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Date: November 12, Tuesday
Location: Gokyo, 15,700.

Breakfast time. Sunny. 9:00 am

Yup. It was epic yesterday. We all arrived safe after a few spills at 9:00pm, 14 hours after we started, 3.5 hours hiking in dark. Many needed the sherpas to help by carrying packs and to keep them from slipping. This is is an amazing place. Sun hitting the circle of snow covered mountains above the turquoise lake. We are at a lodge behind a huge glacier.

We have a new itinerary. We are going to go lower and loop though Dole today and on through Phortse. The lower route will be warmer and easier. A welcome idea after our epic.

All are fine, don't worry about your loved ones. They will have some stories to tell.

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For: Damaroo, Soha and Team

Soha, heard from Mayank. Very Happy to hear that you all are doing well. Have safe further reaching to Base. I am sorry to hear that Damaroo had to stop the further Journey, but am happy that he made this far and took the right decision. He has achieved lot and am very proud of his achievements. Hope you and team safe further climb. Enjoy and will wait to hear from you both.

Gita - 11/13/2013

For: Becky and Terry

Awesome and thrilling doesn't begin to describe your adventure!! I've been following this blog, thanks to Kim, and sharing it in the classroom. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics and hearing all about it. Stay safe!! Kathy

Morty in San Antonio - 11/13/2013

For: melissa

Good morning! Snow on the ground for day 2 here. Firsthand report from Bob Z at Bristol-the lights are on. Friday will be in the 50's. Back to biking in shorts. I remember someone saying, "I never get cold". Hmmmmmm...

Whoopi G. - 11/13/2013

For: lise

Glad you are all safe, we are all thinking of you mom, and I know you will do great on your journey!

erik - 11/13/2013

For: Alfred

Hope your having fun! Miss you and can't wait to hear about all your adventures

Olivia - 11/12/2013

For: emily and ken

Hi - OK I am never going to complain about being cold again ! Hope the new route will be better going for everyone. You are ALL amazing !! Love and Hugs

Auntie D - 11/12/2013

For: Soha and Damaroo

Soha, party at your house was crazy last night! Sorry about the broken window. Couldn't remember which night was trash night so we left all the food on the counter. We miss you both. Stay strong and enjoy the views!

Sangita and Paras - 11/12/2013

For: Rebecca

Hi! Sounds like you had quite an epic adventure yesterday - I bet you are glad to be taking a little warmer route going forward. Your ALA colleagues are all thinking of you. Can't wait to hear all the great stories you'll have to tell! Stay warm and safe! Peg

Peg - 11/12/2013

For: Becky & Terry

What an amazing adventure. I am visiting Mom now and we just read through all the posts and she loved seeing your picture! Congrats and Enjoy the rest of the trip!

Kim - 11/12/2013

For: lise

Congratulations to the entire team, you are hard core! Mom, we are all rooting for you and sending you much love and strength for the rest of the climb. You wacky family is waiting for you to come home. Maybe when you get back you will be so tired/ecstatic that I can talk you out of a turkey for Thanksgiving? Haha,I won't hold my breath. Stay safe, remember that slow and steady wins the race. As mormor would say, don't be hasty!

Bianca - 11/12/2013

For: Kemily

Kemily! Glad the "tough day" is behind you. Hope the new route is easier and enjoyable. Did i tell you that i am jealous you have your own Sherpa? I've always wanted a Sherpa.. oh wait.. maybe i have one.. haha! These little snipits of daily updates and pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole slideshow/adventure. Lodge?? did Rick say? Wow! To me that sounds like a bed and some warmth for your nightime rest. Enjoy !! Mari

Mari (with an i) - 11/12/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! I'm so glad you made it! Now enjoy the warmth! For homework for my 5th graders this week they have to read a Reading a-z Book about Mount Everest! I was thinking of doing a social studies lesson later and maybe have them write a post to you! Only 26 more days! I miss you and love you! Stay warm everyone!

Kassi - 11/12/2013

For: Rebecca

Simply amazing. So glad to hear you made it up to 17,500 and back safely. Congratulations!

Liz - 11/12/2013

For: Dan and Tom

Glad you both are having good journeys, enjoy it while you're over there!

