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Date: October 8
Location: Bhutan

Rain rain go away come again in three days please!

Unfortunately, the clouds we tried to beat down the mountain yesterday decided to join us for the evening... And forgot how to get home. At around dinner time yesterday it started raining, not pouring but enough to get everything wet. Some time during the night it stopped, however it was more than happy to begin again in the morning. The rain posed a problem for our fire in the morning, as well as severely restricting our view as we made our way along [what would have been a beautiful] ridge. After a couple of hours on the ridge heading slightly downward we began a steep decent to an army camp.

Today we dropped over 6000ft [for reference the Grand Canyon is a 5000ft drop from rim to river] to the trail we walked in on. The majority of this was done in two hours right before lunch. Due to severe rains a couple of months ago, the trails were severely eroded and in some places the trail was less than two boots wide and above knee height before it widened into prickly weeds. The constant rain turned the trail into mud soup, and the rocks slippery.several people slipped, but the only injuries acquired was a surplus of mud. For lunch today they switched it up on us, placing many in an elevated state of panic. Serving two forms of potatoes, one similar to yesterday and the other a little hotter instead of one form of potato and one form of meat caused this. Thankfully they served rice, which calmed our fears of armageddon.

After lunch we passed through the army camp we passed through on the second day, this time from a different direction. It's a good thing the Chinese are occupied with the Tibetans, as we walked from one side of the camp to the other seeing only two ladies until we got to the gate facing Paro where there were two. Basically the Chinese army doesn't stand a chance with the amount of forces the Bhutanese have massed on high alert, on the border.

Continuing we walked the same path we walked on the first and second day. Even down in the valley it was still raining, turning the trail into a pond. One had to hop from stone to stone to avoid the flooded river/path.

We have camped so that we have roughly 2hrs walk before reaching a bus that will take us to Thimpu. Many of you may be surprised but we have several hardened criminals in our midst. Tonight in camp we were raided by the po po, as a mars bar/snickers bar underground trading ring had developed.

We are pleased to report all have successfully completed rehab and should be ready to handle the unlimited supply back in the states. Fashion award goes to Melissa for rockin mud from her toes to her mid-thighs AND her shoulder. Rick was runner up with mud up his legs and his butt, several others get honorable mention without being mentioned. Ok now for the personal ads.

I want to celebrate and live my life, and several members have some celebrations of their own! Lisa wants to wish Penny a Happy Birthday, and hopes everything is going well! David and Maggie are celebrating their 6 month dating anniversary. Yup.. hold on to your seats, else you might get blown away. Happy birthday Joanne from Paul! Barbara & Greg wants to wish Michelle a Happy Birthday! Ps Robin's friends magically appearred with beer and fresh chicken.

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For: rick)

And another adventure nears the end.Don,t forget when i pick up at airport that mud is not permitted in a Mercedes!!What a great Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddeo) - 10/10/2010

For: Barbara & Greg

Hey Trekkers! sounds like the rain and mud have persisted, but I bet nothing could dampen your spirits! We are thinking of you and wishing you well. Be safe. xx Linda

Linda - 10/9/2010

For: The Shoutout King

Hey Chris - Sounds as though all going well. Thanks for the SO to EF. She's at tourney -but no play due to stress fracture. G is fine, loving a few days off from vball. great Fall weather here - apple picking, pumpkins, the works. Gma & Opa arrive tonight. You'll meet. See you soon. can't wait for stories and pics. xx Mrs. F.

Mrs. F - 10/9/2010

For: Chris and David

So I'm in Pittsford for the weekend and you guys aren't here. I'm kind of sad. :( But anyways, it sounds like you guys are having a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it. Love and miss you both so much. Have a great next couple of days and a safe trip home.

