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Date: February 15, 2013 4:00 pm.
Location: Barranco Camp, 13,000 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: agnes

keep kicking that mountains butt! szeretlek

erik - 2/17/2013

For: Joyce and Dave

Hope you're having fun! Marjorie rolled over by herself. We got takeout from Ming's. Half the gate at Benton St blew over in the wind - I told them we'll fix it later. I saw Dean at SOTA - he's 15 and a freshman there. He said Lana is 21 and at UB. Good luck with the rest of the trip! Love, Bobure, Brady, and Marjorie

Bobure and Brady and Marjorie - 2/16/2013

For: Moo and Uncle Torey & Group

Hi !! it sounds like everyone is doing an amazing job !! I've seen a couple comments about Baranco Wall coming up and it being a fun part of this journey so you're going to have to show me pics and tell me about this ( well and the rest of your journey) Each and every one of you are an inspiration !! Stay safe, keep warm and one step at a time!! You WILL ALL make it to the top !! Thanks to the guides and porters for their continued help throughout this adventure and for keeping you all safe!!

Katie - 2/16/2013

For: Rick

Hi Rick!! Hope you're doing well and taking care of the whole group! I'm sure you are! You took great care of us on Mt. Marcy! Can you please post more pics of everyone?? Love the audios but would love to see more pics too...especially of my sissy and uncle Torey (if possible)! K thanks!! Take care and get them to the top safely!!

Kerri - 2/16/2013

For: Moo & Uncle Torey

Hey! I know the higher you go, the harder it's getting. I know you both can do this though so stay strong and lean on each other...Jax will help give you the strength to make it all the way! I'm so proud and inspired by the two of you! I brag about you everyday! So much so that I met this guy at work last night for you Moo! I got his number and I'm gonna introduce the 2 of you!! He likes dogs and had 5 acres of land! So hurry home!!! Love you and miss you both so much!! xoxo

Kerri - 2/16/2013

For: Mooie&Torey

Hey, I Finally got this piece of s&*#! working,sounds like you guys are doing great, keep going,i know you can do it,because both of you are tough as nails!!! SAY HI TO JAX FOR ME LOVE YA! PS Moo the dogs miss you&are doing great!

Dad - 2/16/2013

For: Eric Garsin

Glad to hear you're still trekking up Kili. Had fun with the boys yesterday (museum). I asked Madeleine where where her dad was and she said mountain climbing in Africa. I asked if she missed him and to my surprise she said no. I said why not? She put her arm around me and without missing a beat said " BECAUSE I HAVE YOU BUB". Priceless! When Lori asked her the same question she said yes I miss him. BTW, is there a Tammy Dossman on your expedition? Say hi to Paul & Danielle

Bob Metz - 2/16/2013

For: Marianne & Torey

Sounds as if you are doing great, I'm so proud of you! I know you will make it all the way to the top with flying colors! Stay safe and enjoy the experience. With all my love, Bree

Bree - 2/16/2013

For: Danielle

Glad to hear that you are all doing well. It has been nice having Gigi and papa here, kids love having them around. We went to the zoo last weekend and to Matt's last basketball game. We had a nice Valentines day with pizza for dinner. It's been pretty crazy around here at times. My G&Ts are well earned. We love you and are looking forward to your safe return!

Mike - 2/16/2013

For: Marianne

One more today. So um. I listened to the voice download on my laptop today. No dirty joke photo. So um that makes me think that my phone is assigning photos to audio. Which means... that the photo is one that I already have on my phone. So, all of Africa knows the kind of person I am. EEEEEK! I saw your family write you did insanity twice. I hope the second time that you got the Danm T shirt! Love from the Buff! And..tell Pumpkins I love him. I love you too. No I'm not drunk!

Autumn/Pumpkins - 2/16/2013

For: Marianne

I keep seeing your family call you's very tempting...I like it! The Yukon Quest finished today. Last Team in, red lantern awarded. Dyan Bergen. I know you'll make it to the top and back too. Your family can't spot you in the photo. I hope you're in one soon. I think it's ment to blizzard tomorrow. Just think...every step you take, every move you make... there's a bunch of us here stalking you! Tell Pumpkins I love him. Keep calm and climb on. Believe!

Autumn/Pumpkins - 2/16/2013

For: Big T, Marianne and the whole gang!

