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Date: November 13, Wednesday
Location: Dole, 12,500 feet

Sunny again, yeah Ed found us!

We crossed a bridge and there he was. Okay, we did have a little info we would see him as of last night. Tom stayed in Namche for a few days to hike and Ed continued on with Lhakpa and a porter. They will go onto Pangboche and overnight there tomorrow and then start a loop back. Damaroo is going to be joining him. The day after day is tiring people plus the cold and altitude. We got into camp about a half hour late last night after dark as we were traveling slower then expected. A few people have colds now and that does not help. Now we are enjoying sunshine, a few showering, napping, laundry, catching up on journal. Being low again gives us a chance to recharge and warm up.

Oh, cinnamon rolls for lunch, yeah!

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For: Ken and Emily

You rock! Proud of you!

AcuJean - 11/14/2013

For: Soha, Rick and Team

Hello from Nations Capital. Enjoy the Sunshine and get ready for your further adventure. WE know you all are strong and will achieve what you have dreamed. Rick, Thank you as my family has expressed. It is nice to see updates and personal care you have been giving. Soha: Go, be strong and achieve as first from our family to make to Base!!!!!!!

Gita - 11/14/2013

For: Soha and all

Rick - as my sisters have said, thank you. Your message helps all of us and I know your guidance and inspiration helps everyone there realize their dream. Soha - I assume by the time my message reaches you and DamarooMama will be on slightly different paths - still amazing journeys. Now you guys will have stories to share with each other too!! Stay safe and get the much needed rest. For all of you, keep looking around the corner, sounds like there are all kinds of surprises (Ed and cinabons

Sona - 11/14/2013

For: Ed

Wow! Good for you, hon. What an adventure. All good here. Love, Us

kath - 11/13/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! I hope you didn't get sick! I started working on my next IEP today. Meeting should be beginning of December. Oh Happy Days! I got a lot done at school, copying and such for most of next week and maybe even into the week after! Mike and I started planning for Thanksgiving Dinner. We made Dinosaur Mutha sauce this weekend. I'll have to teach you how to make it for scott of Christmas. We miss you and Love you!

Kassi - 11/13/2013

For: Melissa Cohen

Hi, Melissa. Hope you are well. Things here are fine. Had a few snow flurries yesterday morning and temps are beginning to drop so it looks like winter is here. You would probably find the temps here to be pretty warm compared to what you are experiencing, huh? Hope you aren't one of the ones who got a cold. If you did, feel better soon. Take care.

Peter and Ann - 11/13/2013

For: Lise

Hey Lise, Finally found the website. Looks like you guys have some tough hiking behind you. I am sure you are enjoying yourself very much. And remember this...a bad day in the Himalayas will still beat a good day at GSH any time. Stay tough and take care. See you when you get back.

Dr. Tracz - 11/13/2013

For: Lise

It's officially getting cold here, although that statement is probably making you roll your eyes, I'm sure it's nothing compared to where you are. Lulu is on mouse patrol, she has caught 2 so far. I am terrified of waking up to a "gift" on my pillow. After dreaming that I was looking for you and then being woken from that dream by a text from you, I found a penny on my chair when I walked into work this morning and that never happens. It's been a good day for Crapella connections. Love

Bianca - 11/13/2013

For: Ken & Emily

Thinking of you guys and what awesome experiences you must be having. FB is boring these days without seeing your posts of an early morning run-then bike ride plus an afternoon paddle followed by a run under the moon. Now that there is snow on the ground those snowshoes will have to be added to your daily Ironman workouts! Cinnamon buns-I should of known there would be something sweet in it for you Emily-must be a future FB Pic. Miss you guys, have fun on top of the world.

Lisa and Iain - 11/13/2013

For: Llse

Glad you're getting a chance to rest today. Think we see you in the pic. You all look great!! Vince was here for dinner last night and we missed you. We can't wait til we're all together again. There will be lots of food and good wine and a fire in the fireplace. Hang in there, you're having an amazing adventure! XXX

Marilyn and Charlie - 11/13/2013

For: For DAMAROO and SOHA and Team

Wow Enjoy cinamon roll-bun lunch.SOHA bestwishes going further, so proud of you all. Damaroo 12,500 feet goi ng is great. Comeback slowly and safe and enjoy. we will talk to you in few days

neki,pankaj - 11/13/2013

For: Ed

Glad to see you back! Hope the GoPro is getting the scenery and the batteries haven't frozen--HA!

Tom - 11/13/2013

For: Kemily

A shower, a nap and cinnamon buns - wow :) I wonder if Q will get her nails painted - LOL Hugs and Love

Auntie D - 11/13/2013

For: Rick

I echo Ruchi's sentiments :) Thanks a ton. If Dad is still there and hearing this message, then same goes to him as far as echoing Ruchi's sentiments!

Beej - 11/13/2013

For: Rick

Thank you for the note about Dad, we really appreciate all you do not only for those traveling with you, but the families eagerly waiting for updates. We are rooting all of you on and are sending our good wishes to help lift you to base camp! Keep on trekking :)

Ruchi - 11/13/2013

For: melissa

Wow! Cinnamon buns. You have inspired me to swing by the evil Burger King and grab a mini. Recharge and restore.

rev. moon - 11/13/2013

For: "Adventureous Gang"

Glad to read today's post.."enjoying sunshine, a few showering, napping, laundry, catching up on journal" sounds like weekend at home :). Have a good day, rest/warm up and move on to next target.. Best wishes to all

Comfort creature Mayank Kaka - 11/13/2013

For: Damaroo & Soha

Dad we are so proud of you for making the best decision for you & your body! You've done more in the past week than most can say in their entire lives - congratulations and enjoy the rest of your trek! Soha we've always been your cheerleaders & are behind you all the way. Finish strong like you always do & we can't wait to hear from you from base camp! Sorry I missed your call at 3:30am, little man was sleeping peacefully next to me & I turned my ringer off! Enjoy the journey sis

Ruchi - 11/13/2013

For: Terry & Becky

Yo Bro & SisBro: you two are awesome!! What an incredible journey you are on! Really amazing. Hope to hear all about it on turkey-day at Nancy's!.

Tim & Sharon - 11/13/2013

For: Soha and All (Dad in spirit :) )

You guys are awesome. Keep on trucking. It will aaaalllll be worth it :) Stay safe, have fun, can't wait to hear about the journey when you're back. Cinnamon buns sounds great! I had a granola bar. Your food is fancier than mine, pathetic.

Beej - 11/13/2013

For: Emily and Ken

Hope the rest and cinnamon buns help all to recover. Keep taking mucho pix if you can. Barb and Charlie are coming for TG and as anxious as we are to hear the stories and see the photos. Love you. Stay safe and take and enjoy the buns. Love and hugs,

D. Duck - 11/13/2013

For: Kemily

Things here are fine. Paul takes me for a 45 minute walk every day. What a guy. Getting my nails done tomorrow. Hmmmm, should I have them painted? See y'all soon.

Q - 11/13/2013

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