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Date: Sunday, October 5
Location: Crossed Nyaley pass at 15,500 feet

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Grammy Harmer

Hello Grammy.I hope you're feeling better... maybe this will help, kiss kiss.I love you. Claire.

Claire - 10/6/2014

For: Rick and Marcia

Its 10/6/14 and do you know what day that is??? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO RICK AND MARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddeo - 10/6/2014

For: Marcia

Just wondering if the "practice tent" worked to help with the altitude. You are there right? Still waiting for Rick to let us know how you are!! All this talk of headaches, queasiness, lightheadedness, and thin air brings back memories....but know diahreah? Come on....don't spare us. Feel like a slug: while you are out there, we made plans for the opera on Sat! Nice celebration for Father Jim. You two made the slide show with a photo of the three of you talking at the cafe. Be safe;

L and L - 10/6/2014

For: Barb

Barb--I am following all the posts and am very excited for you! The trip to Canada was great. Helen hasn't changed in 50 years! Mike and Marg both went. So much positive energy is with the Hazens. I'll tell you some of the stories of Helen's life. Les

Les - 10/5/2014

For: Barb

Mom, It's amazing to hear your voice! I keep telling my friends about you--you are the coolest mom ever. Hope you and the crew aren't feeling the altitude too much! Enjoy every minute!!! Love, Katie

Katie - 10/5/2014

For: Barb

Hey Barb! Sorry you have been experiencing altitude sickness and hope you are feeling better. Heard your audio. - It was good to hear your voice. It breaks up a bit in the end, but I did catch that you rode a horse!! Good for you!!! - Hope it helped. I can't believe what all of you are doing! Incredible! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. Stay warm!

Pam - 10/5/2014

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