Hillary - 10/9/2010

For: Chris

Hey! Sorry I haven't written in a few days, but we just got back from being in the Adirondacks for a few days. Oh yeah! Needless to say it was fun :) So it made my day to hear you were dancing Viennese...I'm expecting it to be perfect when you get back ;) I'm having so much fun reading about all you are doing. Hope you're still having fun even though you may be cold and wet at times. It's hard to believe your trip is almost over! I hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Andrea - 10/9/2010

For: Two guys

is up with the good smelling orange stuff out. Make sure you bring home all the older toys/folks you left with :)

Dad - 10/8/2010

For: Two Guys:

Well it sounds like you learned what is is like to really live in the rain :) CJ, you will be very happy to hear that I picked out a couple of nice steaks today and I will try to get some new potatoes from Colbys... David, yes the cheese burgers will hot and juicy when you land if you can wait until you get home... or we can stop at Bill Wahls on the way. Yak milk'in!!!! You never cease to amaze me! Duff will crank up the hot breath when he sees the shotgun in the morning... he knows something

Dad - 10/8/2010

For: David

So I am really excited to hear alll about your trip! It sounds like a blast! Right now I am waiting for kikis friend to come so we can go out :) I can't wait for college! I must go to notre dame! hmmm well I'll see you really soon :)

Maggie - 10/8/2010

For: Sandy

So sorry to hear about the rain, but of course it will make for the best stories, not to mention bragging rights! Congrats on your hike and what you have accomplished, despite the universe throwing you a curve with the weather. It will most likely be a big shock to get back to the real world (especially if your next stop is Kathmandu!). Can't wait to hear about how the experience has changed how you now see the world. Love you - Lis

Lisa - 10/8/2010

For: Paul

Paul,I hope I finally figured this out and this message goes through, but I'm not holding my breath! Nice picture of everyone together!!! I hope you're not too sad about your newest adventure coming to an end. Now back to real life, which might not be all bad - the next couple of weeks should be interesting for you. Enjoy your last few days with your friends - some old and some new. I'll talk to you next week. PS Thanks for the birthday wishes. Joanne

Joanne - 10/8/2010

For: Gina

Hope the hardened criminals didn't teach you any more bad habits!

Clee - 10/8/2010

For: Gina

Awesome post! Did you tell the group that you have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon? I couldn't have dropped that far that fast, except with 5-wheel drive! Sorry about the rain, but more sorry that views were obscured. Tell Sandy I am wearing a vest she made for me many years ago, in your honor.

Your Sister - 10/8/2010

For: Chris M & Paul

Everyone looks happy in the photo despite the rains. Sad that your journey is coming to an end. I hope that you all don't suffer major culture shock upon returning to this side of the planet. Be safe and enjoy the remainder of your journey. Peace

Deb - 10/8/2010

For: Sandy

Hey Sandy, I'm here and watching your daily group posts and loving hearing about all your adventures! Over the days I have sent out posts that never made it to you! I don't know why? Stopped by and talked to Laura and she said I was doing it same as she and Linda. Then, after 4 tries tonight, I got through! Whatever? Miss you

Trudy - 10/8/2010

For: Sandy

Sorry to hear you got soaked and muddy...but not the muddiest! Hope you are now warm and dry.

Trudy - 10/8/2010

For: Gina

I'm sure you have mixed feelings about being close to the end of the adventure of a lifetime. I am sending you blessings for safe slogging the rest of the way! Cannot WAIT to hear about it. All love--

Barbralu - 10/8/2010

For: Sandy

Sandy, I expect it's been a pretty amazing trip. I haven't read all the posts but I'm guessing you're in better shape now than when you left...well, I hope your legs have held out. I'd love to do something like this one day. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. We'll have to have you over for dinner. I'm in the UK from 10-19 Oct. Perhaps we can plan on catching up sometime the weekend of the 23rd. In the meantime, travel well. Best, Kent

Kent - 10/8/2010

For: david

heyyoooo! i writing from a sick mac in the nd library :) sounds like lots of funn. its stinks that it is raining there. it is so freakin hot in indiana. well ill write later cuz kiki says i gots to go back to the dorm now. happy 6th month :)

maggie - 10/8/2010

For: Gina and Sandy

Well, it is not the first time you have slogged through mud. Hope the rain stops, the sun comes out, and the mountains reappear. If not,you can create your own sunshine! Or live in the glow of what you have accomplished and experienced on the previous days. They have removed the grid on the spam filter. I can read the letters and numbers!

Oralie - 10/8/2010

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