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Date: Tuesday, February 10
Location: Mti Mkubwa, Big Tree Camp. 9200 Feet. 3 hours walking.

Yes, first day hiking on Kilimanjaro! Drive past all the people in town, turn right and head past the Massai Cow Camp. Continue when road ends up into the forest of monkeys, potatoes and pine trees. Stop at gate to register, Use last flush toilet. Back in truck with 30 Africans who are joining us to carry their 60 lb loads on their heads. Stop bus at end of dirt road in the middle of a hundred milling porters of all colors of clothing and bags and we start. Yeah, wow.

Tomorrow is Sue's birthday. Sue is in the pic at the start of the trail. New sign this year, new dirt road, no more brutal 4 wheel drive ride but 2x as many people.

We are sitting in a tree area with maybe 75 tents around in a dining tent drinking tea and eating popcorn. Dinner is fresh fish, potatoes, soup....

Everyone is doing great! Starting to get a little dusty. No elephants this year. We are joined by many of our old African friends. They are decked out in yellow shirts and new daypacks donated by Gibbons Slacklines. They look sharp.

Carlos has one of those annoying selfie sticks for his camera so no dont you will be able to see many pics of Carlos when he gets back to Facebook in a week. We are getting a little competitive with the dutch group as they have a go pro on a trekking pole for selfies. We know they are dutch as one is hiking in wooden shoes.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Send us your questions...

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For: Kris and Benjamin

Sounds like you guys are making great progress. Benjamin - can't wait to hear your new song ideas when you get back. Kris - hope your ankle is holding up! I assume you read Ian's post? What he didn't tell you was that it was Counties part II and he raced with varsity A boys (skate ski). Quite impressive... Anyway, more snow and bitter cold on the way... P.S. Interview went well. It was just with two HR reps. Not sure if there will be a part II or what. Timeframe is 2-3 weeks....I2YB

Richie - 2/11/2015

For: Kristine and Ben

Hi Mom, I just got back from my meet. I placed 2nd, on;y about 20 seconds behind Bryan Tornatore and a good ways ahead of Jake Converse and Wyatt. Be safe. Don't be too smelly.

Ian - 2/11/2015

For: Rick

Thinking of you on this trip--Be safe-wish i was there

Daddeo - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Z

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BFF! Great picture! I'll tell you my first thought when you get home! You said to keep it clean on here! LOL MUST be that time of the month! HaHaHaHa Hope you smiled! You're awesome! Michele and Gang

Michele - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Q

Happy birthday Susie!! This will be your best birthday yet!! Enjoy the day! Love you!

KB - 2/11/2015

For: Susan Ellis Holmes

Your fans are watching for you Susan E. H. Do us proud!

D Young - 2/11/2015




For: Susie Zafuto

Happy happy birthday my friend! Much love and good wishes to you, from me! Have a great day of climbing today!! Love you!! XOXOX Lisa

Lisa - 2/11/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Having a wonderful visit with Cay and Duke! Duke remembered me, how about that? I know you guys are having a great time. Love, Gram

gram - 2/11/2015

For: Susie

Happy Birthday SusieQ! Great Pic :) What an awesome way to celebrate AMAZING YOU! Wishing you and the group a safe journey. I can't wait to see your pics from summit. Love you xoxo

Rach - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy Birthday Crazy Cat...hope you are enjoying yourself!! Love you & be careful!!

Denise & Tim - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Z

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a wonderful day. We're having family night tonight and we'll sing happy birthday around 7pm, that'll be 3am your time, so if you're awake listen for us singing xxxooo

Dad - 2/11/2015

For: Sue

Jambo!! and Happy Birthday! I hope you and your gang are doing step at a can do it!

John - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy happy birthday, Bootie! What a memorable way to spend your day! I miss my friend ! Prayers for you and the group for another safe, amazing day! PS: the sun is out today in Buffalo! Must be 'cause it's your birthdaaaaaay..... awe shizzzzz... :)

Jen & Rick - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy Birthday to such a sweet and wonderful person. I miss and love you! P.S. Do you want some tea- I'll bring it to you? :)

Sandy K - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy Happy Birthday to you Sue! What is the weather like there? Have you seen any animals? Have a wonderful day!

