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Date: October 3

Today's hike was a flattish hike with a steady incline from 11860 ft to 13,400 ft. The trails were smooth all the way with lots of flowers including edelweiss and tiny little blue flowers similar to alpine forget-me-nots. We saw lots of yaks some wearing red fuzzy head pieces, and visited a school that has 1 teacher and 12 students. At the school house we bought hardened yak cheese and tried it out later. We arrived at camp at 2 pm in a beautiful campsite. Many people did laundry and washed hair and or completely immersed themselves in the cold glacial run off stream. Situated near the base of Jhomolhari, we are surrounded by spectacular views in every direction. Food report. Breakfast was hot bulgur wheat with nuts and raisens and homemade toast with assorted jams. Lunch was hot rice with eggplant and squash and cheese. For happy hour we had masala tea and UFOs (unidentified fried objects), later identified as a fried mixture of cabbage, carrots, and ginger. The fashion prize once again goes to Gina who added to her legionnaires hat by adding purple down booties and shiny black down pants.

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For: All bloggers and Bhutaneers

I am now following your trek via Goggle earth using the landmarks, places you describe, and the original trip itinerary. It is AMAZING... enjoy and be safe!

The Dad - 10/5/2010

For: Gina

The food sounds great, but I bet you have not had bulgar since Girl Scout camp at Meadow Mountain.

Oralie - 10/4/2010

For: Gina

Some around here call sheep herders shepherds... so would you call yak herders yakherds?

Mary & Clee - 10/4/2010

For: Chris

hi, hope everything is going well! we play webster schroeder tomorrow, our toughest competition. i'm nervous. it's homecoming week though... our team decorated a hallway in school, it looks great. i was listening through voicemails today- i found one of "dynamite." wonder who that could be from :) miss you!

Gaylen - 10/4/2010

For: Sandy and Rick

Masala tea, I can taste it now and I am so jealous! Now if you really want to have some fun, make sure you go for a yak ride.You may have to bribe one of the guides, but definitely worth it! Sounds like you are in a beautiful camp today and had a really nice hike. Glad to hear it is still warm enough to go in the glacial stream and wash your hair. Sandy have you had Rick as your tent mate yet? (more of an adventure than riding the yaks!) Thinking of you both. . . love Lis

Lisa - 10/4/2010

For: Greg

The trip sounds wonderful. It sounds like you are having knee problems, hope it has not interferred too much with the hiking. Guess you need a good chiropractic adjustment! You will have to share the stories with my parents when you return, who will then send them to me. God bless and safe trip back stateside.

Eileen Wirpsa - 10/4/2010

For: Greg and Barb

The Baldwinsville Tournament was fantastic vball. Tanya didn't tell you that Pittsford beat Penfield in the semis. Matt lost his voice yelling. Next Saturday is the Webster tournament and Susan and Rick will be going in the afternoon, Rick will be home for his birthday. What a great trip- enjoy.

Lorraine and Al - 10/4/2010

For: lissa and steve

This journey will certainly change your lives. It will be very interesting to see in what way! ENJOY!

sallie and pete - 10/4/2010

For: Paul

Stay out of the river!!!! We lost yesterday, but Ben comes back today. Cowboys had the week off and were ringing up a $54,000 dinner bill. tf

Hines Ward - 10/4/2010

For: Greg & Barbara

Sounds like a wonderful trip. The photograph of the Tiger's Nest is stunning! Looking forward to seeing pics and know there will be many stories. Hope your knee is holding up. I'm guessing you don't have dinner reservations somewhere-haha.See you next week

Erin - 10/4/2010

For: CJ & Bug

Aren't you glad you had all that practice avoiding horse stuff growing up? Please thank all involved with upgrading the daily post as the activities, food, clothing reports and views sound amazing. Isn't it wonderful just how clean a good mountain stream can make you feel? Looks like bird hunting will be extended two weeks further into December :( ILU

Dad - 10/4/2010

For: Sandy

Hey sis! we're missing you here in Boulder. It's been hot and sunny and we've been doing beautiful hikes on the weekends. The photos of Bhutan look fantastic. Sorry you haven't made the fashion report, but we're sure your turn will come. Rumor has it there's a fire in Fraser and we think we've smelled a bit of it. We'll check out the evening news soon. Cadence just turned 9 so we had to enjoy a burger at Red Robin. Your plants are alive and well in the bathroom. A weekly hit of water an

Linda and Laura - 10/4/2010

For: Gina

Did John Denver ever sing a song about down booties and pants? We'll be interested to get a comparison of the impacts of 27 horses and however many yaks it takes to get equal carrying capacity...

Your Sister - 10/3/2010

For: David

sooo i said i would post something, so i am now! we missed you tons in youth group, we did this thing where we talked about what animals our personalities are like. (dont ask, it was some group building thing.)we decided that you are the peacock (the fun, outrageous, wacky one):P hahaha it was like instantaneous. and and there was a perfect one for robert---the slow and steady turtle! haha but anyways have fun on the rest of your trip, i hope it goes amazing!

Mary Ann - 10/3/2010

For: david

so i just wanted to let you know that i have submitted half of my supplement applications, all my test scores, all my transcripts, and the commonapp will be going out by thursday :) pray i get into notre dame :)

maggie - 10/3/2010

For: Gina

Type your message here...What fun to read your entries and see the photos. I'm playing catch up today as we've been gone for several days. Thinking about you and hoping it is all as great as you'd anticipated!

cousin Nancy :) - 10/3/2010

For: david

i have bad news. i have become so unaddicted to my phone now that i dont text you 24/7.

maggie - 10/3/2010

For: Mom and Dad

it cut off.... go over there. She sends you her love as well. I love you and be safe.

ta - 10/3/2010

For: Mom and Dad

Wow, your trip sounds amazing so far. Enjoy it, but remember to come home too - the leaves are slowly changing in Rochester and we're having gorgeous fall weather. The volleyball team won our tournament yesterday in Baldwinsville - we didn't drop a single set. It was a great day. Timo stayed with the Gilroys that day and saw a movie. We're both at Schirmer's again tonight for dinner. Oma and Opa called and send you their love. I'll translate their letter to gramie tomorrow when I go over ther

Tanya - 10/3/2010

For: david

it sounds uber pretty :) i wish i was there instead of writing college applications. haha but yay! yaks! and were the students just preshh? i miss you tons! continue having funn and be safe! and i would like to point out that i have written every day :)

maggie - 10/3/2010

For: Chris M

Sounds absolutely beautiful....and finally yaks! The food sounds delicious. I am sure you are having a wonderful time. Thank the bloggers, these updates are great. Miss you!

Deb - 10/3/2010

For: Gina

Food sounds great! Thanks for reporting that. Does it seem like it's specially prepared for you, or is it what the locals would be eating anyway?

Clee - 10/3/2010

For: Gina

Wonderful description! Thanks for the ecological reports. Glad you had a nice afternoon... and that your down pants were a hit! I'll bet it felt great to put them on! How are you getting Internet access?

Mary & Clee - 10/3/2010

For: Greg and Barbara

We love reading the blogs and getting tidbits of your experience! Remember" Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Be courageous and enjoy all the new experiences!

Flanigans - 10/3/2010

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