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Date: February 14th, 2013 Valentine's Day
Location: Moira Camp, 13,500 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Tom and Agnes

Happy Valentines Day!!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Love ya!!

Di, Billy, Katy and Shelly - 2/14/2013

For: Aunt Danielle

Nama had a sleepover a few nights. I reminded her every time that Katie slept right here (aggressive pointing on the bed) at Christmas! Make sure she gets that tutu!

Madeleine - 2/14/2013

For: Eric

Great to hear your voice! Sounded like you were having trouble with it! Madeleine had a side af spaghetti with her fries... I let that one slide on Valentine's day. It was decked out in balloons and they let her take two home. She was quite the hit wearing her red dress! Went to Elite to let her pick out some cookies for dessert. Boys are doing great. They are going to the museum on Friday with Nama and gampa. Madeleine has a party at school. Hope you're feeling ok. Miss you! XOXO

Lori Madeleine Andrew and Elliot - 2/14/2013

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