Erika G. - 2/11/2015

For: Susie zafuto

Happy birthday Susie... My birthday wish is that you have a perfect day full of sunshine and love. I hope all of you are doing well. I can,t wait until we see you on top of the mountain. I miss you and I am so proud of you. Love and kisses.. Xxxxoooo

Mom xxxooo - 2/11/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Sounds like fun. Hope that selfie stick is only half as annoying as Rick says! Heading out to Austin tonight. Doing my part to keep Austin weird! All is well here. Onward and upward for all of you!! Love, Sue

Sue - 2/11/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Wishing you luck, comfortable shoes, and beautiful sights on your way to the top! We are so impressed by you two and can't wait to hear more. Lots of love from San Francisco!

John and Kait - 2/11/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Hi, have you seen a monkey or elephant yet??

Johnny Maher - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

I look forward to the posts on your trip. It's amazing that you are realizing your dream. I'm wondering what the temperature there is in F'. Warmer here today with temp up to 30'F but frigid ones expected this weekend. Have a wonderful time. Love, Marilyn

Marilyn - 2/10/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Susie, Happy Birthday to you! Nice picture! You look great! You are incredible and I am in awe of your strength and determination!!!! These updates are great and its so nice to share them with everyone. Good Job and Have a Great Birthday my friend!! Miss you!

Christina C - 2/10/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Sounds like you're all off to a great start. I'm so glad to hear it. Also glad you are NOT hiking in wooden shoes (or boots!) like the Dutch contingent. Sending you big hugs as you keep heading up!! xoxo Elizabeth

Elizabeth - 2/10/2015

For: Jeff Bayne

Hi Uncle Jeff! Happy Climbing! Charlie2 says Hi.

Erika Bayne - 2/10/2015

For: Rick and the group

Jambo hikers, I was where you are a year ago and it still seems like yesterday. My advice is when you twendai, go pole pole! At night, lala salama! Rick, envelope to Marcia today, Karibu sana, hakuna matata! Hello to Yusuph and crew.

Harry Wolf - 2/10/2015

For: Carlos (Charlie) and Nick

Was wondering if there is a Kevin in your group. He is the cousin of a friend of mine and he also started his climb to Mt.Kili on Feb.9

Noly - 2/10/2015

For: Sue Z

Looking good, looks nice there. It's warming up here, upto 21* Love you ....almost HAPPY BIRTHDAY XOXO

DZ - 2/10/2015

For: Kris and Benjain

Well I finally figured out this newfangled invention called the internalnet and am posting to your blob! Glad to hear you guys are finally on your way. Post lots of pictures so we can see what you're doing. Ian and I are digging out from even more snow. We got about 8-10" more the other day. Good thing you left Rochester when you did? Love you tons and keep in touch. P.S. Ian said to tell you the HF-L boys AND girls won nordic sectionals yesterday. First time ever for Bernie.

Rich and Ian - 2/10/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Sorry about the selfie stick, but somebody had to have one. Blame it all on me. All I know is that they ALL wished they had one too! Happy Birthday to Sue, what a great way to celebrate. Keep on trucking, onwards and upwards!!!! Namaste.

Noly - 2/10/2015

For: Ghionul

Kilimanjaro sounds awesome!!! We can't wait to see all of your pictures!! Why don't you have a selfie stick!?!?!? Love you!!!!

The Salemi Ladies - 2/10/2015

For: Kristine and Ben

Have a wonderful trip! and thanks for giving me this little window into it. Enjoy every single minute!! Take care!

Lis - 2/10/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Hey Aunt Susie, Thanks for letting me borrow your car while your gone lol

David - 2/10/2015

For: Tim & Carlos

Ohhh, that's right, Carlos has the selfie stick! Interesting that such an inveterate photo-bomber has a selfie stick... Hope you guys are having fun! Gram and I (and Duke) are relaxing in the sun here in Austin.

Catie - 2/10/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Yay! You are on your way -- take it slow and enjoy every single minute of your contact with the people and land...xo

Di - 2/10/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

I love that we can track your journey! The updates and the descriptions of where you are and what you are seeing are amazing, such a great idea! So proud of your strength and determination! Have the best birthday ever, how many people can say that they spent their 41st Birthday climbing Kilimanjaro? Love you Susie!!

Lisa - 2/10/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Happy Birthday!! How cool to see your picture! Have fun-can't wait for the next update. xoxoxo

Pam - 2/10/2015

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