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Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015
Location: Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

They are like nothing else in the world. From 40 miles away, we glimpsed the Torres del Paine on the clearest morning yet, and stopped, awestruck to stare at the immense teeth thrusting up from the faraway range like a giant's fearsome grin. And we were headed straight for the maw.

Our little group started our final hike far below the towers at a beautifully appointed hotel. We wound our way up a deep valley, past campsites and hostels for through-hikers packed with a rainbow of tents and languages. Many other hikers joined us as we trudged up rocky slopes and descended into gullies full of smooth-trunked southern beeches. We breathed deeply before the final climb - a tumble of boulders scattered like wayward baseballs tossed by the glacier millions of years ago.

No matter how many photos we had seen, we could never have imagined the feeling of cresting the ridge: suddenly, there they are. Three towers rising thousands of feet above the graceful curve of a pale green glacial lake. Bordered by sheer bastions of dark rock, the small lake jealously guards the jewels of the three great towers. We wondered how anyone would manage to cross over, much less climb the long, perfectly vertical routes etched in the rosy stone of the towers. As shadows stole across the rocky faces, we packed up our tasty lunch and turned for home.

All of us have loved the indescribably beautiful sights, warm and wonderful people and amazing cuisine of Patagonia. We will be sad to leave tomorrow to drive back to El Calafate, but it has been a phenomenal visit!

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Sounds like an amazing trip in every way -especially this last day. Can't wait to see more photos and hear stories. Vaya con Dios. Leslie & Has

Leslie - 1/15/2015

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