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Date: February 14th, 2013 Valentine's Day
Location: Moira Camp, 13,500 feet.

50 degrees, cloudy, 4:30 pm, arrived at 2:30 pm. 6 hours hike time.

We are a long way from our loved ones. Thank you to those who sent hidden cards. This camp is spectacular and exotic. We are close to the base of the large massif of Kibo, the center part of Kili. Lava flows are frozen in time with weird shaped caves, cliffs and rocks. Not many take this route so quieter, not including the 55 Africans who help us carrying the table, chairs, gear, food....

They all came out to sing and dance upon our arrival. Pretty wild. One guy was wearing a Massia blanket like a cape. We are fortunate to help such a great crew. All are well with a few headaches, light queasiness and such typical at this altitude.

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For: Dad and Jenn

Happy Valentine's day!! (A day late!) Miss you guys and hope you're having a blast.

Katie - 2/15/2013

For: Uncle Torey and Marianne

Hi Guys!! I've become obsessed with checking this website !! Uncle Torey it was great to hear your voice and that everyone is doing well!! We're all thinking about you cheering you on!! Enjoy every moment of this journey , one step at a time and you be at the top before you know it!! we all BELIEVE in you!! xoxoxox love you!

Katie , Dave and Ray Ray - 2/14/2013

For: Kili 2013

Hope you guys are having a great time! I'm having lots of memories of each day of my trek last year and love living vicariously through you all this year. If you are one of the ones who is not feeling so hot at this point, stick with it. If Rick tells you it's going to get better, believe him - turns out he is pretty good at this stuff!!;-) Happy Trails!

Katie Mac, Kili 2012 - 2/14/2013

For: Tommy and Agnes

We are sending our best regards to the whole crew. It is so exciting to hear of your progress on this climb. The trip of a lifetime!!! Happy Valentines to you both!!

Chris and Paul - 2/14/2013

For: To Agnes & Tom

It sounds as though you guys are having the trip of a life time! We can't wait to check the posts each night to monitor your progress. we are glad to see everyone is doing well. Happy Valentines day to all! Be safe. All the best!!

From Max & Linda - 2/14/2013

For: Agnes and Tom

We are enjoying your posts and following your adventure. Hope you are feeling well. Happy Valentines Day! Miss you and can't wait to hear more about your adventure.

Amy and Steve - 2/14/2013

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