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Date: Sunday, January 26 1:00 PM
Location: High camp, Barfu, 15,000 feet.

Sunny 60 degrees, cloudy 50. 25 last night. Light wind. 3 hour walk.

Wow! We are here. All still feeling well. Charlie still blowing on harmonica along with Hemed, Yusuf and a few others. People happy to be here. Hard to describe the scene here. We are on on high ridge of piles of angular rocks. Campsites are dug out of the rocks as best as can be. There are maybe a hundred tents and two hundred fifty people sprinkled along and among the rocks, hidden until you pass a large boulder disguising them. Light wind, the white translucent clouds drift through obscuring the view and then it floats back into view. One way drops 10,000 feet, the other is the high crumbling rocky glacier cone of Kilimanjaro. Then a light sprinkle comes. The low hum of Swahili voices and the scent of lunch completes the picture. Internally the anxiety of tonight's climb bubbles around. We go to bed to rest, sleep not likely at 6:00 PM. Wake up is 10:30 for a 11:30 start. By then the night sky will be light by bright stars, shooting stars and the milky way. Most of your view is just your tunnel of light from your headlamp. We expect to summit about 11:00 pm your time, sunrise here.

We will try to audio post from there but may not be live until morning your time on Monday. Send prayers and hopes for us and we will let you know how it goes.

We need to mention the incredible contribution of the Africans. They carry around 70 lbs on their heads. The 6 of of have a staff of 23. Clothes are hand me down often a size 12 boot on a size 8 foot. This is a dry camp so all the water is brought here by them. And they pull it off with a smile.

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For: Maggie and Kevin

Congrats, how super exciting!! All the gym rats are so jealous, yet so happy for you!!! Have a fun and safe return

Pam - 1/27/2014

For: Harry and fellow team

i am just amazed - continued prayers for you all as you summit Kili . . . an amazing experience, life challenge for you all.

Barb - 1/27/2014

For: All

Stayed up until your sunrise time to be there in spirit as you summited- must be a miraculous sight!

Shannon - 1/26/2014

For: Keivn and Maggie

Love the audio

Steve Hausmann - 1/26/2014

For: Dave

How cool that we get to read about your trek while you're on it. It sounds AMAZING!!!

peggy and owen - 1/26/2014

For: Maggie

Today is your big day and I just know you are going to be amazing! How could you not ...especially with your hubby by your side. Me and the big guy upstairs have been talking all day. All is good. As we say, ride the ride while you can!!! I can feel your excitement from here. Enjoy my friend…Love you

Julie - 1/26/2014

For: all

Prayers for your journey to the summit -everyone is enjoying the blog posts. Careful on that steep side!

shannon - 1/26/2014

For: Maggie & Kevin

What an adventure. Sounds fantastic. Good luck on the trip to the summit. And a safe return.

Sean & Neilia - 1/26/2014

For: Harry and the entire team

Oh my gosh...I am so excited for all of you!! Our thoughts and prayers are continuous right now. But if you have made it this far, YOU'VE GOT THIS! The best part is that you seem to have relished every step of the way. Between the majesty of the mountain, your accomplishment, and your experience with the local Tanzanian peoples, you will be forever changed. Relax and don't even worry about sleeping; you have a long plane ride later for that. Fresh batteries for your headlamps!

Marianne & Dan - 1/26/2014

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