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Date: Tuesday, October 14. 3:00 PM
Location: Bhakatapur, near Katmandu.

If you looked at the picture you are witnessing Peter receiving a signing bowl lobotomy. These hand hammered brass bowls are placed on your head and hit with a mallet. Then moved down the spine. The vibrations are said to care migraines, backaches and marital disputes. Peter swears by it.

We went out in torrential downpour all day to explore the 3rd kingdom of the Katmandu Valley, Bhakatapur. This wall city was quite quiet as we went into paper making factories, artists shops who were doing painting and wood carving shops. We sat under ancient verandas to get out of the rain with local vendors who spoke to us in Nepali and us in English.

Lunch was in an open aired balcony looking out at the myriad of temples. We tried local yogurt and other local food.

Now we are at the hotel, awaiting our rooms to be cleaned and to pack for our 5 am departure tomorrow. Despite the rain, all flights have gone to Lukla today so we are otpimistic ours will fly early. We will let you know how this amazing and special flight goes, stay tuned....

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For: Carlos

Love you Pop! Stay safe! Don't wind up like Mallory! We're excited to see pictures when you get back.

John and Ray - 10/18/2014

For: Sarah and Garth

Sounds fantastic! We're enjoying following your trip and so is Gran! Love to you and have fun!

A Tan and Gord - 10/15/2014

For: Carlos and Nick

Hope you tried the bowl lobotomy, i want to hear all about it. Keep on trekking !!!!

Noly - 10/15/2014

For: Garth and Sarah

We are enjoying the photos and website. What a great adventure!!

Mom(Linda) and Dad(Rob) - 10/14/2014

For: Auntie Sarah and Garth

We hope you don't run into any Yeti on the trek! Does the living Godess Kumari go to school? Do You think she does homework like I do? Wishing you all safe travels, miss you, can't wait to see pictures!!! Lots of love from Michigan!!!

Drew and Audrey - 10/14/2014

For: Carlos Pena

Carlos, The rumor mill has it that Pepperidge Farm is changing the shape of it's Goldfish snacks to something resembling the brass bowl above.....go figure! Hope you are having fun! Your daily wisdom...Acclimate young man, acclimate! Best, JB

James Botti - 10/14/2014

For: Peter

Hope that helps with your headaches. If you bring one home, I can hit you over the head with a mallet a few times! ( for medicinal purposes only of course) Looks like quite an adventure already. Have a great time! Lots of love, Susan

Susan - 10/14/2014

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