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Date: Monday October 6
Location: Elalala Pass

Close to 16,000 feet. Sun, wind, clouds, snow.

We made it! Wow, slow, slow, slow. Hard to believe how slow you can walk. Sun came out as we sat eating lunch, see pic. Hard to explain the sea of mountains we are surrounded by. Some over 23,000 feet. Hills brown, yellows red, bare. Brilliant white snow again. We hung prayers flags with the names of those we are thinking of, both alive and in the air around us. It was so beautiful to see them prayers flying in the wind!

Now it is all downhill to Thimpu.

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For: Lisa

Dearest Lisa - Did you hang a prayer flag for me??? Can you send me a picture of it.

Your best friend - 10/9/2014

For: Barb

Mom, it's amazing to me that you have encouraged your sons and daughters to pursue lofty heights, both philosophical and geographical. Now, you have been to a higher altitude on foot than any of us! Are you coming with me on my unplanned trek to the summit of Denali? Love you lots - the 40 year old one :-)

Your son Todd - 10/6/2014

For: Barb

Congrats Barb on your success to the top. Very cool.

Bill MacGovern - 10/6/2014

For: Jeff E

Hey dad, hope your having an amazing time. I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about it. Biggest news around here was President Obama coming to campus(to see me obviously) and landing in a helicopter right next to our field.

Emily - 10/6/2014

For: Barb

Hi, mom! These posts make it sound like you guys are all on some high altitude drug and you're having deep insights about the world that we can't understand in our low altitude sober states. I hope that's the case because it sounds cool! Keep walking slowly--one foot in front of the other. Sending love from sea level!

Katie - 10/6/2014

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