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Date: November 6, Wednesday
Location: Namche Bazaar, 11,300 feet

40 degrees at night. 65 degree day. Sunny. Lovely Glorious day.

Could see the mountains all around. Streams of trekkers both ways. Last couple of hours of uphill was a good challenge. Meeting people from all over the world.

Played a game of hide and seek with Ed but eventually found him.

Quote of the day. "These are BIG mountains".

Word of the day brought to you by Emily, "spectacular."

Pic today is Dan one of the many suspension bridges, sacred Mt. Khumbila int he background. Same bridge as in the IMAX movie.

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For: Melissa Cohen

Kassi posted your email on Facebook. Glad to hear you are well and treking along. I can't even begin to imagine the scenery and so look forward to seeing the pictures. All is well here at home. Lots of leaves that need raking (yuk!). Jeff was discharged from the hospital last Friday and is recoving nicely. He'll be at Stephen's for a couple of weeks at least. Sue flew back to Los Angeles on Saturday. She hated to leave but had to get back for work. Stay safe and enjoy your journey!

Peter and Ann - 11/7/2013

For: Lise

Thinking about and praying for you and your fellow climbers for a safe and awesome sojourn. And, of course wishing I could be there with you all. luv and best wishes

cp - 11/7/2013

For: Tom U

Tracking you down halfway around the world to wish you a great adventure.......But then you are right in the middle of it already! Some folks will go to any extremes to escape another Planning Board meeting!

Dev and Bev - 11/7/2013

For: Damaroo and Soha, Team members

What a wonderful view. And temp. 65 and 40, that is even great. It is what we have here. Soha, thanks for the e-mail, text. Sangita is in town and we had dinner together last night. Now I am waiting for everyone. I will miss you and Jyoti at Heart Walk, but you all are doing what you both enjoy. Take care. Keep good health.

Gita - 11/7/2013

For: Soha and Damaroo

Soha Shah!!! Damaroo Dhur! Can't believe you are climbing a mountain!!! I am on my way to work taking in the spectacular view of this concrete jungle, known to some as NYC, and thinking about how exact opposites our views are at this moment :) Shanks and I are good! We can't stop talking about how perfect everything was at the wedding! We have had so much great feedback - everyone loved the food, the decorations, and the dancing! We are so grateful to you both!!! Love you both!

Pari - 11/7/2013

For: melissa

Got your msg! Fwd to sara and weasel. Good morning. keep up the good work. Bristol will never be the same. Namaste.

annette - 11/7/2013

For: Melissa

Hi mom! I got your email and posted it so everyone else your message. We had another great day all dolphin day. Tonight is our team mall scavenger outing. Mike and I have been getting the apartment ready for dad's visit. We cleaned off your bed and Wesley was still trying to sniff for you! We miss you and love you! Be safe!

Kassi - 11/7/2013

For: Rick,Damaroo,Soha, Ed, Dan, Tom, Rebecca, Terry,Melissa,lise,ken, Emily

Hi all: From reading blog feels like know you all-what a special group-adventurous, inspiring, motivated and putting up with Rick :), just spoke with Soha and Damaroo and heard y'all having fun staying in tents, getting freshly cooked meals (not like fast food or frozen microwave cooked meals we have here in USA). Envy you all for being blessed to get a view peak of Everest and having spectacular views-has to be better than IMax. Hope you all have rested up and ready for tomorrow.. Best wishes

Mayank (Soha's kaka) - 11/7/2013

For: Rick, Ken & Emily

continuation from my last comment. It looks like it was cut of. Have fun and make sure to take headcounts..haha. Although it's not so bad being left behind because it gives you a chance to get your run in while you're chasing after busses or some other mode of transportation....

