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Date: September 14, Saturday
Location: train station on the tarmac, Kayseri, 1:00 am

Adventure with a big A today. This is being written as we lay on the sidewalk at the train station. Train is delayed. We should board at 3:30 am. Once we get on we have these sweet two person sleeper cars. After we left the trail we stopped by bus to visit this amazing 3000 B.C. underground city. So cool. Up to 20,000 people lived under ground thousands of years ago when invaders came through. Next we went to the Cappadoccia area. There are hundreds of caves dug into these volcanic spires. Churches, hotels. See the pic of Gary riding a camel in front of them. Next was the Turkish bath. Oh, yeah, the men went to get shaved with a straight razor first. In the baths, mud mask, sauna, scrub, bubble scrub and massage. Wow. Then Turkish night. Gary ended up marrying a Belgium woman as part of a dance, August joined the belly dancer and we all ended up dancing in a long conga line outside to the beat of the drum around a bonfire. And now we wait. Won't get to hotel by Mt Ararat until midnight and then we have to get up to start climb the next day. Ah, adventures...

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For: David G.

Type your message here...To David G. Hi! Talked with my brother Joes today and he told me about your "expedition". Congrats and hope you're having a great time! Your Cousin, Lia

Lia Farrington - 9/15/2013

For: To? gary

Hi Gary!! Nice picture of you on the camel! We miss you! We are having Josh's 16th bday and I invited you but forgot youw went on this trip and we are all looking at all the posts right now. Have a great time and can't wait to see the pictures.

From? Janice, Frank, Vin, Val, Joe, Josh, Jake, Dylan - 9/15/2013

For: Gaylinn/August

Hello... trying not to picture August and a belly dancer but hope you are both having a great time.... roomies and I all sitting on our front porch right now, all say hi to you Gaylinn. Love Amylark

Amy - 9/15/2013

For: Everyone

So the train is right on time! Turkish time.

Tomaste - 9/15/2013

For: Chris

You got to ride a camel!! Totally jealous.

Deb - 9/14/2013

For: John P.

Hope your night on the town was rejuvenating and you are ready for the next adventure. Sending positive thoughts your way for strength, fortitude and no altitude sickness as you tackle Mount Ararat. Jules and Gabby have gone back to WV today so I am back to being Home Alone. Staying out of trouble by reading for my two book clubs both happening this week. Take care. Love, Pris

Priscilla - 9/14/2013

For: Ralph

Turksh baths? Belly dancers? Conga lines? I don't remember reading about that part of the trip. Were those in the fine print? Seriously, soundslike an amazing time. Remember enjoy! Good luck on your climb. Stay safe. Love you.

Carol - 9/14/2013

For: Paul

The Turkish bath and massage sound amazing and very relaxing. Sounds like a great trip so far. I told Ashley to post something to you, but I don't see anything so she may not have done it correctly. I am making my famous meatloaf for dinner tonight for everyone so I will show everyone how to do this so they can send a message. We all look forward to you coming soon. Hope you are enjoying yourself you deserve to just enjoy.

Mom - 9/14/2013


CONGRATULATIONS! !! Did the camel come with the deal?.

Buddy - 9/14/2013

For: Paul

Wow! The Turkish bath sounds amazing. Talk about being pampered!!! I hope you relaxed and had fun because now the REAL fun begins!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures. Take care of yourself and stay safe. I miss you. Love Joanne XOXOXO

Joanne - 9/14/2013

For: Ralph

Hi, Dad, Hope you're having an amazing trip. The girls and Dave all say hello! Love and miss you. -J

Janis - 9/14/2013

For: Gaylinn Greenwood

Gaylinn, sorry I miss you last Saturday. This mountain climbing stuff is sounding like pure fun! One thing I like about you , you always go interesting places! So the big question: Have you had sex yet? I am was it? I have heard that sex at the apex of the mountain is special! Capri diam, cease the day! Enjoy, enjoy! my friend, my, wife (from another life time).You are living an inspiring life. I don't have to go to books to find my heroes, and sheroes..... I know you! Love you!

Dehconte - 9/14/2013

For: everyone

Awesome!!!!!! Sounds like a great experience!

terri - 9/14/2013

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