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Date: Friday, January 24, 4:30 pm
Location: Barronco Camp. 12,900 feet.

Sunny, cloudy. When sunny 65, cloudy 55. Night 28 degrees.

Yes, we rocked it to 15,000 feet. Some feeling some altitude today but overall all still doing well. Super weather as we entered the Dr. Suess trees, (see pic). We have entered the daily stream of hundreds of climbers and porters. You look over the terrain crawling in both directions are Africans with heavy bags on their heads. Not much vegetation up high, lots rocks and sand. We are camped at the bottom of the dreaded Barronco wall. A steep, 700 foot wall of rock that strikes fear into the hearts of the uninitiated. Tomorrows goal. Let you know how it goes. The bonding in the dining tent continues as we daily monitor our condition. Our Swahili is improving. Well sort of. Other things we are learning, how to bathe in a cup of water. Thank you for your blogs. We are enjoying them in the dining tent.

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For: Harry Wolf

Hi Harry, This is exciting and amazing! I look forward to reading the blogs. Keep up the Great Job of reaching your goal. I look forward to catching up with you hearing and learning about all of this through your eyes and experience as well as looking at the pictures. Best of Luck as you continue your Adventure.

Ann M. Aman - tys, llp - 1/25/2014

For: The Music Man

Inspired by all of you this morning! Tim led a Sufferfest video, which seemed an appropriate connection, complete with mountain climbs through wind and snow, requiring little imagination as the temps here at home will remain cold through the week. I imagine things are getting harder, yet more rewarding at this point. There is no question you have the head and heart, mind and body, to conquer this. I hope we will have a chance to hear the joyful sounds of your band soon. Carry on!

Holly - 1/25/2014

For: chuck

Sounds great. I'm wondering what accomplishment could be next Have a great climb.

dad - 1/24/2014

For: Maggie

You look soooo happy! You will have to teach us the African dances when we celebrate your return. Be safe my friend. Love you!!

Julie - 1/24/2014

For: Kili Climbers

Kili 14ers -- the wall is a piece of cake, nothing to be worried about. Other than the Summit the wall will be your favorite part of the climb. Best of luck and enjoy every minute.

Kili '13er - 1/24/2014

For: Ranger

Thoroughly enjoying the updates of your trek! Looks like you're turning everyone into a blues fan!! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Scooter - 1/24/2014

For: all

Sounds like you are bonding into a tight knit group - any more prepositional phrase recitations? Hope altitude does not affect anyone much - good luck!

shannon - 1/24/2014

For: Harry

Such an amazing opportunity! You're an inspiration to all of us who have desk jobs...Enjoy!!!

Tobin - 1/24/2014

For: Maggie & Kevin

The Account Service team here at MF is enjoying seeing your updates. We can't even imagine a 700 ft wall of rock. Hope that you are powering through and that it's everything Maggie hoped it would be. Cheers from chilly Rochester!

Beth VanVliet - 1/24/2014

For: Kevin and Maggie

Sounds like you guys are really enjoying the climb especially Maggie.We hope things continue to go well there, high 70's here in Scottsdale, playing lots of golf some of us well:)

Craig and Michelle - 1/24/2014

For: Kevin and Maggie Flynn

Enjoying tracking your progress. Keep it up! How is the go girl working out?

Michelle Neal - 1/24/2014

For: Chuck

May not compare with conquering Eagle Rock, but still sounds like a great little hike. Assume you're getting in a 50 mile bike ride in the mornings before the hiking starts. Have a great time. Keep an eye out for Bill's high school buddy - Doug Hardy (your guides might know him). Looking forward to the pictures and the stories - maybe even a poem!

Bill & Pat - 1/24/2014

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