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Date: April 10, Thursday
Location: Actun Tunichil Muknal

We rode a bouncy bus an hour or more into the jungle, past orange orchards to begin our one hour hike deeper in. A gaping hole in a cliff, with a small blue pool was our entrance. We swam into the darkness, into the unknown. An hour of dark, swimming, wading, crawling brought to a climb into a dry chamber. This chamber is filled with over 1400 relics. Including 14 bodies. They have been laying there over 1000 years. Here drugged elites, committed possible sacrifices, blood letting and other ceremonies to change global warming which dried up their country. 2 million inhabitants, in a country today that has 350,000.


To a capital of the Mayan. In Guatemala.

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For: David

Safe travels to my "Batman", "Cave Man", "Tarzan", as well as, to you ALL!

Nancy - 4/12/2014

For: Jennifer

Jenn, I imagine you are gathering some very good bits, and I suspect a very exciting collection of short stories will come from these adventures., yes?? Great stories are percolating here as well, as teenagers mix with 90 year olds.... and life keeps moving forward. What about those oranges?? We are missing you. XO

Sara et al - 4/11/2014

For: Barb and Les, fearless explorers

Wow, this sounds really cool. I'm not sure I can imagine you two crawling and swimming in the dark to an ancient tomb... I'm sure you'll have stories to tell. My test today went really well! Campus is in full spring beauty. Everyone is in a good mood! Sending all my love!

Katie - 4/11/2014

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