Kevin in VT - 11/12/2013

For: Kemily

Glad you are all safe after such a tough day!!! You are faring better than Flippy Floppy. She sprained her wrist - fell on a slippery ADK trail this weekend. :( Oh and I LOVE these posts from Quinny. They are the best!

Joby - 11/12/2013

For: melissa

Good job on a trying day. Sounds tougher than Kili. Heat packs??

miley cyrus - 11/12/2013

For: Emily

Went for filling today. Wayne says hi and to tell you he is proud of you.

D.Duck - 11/12/2013

For: Soha & Damaroo

Enjoy your stay at the lodge glad to hear everyone is safe! DAD - do you need your thermals?! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures and I hope that the new route is easier for all! But easier is probably relative after the trekking you've already done. Rick - we're so glad you agreed to take Soha and Dad on the second adventure of a lifetime! It wouldn't have been right for them to go with anyone else!

Ruchi - 11/12/2013

For: Rick (And Everyone Else!)

Rick, a BIG huge shout out to you for taking such good care of so many people's loved ones :) We worry, but we know that they're safe b/c they're with you (I have picture evidence). Hope you are all are enjoying every sec. - sending good vibes and wishes towards the entire group. All my love to Soha and Dad, and a huge congrats to you all already for the amazing experiences you've had on this trip already, and the ones yet to come. A lucky, hard working, determined bunch you all are. Climb on!

Beej - 11/12/2013

For: soha and damrookaka

hi.. you all fine.our best wishes with you.happy to know you all are safe and good health.

sanjay - 11/12/2013

For: damroo and soha

so glad to hear soha yr voice amazing. so happy your team is very strong u. and keep on going mood. our hats off to uand all. u guys r insp iration to us. / keep on going and within no time u will be there. we r eagar to hear yr story. good luck and best wishes good night and love u jyoti

jyotikaki - 11/12/2013

For: Dan

Tom in Namche Bazaar.

M - 11/12/2013

For: Becky Terry

These posts and maps are great. Love being able to see where you are. What a day yesterday for you. I have called Mom often to keep her posted. She sounds good. Enoy the warmth of the lodge and a Less trying trek to come.

Linda - 11/12/2013

For: RIck

“People ask me, 'What is the use of climbing Mount Everest?' and my answer must at once be, 'It is of no use'... We shall not bring back a single bit of gold or silver, not a gem, nor any coal or iron...If you cannot understand that there is something in man which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won't see why we go...What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy.&quo

Lori and Lisa - 11/12/2013

For: Kemily

Thanks for all the updates. We wait every am for the latest news. Happy all made it safely after a long day. I believe q meant to say "cold and fluffy". She never was much of a speller. Everything ok on the home front. Thanks to Rick for managing a wonderful and safe journey. Love you.

D. Duck - 11/12/2013

For: Emily and ken

Wow, 14 hours. I can't stay awake that long. Happy that everyone is ok and making the most of an epic journey. Went for a walk this am. What is all that white stuff. Old and fluffy. Love it. Judy and Paul are taking good care of me, so don't worry. Wolfs, barks and licks to you both. Stay safe and enjoy the "easier" route.

Q - 11/12/2013

For: SohaShah & Damaroo

Dear Soha & Dad, It's a wonderful feeling to push even a tiny piece of the earth down beneath one's feet. I can't begin to imagine the tough days you have endured rewarded by the beauty and wonder that surround you. You are all an inspiration to us. Stay warm, healthy & above all stay strong. The journey is always further, taller and harder then it looks but in the end the bond you share, the memories you make are worth it all. Be proud of yourself, I know we all are. Be well, talk

Mitel - 11/12/2013

For: Damaroo, Soha and Team

Happy to know you all are safe and started coming down. Enjoy the Glacier. All well here. Be safe as you all come down. Soha: so are we close to no of pictures Beej asked?

Gita - 11/12/2013

For: For DAMAROO and SOHA and Team

Well We are happy to know that you all are safe and enjoying an amazing place, also behind huge beautiful glacier, wow congratulations,best wishes

neki,pankaj - 11/12/2013

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