12/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Glad you have safely made it to 13,000 ft. I am in Austin, having fun with Caty and Gram. The weather is so nice!!! Loving the sunshine, warmth, and no snow! Caty may have trouble convincing me to go home Are you still friends? Whose beard is growing in better? Wishing you an easy time as you climb higher! Love you and miss you! Sue

Sue - 2/12/2015

For: Susan Holmes

The comment about you still managing to put your eye make up on made me laugh out loud. Because, why the heck not? Nobody ever said you can't wear eye make up climbing Mt Kilamanjaro!

Janine - 2/12/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Oh my god..eye make-up..don't forget the lip liner and lipstick..sounds like you are still staying proud of you..I would have quit at the 3 hour walk to the entrance.. Are you getting dizzy ? take lots of pics..sounds so exciting and beautiful scenery..keep "climbing" will conquer this!!! keep safe and strong!! Love,Jeanne

Jeanne - 2/12/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Wooooohooooo!! Just keep climbing! So proud of you two! Xoxoxoxoxox

Fredonia Family - 2/12/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Boy, did you guys pick a good time to go. Projected high of 9 deg Friday, 28 deg Saturday (heat wave) then back down to a HIGH of 1 deg Sunday. Predicted windchills of 30 below Friday. Good thing nordic skiing is over. Wonder if there will be school tomorrow (Friday). Anyway, all else is well here. Sectional swimming got postponed until Saturday. We'll keep you posted.... Excelsior!

Richie Rich - 2/12/2015

For: Jeff

Good luck Dad! Charlie's counting on you!

Sean - 2/12/2015

For: Sue Z

You are another day closer to reaching the summit. Tomorrow should be an exciting day for you...up to Lava Tower and then down to the valley where those cool trees are. Enjoy!!! (and keep drinking and eating)

Sacco - 2/12/2015

For: Susie

Susie, keep your head in the game girl! You got this!!! I'll need to know your favorite food to eat while climbing a mountain for the game show!! Love you

Kendra - 2/12/2015

For: Sue Z

the higher you go the colder it gets...still colder here, high of 0* Sunday ..hope you're feeling good, keep on going Xoxoxo

Dad - 2/12/2015

For: Kris and Ben!

So Ben, not missing school eh? But we sure did miss you last night at sectional prelims. HFL boys were impressive...moving on to finals Friday night. Great to be able to follow your trek from a far....postive vibes coming your way for a successful summit. Enjoy!

the skeltons - 2/12/2015

For: Kris and Ben

OOORah! Get er done. Way to go - want a print of that picture. Looks warmer there than here. Yard is waist deep (shoulder on mom...

Mom and Pop - 2/12/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hope everyone is well, are you the Susan still putting on makeup?? Sounds like things are going great only about 6,000 ft to go We have more cold weather moving in -20 to -30 below wind chill this weekend so enjoy the balmy weather!!! Stay well, take care Love ya Joe

Joe - 2/12/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Great work Mom...We are all very proud of you! I can't wait to see your pictures and look forward to reading the post of your Summit! I love you. -James

James Holmes - 2/12/2015

For: Everyone

Just have to say, Susan - I am so impressed that you are still putting makeup on :) and these updates are so impressive and informative, the descriptions of where you are and what you are seeing....truly amazing! Wishing you all continued safe travels to the summit! Can't wait to see the picure of you all there!

Susie's friend Lisa - 2/12/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Seems like it is going so fast, from here got this girl! Just remember - BREATHE!!! Love you!!

Lisa - 2/12/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Sounds so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the group at the top. You can do this! Love you xoxox

Pam - 2/12/2015

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