Hello all you beautiful, brave, wonderful people! Just dropping by to send you copious amounts of love and support! I am thinking about all of you every day! Stay positive and BELIEVE you can do it! Only a few more days until you reach the top! I am so proud!! Love, Megan D

Megan D - 2/16/2013

For: Marianne and Torey

Type your message here...Glad to hear you are doing well. We talk about how hard it is to hike so high, but how love, heart and drive will get you to where you need to go!! Praying for Jacquie to guide you to the top and keep you safe. WE are all so proud of you!!

the Penetrantes - 2/16/2013

For: Marianne and Everyone

Today's thoughtful mountain climbing quote is from fun.: If you're lost and alone Or you're sinking like a stone Carry on May your past be the sound Of your feet upon the ground Carry on Nothing's gonna stop us tonight!

Autumn/Pumpkins - 2/16/2013

For: Big T and Mooianne

What a fantastic journey you are on. With every step we are pushing you from below and the special ones are pulling you from above. You will make it, I have no doubts. Just a little ways more. Just think of what it will be like at the top. So close to those no longer with us. I'm jealous. I love you both very much. Stay safe and take care of each other. Tell everyone that we know you all are in the best of hands. (have you told them what a whacky family you have?)

Aunt Deee - 2/15/2013

For: Dad and Marianne and group

Great to hear from you and congratulations on making it another day higher! Glad things are going well and I know the sights are unbelievable! Keep pushing onward and upward. You're all doing great and the hard work will be worth it at the summit! Stay safe and stay warm, we love and miss you!!!

TJ - 2/15/2013

For: Troy

I just cant imagine the beautiful sights you are seeing right now.How big are the stars?? Hopefully you are feeling well and have the energy for another big day tomorrow. Bet the yoga felt good. Love you!

Sandi - 2/15/2013

For: Moo, uncle Torey, and the whole gang

Hey to All u guys r Doing amazing!! Tomorrow is the most favorite day barranco wall day!!! So much fun you will absolutely love it!! Make sure to give ur porters an Xtra pat on the back after u see what they are up against! U will be in awe! Moo and uncle torey, i miss u and I love u, I didn't see u in that group pic I'm still not convienced ur up there u better bring back pics or get in one soon!!!!

Sissy - 2/15/2013

For: Chris Lilly

We have enjoyed following your climb.Morgan has been standing up on her own. She will be walking any day now.You should see her sitting in her Princess tent castle grinning at us. Keep looking up.Love you.

Mom and Dad - 2/15/2013

For: Rick, Yuseph and Mohammed

Thinking of you guys too! Don't worry, you're not forgotten. Everyone is in good hands up there with you guys at the helm! Hope you are having a fun trek up!

Sadie - 2/15/2013

For: All

Glad lava tower went well and everyone is going strong! Enjoy Baranco wall!! Definitely one of the most fun parts! I hope you have a Starbucks on the top like we did! Thinking of you all- especially Torey and Marianne! I know thinking about summit night can cause some anxiety sometimes but try to take it one step at a time (literally) and enjoy the whole process! Soak it in! The experience will be with you forever.

Sadie - 2/15/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

It was great to hear the audio and that all are doing well.Keep going, one foot in front of the other and before you know it you'll be meeting Jacquie at the top of the world.We all miss you and are counting the days until you are safely home. Love, Sharon

Sharon - 2/15/2013

For: Eric

February break has arrived! School was a bit crazy, but nothing unexpected considering it was the last day. Boys enjoyed running up and down the ramp at the museum and Madeleine came home with enough candy to last quite awhile. Tomorrow is Nancy's bday party and Caroline is coming to watch the kiddos. Love the group shot! I hope the headaches aren't too bad. Love you!

Lori - 2/15/2013

For: Chris

Wow, you have gotta be feeling sky high now! News from home? Not too much to tell. Sage is on break from school, Dan is staying over tonight. No snow left, rained last night and is staying in the 30's now. Everyone is asking how you are doing, I assume you are doing great, at least that's what I tell them! Can't wait to hear the details. I love you, Jen

Jen - 2/15/2013

For: Marianne & Torey & Group

Glad to hear you are all still standing-that is a good thing!Thank you for sending audios.(2 yrs ago there were only a couple, and it was hard not to hear voices).Sounds like you are all doing well.The next few days may be tougher, but you are already tough and have the help and support of the people there and back home.(Just think, next week most of you will be back home).I am in awe of each and everyone of you. Moo-stay strong, I am soo proud of you and what you are doing. Love Mom

Mom/Sheryl - 2/15/2013

For: Jim

Hope you're doing well. Sounds like the climb is going well. You are really getting up there now!! Liked the group picture. Good luck. Rest up!!

M and D and gang - 2/15/2013

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