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Date: Sunday, January 26 AUDIO POST
Location: High camp, Barfu, 15,000 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Harry & Dave

How exciting for you guys! Best of luck as you summit! Enjoy each moment! We're thinking of you. -Kate & Phil

Kate Gibson (Walsh) & Phil Gibson - 1/26/2014

For: Harry & Dave

Don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep tonight thinking about you guys topping out. Here's a big high five for your summit. You guys are the best partners ever and I'm sure you've been part of a great group. Congratulations to all. I love you guys!

the third amigo - 1/26/2014

For: Ranger and all

Wonderful to be able to check in daily for your progress! Saturday evening - went to a friend's house to see pics of his recent Everest base camp. Kili is his next adventure - will put the two of you in touch. You're all inspiring us to take some adventures of our own! Thank you for that. Keep "livin' the dream" - looking forward to the summit post and audio. Soak it all in ... bring it home as a smile for the rest of your life!!

RichieD - 1/26/2014

For: Kalvin and Mindy

Happy summit day!!! Hope you guys are having such an amazing trip and come back with plenty of fun stories to share! Be safe, love you both!

Katie Flynn (your lovely niece) - 1/26/2014

For: harry charlie dave and maggie kevin and rick

Good luck as you summit-take lots if photos! Enjoy your descent and safari! Love you shannon

shannon - 1/26/2014

For: Ranger

Thanks for the great audio post and good luck as you approach the summit! Keep rockin the blues & the mountain! Cannot wait to see you when you get home.

JD - 1/26/2014

For: Harry

Harry, What an awesome adventure we get to experience through you. Can't wait for the follow up of your smash hit "Cant Get a Tan on a Plane". Perhaps "Harry Climbed a Little Mountain" - set to the tune of "Go Tell it on the Mountain". Be safe, enjoy.

Robin and Peter - 1/26/2014

For: Kevin Maggie

Have an awesome day up there I can't imagine the view you will get to have. Wave hello to Arusha for me when you get up there!!! Love Sean

Sean - 1/26/2014

For: Maggie and Kevin

What an amazing adventure you to are sharing! Cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. Enjoy your summit will be a true gift! With love and prayers. Sue & Bryan

Sue & Bryan - 1/26/2014

For: Kevin And Maggie

Here's to a great summit day. Enjoy the splendor of Kili and your love for each other. Love you, Chris & Tracy

Chris & Tracy - 1/26/2014

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