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Date: Monday, January 27
Location: The summit of the highest point in Africa,Kilimanjaro, 19,340 feet

Yes, at 6:30 am,after 7.5 hours of very slow hiking we all reached the summit. Beautiful night! Stars, shooting stars, incredible sunrise lighting the glaciers. All did well which is not the same as easy. Different people had different challenges. For some the slow pace was a challenge, some mild stomach issues, some the cold, some dizziness, not easy. Maggie's voice in the audio may convey more then we can here. Now after our 10 hour round trip we rest an hour then descend 5 more hours for a 10,000 foot ,total descent today.

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For: Harry and Dave

Wooo-o-hoo! Way to go! Sounds like an indescribable experience, that I'll want you to describe when you get back. Awesome!

Bill J - 1/28/2014

For: Charlie

Awsome achievement! One for the bucket list!! I can only imagine the sunrise view..... Safe and easy travels down, keep everybody entertained with your harmonica.

Jeff - 1/28/2014

For: Dad

Congrats on making it to the top! Enjoy the rest of your adventure, looking forward to hearing about it.

Mike - 1/27/2014

For: Harry

Be safe coming down and enjoy the remainder of your vacation on Safari

Matt R - 1/27/2014

For: Harry

Congratulations on reaching the summit!!!

Matt R - 1/27/2014

For: Harry

Harry, Congratulations! What an awesome experience!!! Warmly, Maureen

Maureen - 1/27/2014

For: Maggie

Maggie...Congratulations!!! Tears of joy were streaming down my face as I listened to your audio recording. I am so proud of you. Big hugs to you and Kevin. Enjoy the rest of your time in Africa....I hope you are taking a lot of pictures!!

Sue Patane - 1/27/2014

For: Charlie, Harry and the Team

Big congratulations from the RRM Office. We have been following your journey and are very happy that you safely reached the top. We wish you continued safe travels.

Kim - 1/27/2014

For: Dad (Dave)

Congratulations on reaching the summit!

Brad - 1/27/2014

For: Support Staff

Thank you for keeping our climbers safe and helping them reach the summit!

Jennifer - 1/27/2014

For: Dave

Woo hoo! Congratulations to you and all your fellow climbers!

Jennifer - 1/27/2014

For: Maggie

As soon as I woke up this morning, I ran to the computer to see if there was an update. Maggie your voice brought me to tears. What an unbelievable feat you have accomplished! Bet you will sleep for a solid day when you get back to the hotel. Enjoy the rest of your time in Africa. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Kevin thank you for taking such good care of our girl! You are the best! Love you guys...

Julie - 1/27/2014

For: Harry and Charlie

Congratulations Harry! We've only lost half of your book since you've been gone...All Reller accounts of course...Hope it was worth it!

MT - 1/27/2014

For: ALL

AWESOME!! - Enjoy those Kilimanjaro Beers, the Shower and the Pool at the Springlands!

Troy - Kili/Meru '13 - 1/27/2014

For: Harry

Congratulations! We have loved following your journey.

Barbara and George - 1/27/2014

For: Chuck

Congratulations to all of you. Really exciting - the top of the continent. Sounds like a fabulous experience. Just 6 more continents to go :)

Pat & Bill - 1/27/2014

For: Maggie and Kevin

Congrats!!! Could not be prouder!! Love you both! Joanne Joseph Daniel

The ferreris - 1/27/2014

For: Harry and all

i'm catching up - day by day - YOU DID IT PONGEZI to you ALL. an EPIC moment - we all live vicariously thru your travels and look forward to your stories ! wishing you all a safe descent :)

Barb - 1/27/2014

For: Harry

You made it! Love you!

Shannon - 1/27/2014

For: Harry and Charlie

Harry: Sounds like this was all of the birthday celebration you hoped for and so much more! The two mountaineers together at the top of the world. I can't imagine a more perfect trip for you both. Baraka nyingi. Pongezi to all! (hope that makes sense)

Sleepless in Syracuse - 1/27/2014

For: Charlie & The Team At The Top of The World

Yes!!! All I can say is (Bow) WOW! What an EPIC achievement! So proud of you all. Now you'll never wonder...Congratulations!! A sunrise you will cherish forever. Thanks for sharing with us low landers.

Parker - 1/27/2014

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