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Date: September 30

Goodbye Kathmandu!

Today our group traveled to Paro, Bhutan as part of our continuing adventure. Flying past the top of the world (Everest) was beautiful, however the landing in Bhutan was incredible. Paro valley relaxes everyone, and is a welcome respite from Kathmandu renewing our sense of adventure. We visited Ta Dzong museum, an old fortress and shopped in downtown paro. Mountain Mike reports a close call with the local moonshine (rakshi) warning other mascots it will melt polyester if taken orally. Fortunately Mike is making a full recovery thanks to a local t-shirt shop that was able to fashion a new tongue for only 20 rupees.

A new addition to our updates comes from our two resident studs; Cj and David (senior and junior in high school respectively). Throughout the trip they will be providing the youth prospective as well as technical support. Yesterday while touring multitudes of temples we became aware of small sculptures inlaid around the temples. The sculptures are kuma satra, and shed an unexpected light on the monks. Upon our return we will be conducting more research into this topic. Shortly after seeing the sculptures, Barbara bought a cd of monks chanting and doing their throat singing. We are curious as to what exactly they were doing while recording. For today we noticed an unusual appreciation for the "frisky" frisks given multiple times (4 to be exact) at the airport. After comments suggesting we trade lines(as the frisks are administered by the same gender) our conclusion is a desparate need to return to teenage youth. Barbara reports several of the women got outfitted in kira, while the men in gho (the native dress). Shopping was fun.

Kuzuzungpola Bhutan!!

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For: Barbara and Greg

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy trekking through the mountains this week. - the BHS crew

BHS - 10/1/2010

For: David

Heyyy so I am at julias gettin ready to dress in all yellow :) I have an important/funny story for you and cj. I am gunna send it to his facebiok inbox sometime so that you can read it when you get wifi again. I miss you sooo much and it's less than two weeks :)

Maggie - 10/1/2010

For: Gina

You can thank me later for teaching Mom to use this comment line...

Your Sister - 10/1/2010

For: Gina

I will be interested in the differences between Paro and Kathmandu. I sent this earlier, but it evidently didn't go. Think of you each day. Mom

Mom - 10/1/2010

For: Gina

Cool that you got to see Everest! Cool ON Everest too.

Clee - 10/1/2010

For: Gina

Great post! Sounds like you are having some real adventures and that maybe Kathmandu is bigger than Fruita!! Also that the local brew is stronger than Fat Tire... The Meet-n-Greet went incredibly well... beautiful weather and great people.

Mary - 10/1/2010

For: Chris and David

I really enjoy your take-over of the blog, it is now exceptionally entertaining. Penfield volleyball is 9-0, we play Canandaigua tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying Bhutan with its beautiful views!

Gaylen - 9/30/2010

For: Gina

I have been thinking about you a lot. At dinner the other day I was talking to a woman here whose son is going to be kayaking in the Himalayas for several months. I am glad you aren't kayaking, that sounds way WAY too cold to me. Things are great here. It poured all day, and it is pretty hot but the leaves are starting to turn and fall, which is beautiful. I love you!!

Leslie - 9/30/2010

For: Paul and Chris

glad to see you've made it to Bhutan and paro. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful time.

Kathy - 9/30/2010

For: Paul

glad to hear there is finally some shopping involved.

Cheryl A - 9/30/2010

For: Mom and Dad

Your trip sounds great so far. I'm excited to hear all your stories when you come back. Timo and I are both doing well, we beat Batavia yesterday in volleyball. I have a ridiculous amount of homework, but I still like all my classes. Timo seems to be doing well, we've been getting along well over here. Love you and miss you.

Tanya - 9/30/2010

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