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Date: Wednesday, February 11 - AUDIO POST
Location: Shira 1, 11,500 feet

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For: susan holms

stay away from carlo,,,,,thinking of you ,,,,have fun

thirston - 2/12/2015

For: Rick

Bitter Sweet my friend. Enjoy your climb, moment by moment. Take in every smell, vista, and breath. Every step is for every individual you have taken with you and given the opportunity of a lifetime to experience this mountain. We are all so blessed to have crossed your path and walked a bit on it with you. Give Yusef a hug and kiss from me...... Greetings from Regina where it is -30 with the windchill

Lisa and Lori - 2/11/2015

For: Kris and Ben

We wanted to let you know we are thinking of you. Enjoy your adventure! We hope you are having a great time and we are looking forward to hearing all about it!

Deb and Glen - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Z

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday aunt Susie happy birthday to you...Hi aunt Susie love you so much good luck

The Family - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy Birthday Doo Boo, hope the studs made u a cake!! Love ha Tim

Tim - 2/11/2015

For: shamoo

Good luck Shamoo . Watch out for the Loa Loa worms.

Charlie - 2/11/2015

For: Kristine and Ben

Hope you're enjoying the trek. The countryside sounds great. Take lots of photos.

Lamar & Bill - 2/11/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Kris and Ben- we're thinking of you guys every step of your journey. I know your butterflies will give you super powers from JSO so you will zoom up that mountain ! XXOO Cate

Cate O - 2/11/2015

For: Susan Holmes

I hear you're keepin' up! I have no doubt....savor ever minute, keep a journal and get lots of pics!

Meg - 2/11/2015

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