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Date: September 10
Location: Sokulupinar camp, 6363 feet.

6 hours walking. Up 2500, down 1500 feet. 70 degree high, 45 low. Bright sun and amazing stars and Mars was so bright.

Beautiful walk deeper into the mountains. Did not see anyone else all day. Nicknames are developing,. We have the three fossils, more names tomorrow. Stuffed grape leaves at lunch as part of the meal. Many enjoyed the 800 foot scree field, two steps up, slip back one. We can't print some of those quotes at that moment. Had time to do laundry and shower. Water a bit icy. Login camp life. Thanks for the messages. We read them under a goat hair tent at night.

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For: Gary

Living life to the fullest as always. Good luck and congratulations.

Mary Regatuso - 9/12/2013

For: For David Guaspari

Am enjoying the vicarious experience. Meant to suggest, David, that you take the rocks out of your pack. They were only for training hikes. With envy, Your personal trainer

Lois - 9/11/2013

For: Paul

Looks like you had some problems at JFK, but glad you are there safe and sound. Today sounds great 2500 up and 1500 feet down. I get to visit all these places through you and your pictures can't wait to see them.

Mom - 9/10/2013

For: Everyone

Wow...sounds so awesome! Can't wait to see pics....and remember...Chris: Don't talk to strangers and look both ways before crossing the trail! Very glad to hear you were able to shower...a clean camper is a happy camper!

Terri - 9/10/2013

For: To?Karla

Sounds like group having good time. Hope you have a good hike. Bring back lots of pictures.

From? Dad - 9/10/2013


YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD.I hope you are doing well and having fun. xoxo

Myra - 9/10/2013

For: To Gaylinn, Rick, August and anyone else I might know on the trip

Thanks for wracking up some great stories so I can live vicariously! Try to save some energy so you can dine and dance with us at the farm on Sept 28th. Bring pictures :) Leave the goat hair there...

From Deb D - 9/10/2013

For: Paul

How 'bout those stuffed grape leaves? Miss You, Joanne

Joanne - 9/10/2013

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