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Date: Monday, January 12
Location: Puerto Natales, Chili

Can you say big drive day? 500 km, (300 miles) between gas stations and towns. Wow. It is big, empty, windy country. We left the mountains behind to travel across the open desert of bushes, rivers and lakes. Yes that mentions water but it is a desert. Now and then we see Guanaco. (large llama). We did see an Andean Condor yesterday in the mountains. Our goal today was North of the lovely port town of Puerta Natales, just short of Torre Del Paine in Chili. We stayed at a lovely estancia or ranch.

Meals have been superb. Lamb, pork chops with black beer sauce, and some of the most lovely Alfajores. (think cookie layered with dulce de leche covered in chocolate)

We will try to do another audio post from on the ferry tomorrow, so stay tuned...

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Every day of the excursion sounds remarkable - driving and all. Sounds like Chile has the most diverse landscape yet. The maps are great so we can anticipate the ferry ride and have a bit of a vicarious experience.

Leslie Haslam - 1/12/2015

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