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Date: Wednesday, January 22. 5:00 pm
Location: Shira 1, 11300 feet

We rock! Great hike. All is well. We have risen above the trees, bushes and are on the great Shira Plateau. Feeling the sense of the splendor and majesty the Kilimanjaro range. We could see into the vast plains below. Maggie's personal high is surpassed today. Others are awaiting their high. A few high tussock hops. As we write, and eat popcorn and tea, Kibo begins to shed her skirt, the men leap up to get a view up, toward the mountain goddess. Shockingly close and shockingly big. Okay, plain English, it is awesome here. We are learning and forgetting just as fast the names of the beautiful flowers we pass. Sitting in the dining tent listening to Harry recite all the prepositional phrases in the English language. Friendships and conversations are deepening as we learn more about each other and our bodily functions. Have to go because Charlie has a great verse about critics for us.

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For: Harry

Hi Harry! So proud of you! We are following your trip and learning as you go!! Be safe, have fun and take pictures!! Much love from your Surety Girls in Buffalo, NY! (Lorri, Candy, Cindy and JoAnn)

Lorri and the Surety Girls - 1/23/2014

For: Maggie and Kevin

So glad trip is going great! Missing 3 degree weather here! Look forward to all the stories!

Janet and Rich - 1/22/2014

For: rick

That really sounds exciting and magnificient- write down the birds you see! I hope you got some clothes- I imagine it will be quite cold as you reach the top- maybe not as cold as it has been here- below zero this morning but the sun is out! Espero a tenir a subida buena!

alice - 1/22/2014

For: Charlie

Glad to hear all is well and you're having a great time! It is freezing here! 11 below without windchill! I wanted to close the office...Kim nixed that idea! LOL! Be safe!

Melissa - 1/22/2014

For: harry

Greetings from your fellow adventurer in CA. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It is the next best thing to being there. Good luck as you ascend!

glen thomas - 1/22/2014

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