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Date: Wednesday, January 22 - Audio Post
Location: Shira 1, 11300 feet

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Harry

Thanks for the shout out DJ Wolf...Stay clear of the monkeys!

Mike - 1/24/2014

For: Harry

Sounds like quite an experience so far. Very cool to hear your comments. Take lots of pictures!

Mike D. - 1/23/2014

For: Harry

So cool to hear your voice, Harry! You sound strong. I think you should record some of that jam session for all of us to enjoy. Looks like tomorrow (today for you) is a shorter day with lots of opportunities to explore with short hikes. Take advantage. Absorb as much as you can.

Marianne - 1/22/2014

For: Rick and Yusuf

I see you are back on the mountain. Wishing you and your new crew many wonderful memories and experiences, as I remember the great time I had with you last year. Best wishes to you all!

Danielle - 1/22/2014

For: Harry

Looking good. Hike safe. Send some pictures.

Matt R. - 1/22/2014

For: Harry

Great to hear your voice ! howling monkeys eh ? you'll have to visit Costa Rica - can't wait to see some pics. . . maybe the harmonica was some sort of MONKEY CALL LOL

Barb - 1/22/2014

For: Harry

Sounding good! Fr. Peter said I should get a crafting trip to Austraila out if this! Laugh out loud!

Shannon - 1/22/2014

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