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Date: February 10th
Location: Moshi, Tanzania, 90 degrees

Hi all. Thanks for following the blog. Short post. Meru crew back in town. All is well with the new group arriving after having to drive through the night to Washington because of the storm to catch a plane. Torrey and Marianne get in Monday night. Tomorrow is a town day with lunch at Yusuf's house.

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For: Torey and Marianne

Torey and Marianne, You go guys!!!!!! You have so much strength and courage, and we are rooting for you all the way from Buffalo! I wish you the best of luck and an expereince to hold in your heart forever! Keep truckin' on :) Love, Christina Benevento & Family

Christina Benevento - 2/12/2013

For: Marianne & Torey

I'm soooo upset that I missed a day of posting.:( I looked yesterday, didn't see it up yet (yeah,the computer thing). Anyway, I'm glad you got there safely. The dogs are having fun w.everyone watching them, & the boys meet went well. Don't worry about anything at home, just be safe & take in everything that you are doing. This is a once in a lifetime (Moo you promised) thing. Keep looking up & when you reach the top I'm sure you will see some angels. To all-enjoy & be safe. Love

Mom/Sheryl - 2/12/2013

For: Moo & Uncle Torey

I feel so behind...didn't realize we could start leaving messages. I added Tanzania to my phone so I can see what time it is where you are without having to do the math! You're prob starting to climb now! Best of luck, I know you both will make it to the top with our angel to guide you along the way! I love you both!! Be careful and I'll stalk you again in the morning!! Xoxo PS Molson and skyy enjoyed their 1st sleep over last night...I had no room in the bed!

Kerri - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

(Sorry, I ran out of room) Love, Sharon

Sharon - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Hello from Clarence Center!Torey, I miss you and can't wait until you reach the top.Like everything else in your life, you work hard and you accomplish what you set out to do, this will be no different. I have no doubt where Jacquie and TJ got their courage from. Marianne, have fun and make sure you keep Torey tethered to you, I would feel bad if you spent your climb asking "has anyone seen Torey?" To all the climbers- we are so proud of all of you and we wish you a wonderful journey.L

Sharon - 2/12/2013

For: Big T and Mooianne

I'm so glad you made it there safely. But with our Angel watching over, was there ever any doubt?! Got up into the 40's today and rained so we lost a lot of the snow that kept you grounded Friday. Be careful, watch out for trees jumping out in front of you, and take care of each other. Love you both very much! Aunt Deee

Aunt Deee - 2/11/2013


What brand of brewski goes with relaxing after a great climb? You're doing great so always, stay safe!


For: Marianne

I finally figured out how to use this dang thing. Wouldn't work on mobile - go figure. You know I love my phones. It's windy here. I thought of you all day at work, especially when they played 'Africa'. I remember my promise to write you every day. I'm so glad you made it. I knew God would get you there. I believe in you. Please tell Pumpkins I love him.

Autumn/Pumpkins - 2/11/2013

For: To Troy

Troy there are 8,000 Duffy kids across NY State all tracking your progress and reading about you and your trek up Mt Kilimanjaro! Your trip is inspiring readers of all ages! Richard

From Duffy Books - 2/11/2013

For: Mooie

PS .. Ur dogs r fine, Molson thinks he a lap dog...Ur lucky I love you!!

Sissy - 2/11/2013

For: Mooie and uncle Torey

It's so strange being on this side of the message board for kili! I remember at my hardest moments of growing pineapple trees on the way up the one thing I know I had to look forward to was posts from home! Rest assure we will all be stalking you, mom is already have an anxiety attack cuz she sucks at computers and can't figure out how to find the updates! Anyways, Take in every moment, laugh with one another about Ur loved ones u climb for and remember pole pole!! Love u both! Good luck to all

Sissy - 2/11/2013

For: Jennifer

One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because she is enlightened Zen Master Futomaki

Jessica - 2/11/2013

For: Mike

Thanks for the great pictures. You are becoming the Augusta of the new orphan generation. Remember to go slowly slowly in your progress up the mountain. I'm feeling disconnected knowing you both will be out of touch for the next 8 days.

Jessica - 2/11/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Torey and Marianne - Best of luck to you guys, I am so proud of you! Keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face! So many people here in Buffalo are rooting for you, love you! Xoxo and tons of love, Megan Dressel

Megan - 2/11/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Get it done the same way you get everything done-- one step at time.

The Gravino's - 2/11/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Enjoy and have fun! We are looking forward to hearing your existing journey and a safe return! The Xu-Friedman family!

Valerie and Rufeng - 2/11/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Hi!!So glad you made it to Kili.I know how badly you both want to do this climb.We are all so proud of you and inspired by you.You will experience what so few will ever have the courage to try.Have fun. Be careful and remember we are all sending you our strength,and our love.The top of the world and our Jacquie awaits you. All my love, Sharon

Sharon - 2/11/2013

For: Eric

Hope you found something cute for Madeleine! Good luck tomorrow!!

Lori - 2/11/2013

For: Jennifer

Hope you are having a great time. Thanks for sending me this link! Love you.

Erin - 2/11/2013

For: Agnes and Tom

Glad you arrived safe. Have a great time. Can't wait to see pictures.

Amy & Steve - 2/11/2013

For: Chris

Hey there, hope you found us some great presents while shopping in Moshi today! I long for 90 degrees, must be lovely! Have a super relaxing day and good luck on the big climb tomorrow. I will be watching for every update! Love, Jen and Sage

Jen and Sage - 2/11/2013

For: Tommy and AgnesTo? (maximum 255 chars)

Excited for you both enjoy every minute! Chris n PaulType your message here...

Chris and PaulFrom? (maximum 255 chars) - 2/11/2013

For: Tom

I'm glad to see the first post saying you all arrived safely. Your mountain awaits!

Diane - 2/10/2013

For: Rick

Happy Birthday Rick I celebrated by working 8 hours of metal scrapping. Kelly came by late though and we took the baby for her first ski in the sled. She did great. Kelly has that sled now. Good skiing this weekend, but rain scheduled tomorrow. Then winter looks better. I scrap metalled again today but skied later. Tell Yusef hi for us. Have a safe trip. I had some conversations indirectly with your crew so I am glad the DC idea worked well. Over 30 inch

Randy - 2/10/2013

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