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Date: September 9, Monday
Location: Aladaglar National Park, Cappadocia area. 5770 feet

3 hours of walking. Bright sun. Light wind. 75 degrees.

Crazy. Up at 4:00 am to catch an early morning flight. Mostly we fell asleep on the 2 hour van ride to the base of the mountains to start our hike from a tiny farming community. We walked across the wide open space of the foothills to enter into a gorge at the entry into the 12,000foot limestone mountains. Wonderful shaped stones including hollowed out (see pic) rocks. Shepherds still sleep in these rocks. Semi nomadic sheepherders still graze their sheep we passed. (Complete with large aggressive dogs. Surrounding us at camp are the eroded and sheer walls, sparse trees and narrow gorge junction we are camped at. Quiet,so quiet except the occasional rush of the wind. Such a contrast to our homes. The Turkish people have been very friendly.

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For: Gary Passamonte

Hi Gary, Hope you are doing well. Be careful :) We miss you. Oh David broke his collar bone yesterday, poor little guy, but he's doing ok. Just a little update from our home :)

Kelly Kelley - 9/10/2013

For: John P.

Hope all is going well. All fingers crossed for your safety and stamina! Cannot wait to see more pictures. Best to Dave - Love, Pris

Priscilla - 9/10/2013

For: To?John Peterson

Following your adventures vicariously John and inspired by you. Was that your hand sticking out from withing the rocks?

From? Your friends in Arlington - 9/10/2013

For: Karla

Great to see you made it there safely! Enjoy yourself.

Maria - 9/10/2013


.Hope you are having a great time.Remember to take a lot of,Myra

Myra - 9/9/2013

For: The Group

Awesome Stuff! Any Showers there? Be safe!

Terri - 9/9/2013

For: Paul N

Hi Paul! Glad to hear you all arrived in one piece. Have a great time and stay safe. Love, Joanne!!!

Joanne - 9/9/2013

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