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Date: November 5, Tuesday
Location: Lukla at 9,700 feet.

Sunny, lovely. Hiked 3 hours to Phandin Yeah! We are on the trek. We had to wait about 3 hours at the airport for the clouds to lift. Crazy place with expeditions and their gear piled everywhere. To check in you had to climb over the gear. Incredible flight with great views of the peaks, glaciers, rivers....we feel lie we are 3 in the Himalayas. The landing strip is the main street in Lukla. WONDERFUL hiking past returning trekkers, glad to be back where it is warmer, about 55 in he sun. We walked past lots of small villages, people working the fields, buffalo plowing and high above the roaring river below. After all this time hard for may to be here, for ma y a life lig fantasy to trek here.

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For: Soha Shah & Damroo Shah

You guys have lots of courage and drive. We can see that you guys are having fun. We are proud of you, Soha we noticed your usual smile! Best Regards, Shirish & Geeta Shah

Shirish & Geeta Shah - 11/12/2013

For: Lise

Hope you are having fun and enjoying the fresh air. We are so proud of you! Cannot wait to see you when you come home. Take lots of photos.

Will and Ann Marie - 11/9/2013

For: Soha and Damaroo

We have been thinking of you every day and hope everything is fine. Continue to enjoy the trek. Love, Connie and Wendell

Connie and Wendell - 11/8/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Melissa, While you are hiking on the wild side, We are hiking the tame trails here. Stay healthy. Remember everything because we will want to hear all about it when you get back! Sara and Charlie

Sara - 11/7/2013

For: Rebecca

Looking great Rebecca. Can't wait to hear all about it! The weather sounds better where you are.

Liz - 11/7/2013

For: Rebecca and Terry

You have to be the highest Corry "mascot" ever! When you reach your highest spot,you must celebrate with a song: "I'm a 'mascot'/you're a 'mascot'..." etc. Can't wait to see the pictures. Enjoy every minute on the Roof of the World!

Nancy McLaughlin Hahn - 11/7/2013

For: Lise

The patient in 364 NEEDS YOU!!!! LOL, We miss you and hope you are having a good time, looks like fun and enjoy....

Wound Care Team - 11/6/2013

For: Dan and Tom

Looks amazing! Have a wonderful time! We will track your progress.

Steve & Kris - 11/6/2013

For: Rebecca

All your friends at the ALA are thinking of you and missed you at the team meeting. So thrilled to be able to track your adventure. Be safe and have fun!

Peg - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa Cohen

Hey, Melissa. It's so great to be able to check in and see how you are doing. Looks like you are off to a good start. Stay safe and enjoy the climb. Take lots of pictures!

Ann and Peter - 11/6/2013

For: Ed

The views and experiences already sound like ones of a lifetime. The pix was beautiful. We're all good here, though Gotto thinks its more fun to get up at 4. Can not wait for the next update. So very excited and proud of you.

Gretta - 11/6/2013

For: Damaroo and Soha

Seems great start of the climb. Keep up. All well here.

Gita - 11/6/2013

For: Soha & DamarooMama

What a great picture of all of you! So excited to see you getting started on this dream trek! While you set off for the heavens, back at sea level Mom and Moe headed out to the White House Diwali celebration. Adventures everywhere! Enjoy the trek!

Sona - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Melissa! So excited for you and glad you arrived safely! Was so hoping to see you before you left. I look forward to following your amazing adventure here and can't wait to hear all about it in person. You are such an inspiration! Enjoy and be safe! Love you!

Tonia - 11/6/2013

For: Everyone

Wow....I think of you all living the dream! Be Safe and enjoy every minute. I look forward to your postings each night when I come home, so keep posting...they are more interesting that my DVR with General Hospital :)

Terri B - 11/5/2013

For: Melissa

Type your message here... Melissa, So glad to see you made it there safely. Have the time of you life. I will be keeping track of your adventure. Take Care.

Janet Cicero - 11/5/2013

For: Melissa Cohen

Hi Melissa C. Glad all of you arrived safely. I've been walking my treadmill and thinking about your trek. can't wait to hear about your adventure! Please try and bring home a baby yak for me if you can. Oh, I bought a leopard gecko. He's very refined and quite docile. No name yet. Hey, get good sleep my friend and take it all in. Nihal

Nihal Burak - 11/5/2013

For: Lise

Can't wait to hear about the flight to Lukla. Have a fantastic time. It's colder here than Kathmandu! Pete

Pete & Kathy - 11/5/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! I miss you !! Its great to these pictures!! I can't wait to see your when you get back! We had a great day at school today!!! Everyone on dolphin! Yesterday was a bit dicey with our new friend. Mike and I have been checking in each day to check in on you guys! Grades were due yesterday! What a mess that was! Glad thats over! Grades stink! I love you! Have fun and be safe!

Kassi - 11/5/2013

For: Lise

Type your message here...Hey Honey,enjoy it, you look great!!!! Dexter & I miss you. We've lost our discipline. Love, Vince

Vince - 11/5/2013

For: Rebecca and Terry

Great to see your faces! Looks like you are off to a great start and beautiful weather-- we'll be checking in daily to track your adventures -- have an amazing time (we are keeping Mom posted on your progress:) !!

Kim & Steve - 11/5/2013

For: Lise Crapella

Hi Mom, So good to your smiling face! hope the flight to Lukla wasn't too bumpy. All is great here. We are thinking of you and sending lots of love. Taking G to get his hair cut because I attempted to trim his bangs and it's HORRIBLE. You would be laughing so hard. Love, Bianca

Bianca - 11/5/2013

For: To? soha and damaroo

good to read yr description about mountain and beauty tempted to come over there i am sure u will be thrilled to see natural beauty. enjoy and be safe.all conveys .their best wishes.good start and we are really proud of u.

jyoti) - 11/5/2013

For: Lise Crapella

WOW! You're finally there & gonna make the climb. We're so proud of you. Kiss the earth's roof when you get there albeit you'll need a step ladder since you'll be at base camp! Oh, look for those pennies.

Linda & Lou - 11/5/2013

For: Soha & Damaroo

Sounds like you're all off to an amazing start! Glad to hear your voices yesterday while you were waiting at the airport.. We're all fine, talked to Mom - she was bummed to miss you guys but was glad you're on your way! :) Good luck to everyone and happy trekking!

Your favorite sister/daughter :) - 11/5/2013

For: Soha Shah

Go Soha and Dumroo Fua!!!

Vini - 11/5/2013

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