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Date: Sunday, October 5
Location: Crossed Nyaley pass at 15,500 feet

Sunny start cloudy finish. Some hail after pass. Huddled under rain fly to bring you this broadcast from 15,000. A bit of hail hitting.

Impossible to describe what it is like to struggle in the thin air up deep into the mountains pas. Beyond the ridge many 23,000 footers with their sheer white tops, brilliant at first and later shrouded in mystery as the clouds appear. Up into the next valley, then the next, leaving the grass behind for just rocks.

Finally, around a corner the prayer flags designate the top. And a stop. 5 hours of climbing. Part heaven and part earth there. Some, heads throbbing, stomachs queasy. Still. The rivers far below.

If there is a way to feel closer to the mystery and awe of our universe, I don't know what it is.

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For: Jeff E

Didn't know there were two Jeff's until Rick emailed me- took awhile to realize it wasn't you. I am glad the other Jeff is doing well. Can't believe the Rochester eye doctor gave her cell phone number to call. I bet she got a thrill with THIS LONG DISTANCE advise. Looks beautiful. How many pictures have you taken?? Had a regatta today- got 8th in our group (out of 8 boats!!) Haven't heard how Emily's scrimmage went today at Notre Dame. ENJOY

Esther - 10/5/2014

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