Paul Neumann - 11/7/2013

For: Rick, Ken & Emily

Namaste,glad to hear you're there safe & sound.Sounds like you're off to a great start.I'm jealous & wish I was there with you.Ken/Emily, congratulations on your wedding, very happy for you!What a great place to spend your honeymoon! Rick, thanks again for last Friday night,I had fun with everyone and sure hope you didn't get in trouble for being out on a trip night..haha.It's cool being on this end of the blog after I was just on that side from Turkey.Have fun & make sure to take h

Paul Neumann - 11/7/2013

For: ED

Hey Ed, I so love the blog that Rick has going. I did not anticipate a daily pic, update, and messages from friends. What should one be reading when up there on the mountain? Enjoy Namche Bazaar!

Mr. Roman - 11/7/2013

For: Kemily

Sounds SPECTACULAR :) Love this site too - Have an amazing time LOVE YOU !

Auntie D - 11/6/2013

For: Tom U

Hi there Tom, We put up Tibetan prayer flags among the trees lining the driveway to honor your trek and wish you well, and then recited some prayers we found at the KTD Monastery. So you have the Buddha as well as all of Woodstock rooting for you. Hope you're having a wonderful adventure. Love, C&L

Constance and Len - 11/6/2013

For: ED

Just can't imagine the beauty surrounding you. Surely glad you were found during the "game of hide and seek"! All is going well. We will keep in touch. Sending our love. Take care and enjoy each moment.

FRED AND JOY - 11/6/2013

For: Soha/Damaroo

Hey guys! Hope you are having a great time so far and getting some good exercise along the way. Everything is good here...I'm finally getting over the fact both Michigan and the bengals lost this past week, thought you would be interested to know. Have fun with all your new friends, and rick! I'm sure he's hoping for less adventure this time just like all of us. Lots of love, your actual favorite daughter/sister. :)

Beej - 11/6/2013

For: Lise

Good luck mom! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!

Erik - 11/6/2013

For: Kemily

So glad you got there safely! Been thinking of you both daily. So glad your view is "Spectacular". Enjoy every minute and can't wait to see pictures and hear stories! Mari and Steve xoxo

Mari and Steve - 11/6/2013

For: Ed

Views look incredible. Gretta is by my side, with Gotto, almost on top of her, as she bathes her and then lifts a paw to play. All else ok. We love and miss you.

family - 11/6/2013

For: kemily

Glad you are having a SPECTACULAR experience. Love you.

mom and mil - 11/6/2013

For: kemily

Just finished dinner after spending the balmy 65 degree (to match yours) day doing yard work and trying to sneak berries. Will try to save some leaves for you to rake so you don't miss the experience. Still miss you.

Q - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa

Wishing you all the best on your amazing adventure in honor of your dear friend, Barb. PCAWNY is so proud of all your accomplishments!

Karie - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa

Wishing you all the best on this amazing adventure. PCAWNY is so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

Karie - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa

Wishing you all the best on this amazing adventure. PCAWNY is so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

Karie - 11/6/2013

For: Melissa

Wishing you all the best on this amazing adventure. PCAWNY is so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

Karie - 11/6/2013

For: damaroo and soha

today's temp. 40 and 65 looks like perfect for u damaroo. I am sure u will be enjoying going up. soha take pictures whenever u can. safe traking. u will reach there. no doubt.

jyotiand mom - 11/6/2013

For: soha and damroobhai

we all are wishing you a happy new year have a blast and enjoy every moment of hiking and we wish you a safe journey.

devi - 11/6/2013

For: Soha & Damaroo

So far so good for everyone! The weather sounds great! I hope it stays that way! Soha/Dad all is well here, we're certainly keeping busy, but we're doing just fine! A2 are as crazy as ever and whenever my phone rings in the morning, they assume it is "Nana". Love, Ruchi

Ruchi - 11/6/2013

For: E&K

Can't wait to see all the "spectacular" pix. Hope the camera bag is working out. We large updating Barb & Charlie on your progress. Enjoy the sights and each other.

D. Duck - 11/6/2013

For: dj and soha

both of you must be enjoying nature and taking lots of picture have ton of fun. all is well. one more time happy new year.

deepak - 11/6/2013

For: melissa

Go get 'em! Following your journey from my couch.

annette - 11/6/2013

For: Rick

Working good so far! Stay safe.

Bryan - 11/6/2013

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