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Date: September 27
Location: Kahtmandu, Nepal

We are in Khatmandu after chasing up people at the wrong airport in India. The afternoon was spent watching Barb negotiate over tea star saphires. Meanwhile across the street Chris and Dave were playing with the switchblades and Ghurka knives in the store. The Thamel area of shops was closed to traffic allowing us full street access. Great trip so far.

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For: Greg & Barbara

Enjoy! What an exciting trip! What a great way to see what you're up to. Be safe, healthy, and have fun!

Lisa P - 10/1/2010

For: Barb and Greg

Hi there! Glad to see that you are having a great time! Enjoy each day to the fullest :) I'll be checking in periodically. Have fun.

Kim and Dana - 9/29/2010

For: Mom and Dad

Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Haha typical mom, always working... try to enjoy yourself too - I'm so excited to hear all your stories. Timo and I are both well, despite the massive amounts of homework I have every night. It's a little ridiculous. Miss you and love you.

Tanya - 9/29/2010

For: Gina

Type your message here...Wish I were there!

Mom - 9/29/2010

For: Chris,Barbara & Greg

Hi there! Glad you arrived safely - altho the posting about playing with switchblades sounds ominous! Barbara - loved the negotiating bit! On to the next part of your journey. Take care, be safe.

Mrs. Fronk - (Linda) - 9/28/2010

For: Greg and Barbara

Always working, Barbara. Can't wait to see the stones when you get back. George needs an idea for Xmas!

Gaby - 9/28/2010

For: Dr. Greg and Barbara

Nice to see your images there. I'm happy that you arrived safely. LOL at the line for Barbara negotiating for sapphires! :-) LOVE!

Craig - 9/28/2010

For: Dr. Greg

Looks like you are going to have some great stories upon your return!!!

Sue L - 9/28/2010

For: Paul

Just think you could be sitting in a cubicle at Exhellus instead !!

Cheryl A - 9/28/2010

For: Gina

Where are you? I hope not at the wrong airport in India... Or maybe you changed your hair...

Clee - 9/28/2010

For: Gina

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great description! Are you using a computer in the hotel? Perfect weather here... we're following your itinerary and I am translating the time zones, so we're in "real time". Love you!

Mary - 9/28/2010

For: Chris

Hey Chris! Hope you guys are having a great time! I'm starting to miss those underarm turns :'( I hope your practicing ;) Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Have fun!

Andrea - 9/28/2010

For: Pauly

Hi Pauly. I hope you're having a great time, I'm sure you are! Miss you, Be safe! xoxo

Jolene - 9/28/2010

For: Chris

missing you, hope everything is going well! have fun in kathmandu, say hi to your family and the krapfs for me! we beat irondequoit tonight! talk to you soon

Gaylen - 9/27/2010

For: david

heyy so two more things for today. first, i bought 27 cans of peas yesterday for spirit day. second, i have so many updates and funny stories to tell you so i'll write them down so i don't forget! gabe says he misses you. so yeah bye.

maggie - 9/27/2010

For: Chris

K,K,K,Kathmandu..Have a great time! xo

Deb - 9/27/2010

For: David

heyyy! it is so wierd not texting you all the time... and andrea said it is wierd without you at lunch. i miss you! have funn! ill write later cuz i got to go to sharks. bye.

Maggie - 9/27/2010

For: 5hepstones

Type your message here...Watching your progress with bate breath. All fine here.

sallie & pete - 9/27/2010

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