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Date: Wednesday, February 11
Location: Shira 1, 11,500 feet

Sue's Birthday! Rick's wife's Marcia's birthday.

6 hours of hiking, sunny, lovely, clouds hiding Kili.

Susan, the other Susan still with us, her words not mine. Hey, by the way, we don't get wifi or phone service on the mountain. So those of you thinking your friends can Facebook, WhatsApp them, not going to happen. We do this by a little satellite phone. Like secret agents.

At the moment in the dining tent, drinking tea, eating popcorn and enjoying Andrea Bocelli. He is in the other group. Kidding, he is on the ipod. Most are rockin it.

We are arrived at camp to a dancing, singing group of porters. We joined them, Some of us some good hip action, like Carlos, Tim, and Rick. The others also joined. Ben was dancing and has new song ideas for his band. You will see some videos later I am sure...

We cleared the trees, the heather and are in the subaline, wide open area. There used to be lions roaming here, but not any more.

From Kris-"So mzuri (beautiful), the old man's beard hanging off the trees, the expansiveness once we got up hi. Love the thoughtfulness of the porters and how they set the table." Ben agrees. "Love the tea to the tents" Susan-"With Joy and dancing they carry 60 plus lbs on their heads, serve us tea and cheer us on" Sue"I am envious they (porters) can have so much joy, and they only get $8/day"

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For: Sue Zafuto

Love you Honey & I miss you. Need tea?

Sandy - 2/12/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Have a great day and enjoy the view. Hope you are keeping a diary so you can tell us every detail. Love, Marilyn

Marilyn - 2/12/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Thinking about you...wanted to check in. Looks like you're having a great time! Make them laugh and be Silly Susie. Love you! Michele PS - The kids sang "Happy Birthday" to you today at dinner. Michelina is painting Mt. Fugi in art class and she wants to paint "Aunt Susie's Mountain" too!! Cute!

Michele - 2/11/2015

For: susan Holmes

Hi Susan, Still hanging in there?? out of baby wipes yet??I'm following your journey,feel like I'm there reading the updates..hope you are ok..what a free ..and the beauty of nature..just left Moro' are your feet? I tell everybody at work about your strong and,Jeanne

"future sister-in-law" - 2/11/2015

For: Suzie

Happy birthday Suzie I love you good luck.

Janie - 2/11/2015

For: Kris and ben

I remember tommy talking about the popcorn lunches and dancing porters. Love their love of life! Wish I was there!!

Di - 2/11/2015

For: Suzie Q

Ok so I don't see your Birthday post from me. This may be a second one but I just want to make sure you see a post from ME!! Happy Birthday Bird!!! Mexican when you come back. Love you and I'm so proud of you!!! Happy Birthday.

Julie - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love & miss you!!

Maggie, Rob, & Adelyn - 2/11/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Wow, that was a fast climb to 11,500. Happy to know you are both well and have the energy to dance. Hope you took a movie of that. Can't wait for the next report. Enjoy the experience that will stay with you the rest of your lives. Onwards and upwards!!!! Namaste. XXXOOO

Noly - 2/11/2015

For: Tim and Carlos

Go Dad and UC! Try to sneak in one of these photos soon so we can see the greasy hairdos :) XOXO

Theresa - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Happy Birthday Susie!! So much fun, I love seeing you in all the pictures....also loving Pam's messages, she is cracking me up! Miss you my friend, enjoy this special day! Love you! xoxo

Lisa - 2/11/2015

For: Tim

All is good here in Florida AND I can see, better than ever!!!!!! (Of course you and Carlos are dancing! What else would you be doing when there's music in the air?)

Ann - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Happy Birthday! Why are you in every single picture?? I'm glad you guys are well. The kids ask about you every day. Excited for our road trip-the way they fight with eachother AND Annie's car sickness-should be interesting. I think that what you are doing is probably a safer option than an 18 hour road trip with the Mahers. Annie asked what will happen if she pukes in the van. Thinking I'll start my own blog--I'll name it WTF was I thinking. I'll blog when I'm sober enough to form words lol xoxo

Pam - 2/11/2015

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