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Date: Thursday, October 23. AUDIO
Location: Gorak Shep And Everest Base Camp. 17,300 feet

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Sarah and Garth

So exciting!!! Great job! The pictures are amazing! Can't wait to hear more!

Simmies - 10/24/2014

For: Paul, Rick & Co.

Awesome Job! Great posts, Great Pics and soon to be great stories. Stay Well.

Troy - Kili 13' - 10/23/2014

For: David

All right! What's next? A jazz piano concert? How hard could that be after THIS!!!!!????? Congratulations!!!

Susan and Brian - 10/23/2014

For: Sarah and Garth

Way to go!!! That is fantastic!!! Give our regards to Everest!!! Thinking of you both and the wonderful adventure you're having!

A Tan and Gord - 10/23/2014

For: Paul

AWESOME WORK, DAD!! AWESOME WORK, GROUP!! And thanks for the very solid audio post, Carlos!! Good stuff!!

Eric - 10/23/2014

For: Everyone

WOOHOO!! Sounds like you all are on top of the world, both literally (almost) and figuratively (definitely!) Thanks for the wonderful audio post, and best wishes to all for a safe descent.

Priscilla - 10/23/2014

For: Paul

Hi Honey-So glad to hear you're having a wonderful time and getting to eat apple pie! Kevin brought over some of your postings--it sounds awesome! Today carving pumpkins with kids. tomorrow Mary turns 10. Saturday Sam has tournament (hockey). Everyone says Hi! Hugs and Kisses, Mimi PS I am starting to miss you!!!

Mimi - 10/23/2014

For: Kevin

Good job!

Wife - 10/23/2014

For: David

Well, you knocked that bastard off! Have you seen any very large footprints along the way? All the best to everyone -- Joe

Joe - 10/23/2014

For: sarah &Garth

Way to go! You must have 'ran' to basecamp in 6 hrs. You'd catch me ( like normal) on the backside. Enjoy....

Dad Dan - 10/23/2014

For: Carlos

What an incredible experience! I hope you can do the additional 1000 feet...I heard that is pretty tough but worth it. Living the dream! Chris

Chris J - 10/23/2014

For: Dad / Bumpy / Kevin

***accomplishment! Sorry :)

Tracy and Roger - 10/23/2014

For: Dad / Bumpy / Kevin

Woot! Woot!What a spectacular accomplish! Love you! Thank Carlos for the tear-jerking message! Great to hear from him on behalf of all of you :)

Tracy and Roger - 10/23/2014

For: Sarah and Garth

Yahoo !! Congratulations! Wow and more WOW!!

Julie and Charlie Nielsen - 10/23/2014

For: Carlos (Charlie) and Nick

Congratulations!!!!!! I am so incredible proud of your achievement. You must be in awe of your surroundings. Living thru your footsteps my brother. Rest and gain strength for your next climb. Upwards and onwards, keep on trekking!!! Namaste.

Noly and Pop - 10/23/2014

For: Sarah and Garth

You made it! Now I can breathe easier even if you can't. Anxious to hear your stories. The pictures and blog have been great.

Mom - 10/23/2014

For: Carlos

Congratulations!!! From the picture and your audio it both looks and sounds absolutely amazing! I think those of us back here can only imagine. Wishing that you remain breathless (figuratively) and catch your breath soon (literally)! Hope you are able to make the next 1,000 foot trek. Can't wait to see pictures! All the Best, JB

James Botti - 10/23/2014

For: Sarah And Garth

Congratulations!!!!! You made it!!!!! That is so incredible! We are so proud of you have a great day!

Muskegon Nielsens - 10/23/2014

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