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Date: February 9th. Noon
Location: Mt Meru. Summit 15,000 feet.

Here is a second audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Agnes

Hi Mom (and Tom) Hope you guys are being safe and having a great time! Enjoy every minute, can't wait to hear about it! love you

Kristina & Gerardo - 2/10/2013

For: Jim

Congratulations on making to the top. we're with you every inch of the way. All well here and your driveway is plowed!

M and D - 2/10/2013

For: Paul Garsin? (maximum 255 chars)

Pail, I am so proud of you! Don't miss the orange chairs or the heat. Do miss you! Guess I will have to ski with George. Hugs and Kisses Mimi

Mimi - 2/10/2013

For: Jennifer and Mike

The news says that only a foot of snow fell in Rochester as compared to 2 feet in Boston... And it's 36 degrees today. I'm really excited for you both. From the pictures above it looks like you need warm clothing! Mike's picture of the mt from the plane is very awe-inspiring. Go team Dunn-Lukomski! Please be real hams and try to be in all of the pictures.

Jessica - 2/10/2013

For: Rick

Looks like you are doing OK for an Old Guy!!!Happy B day

Daddeo - 2/10/2013

For: All the Garsins

Congratulations of completing the "tune-up" climb. Best of luck on the rest of the climb. Hope you all are warmer than here. It's going down to 6 degrees tonight. Paul- Sam scored two goals today, both i n the first period. Just couldn't manage that third one. Playoffs begin next week. And, give my best to Rick! All the best to all the climbers. Tom

Tom Walker - 2/10/2013

For: Chris

Nice picture, Chris! Why so surprised? Looks like a wonderful sunrise beind you. Hope your climb was fun and you will be ready for the big one next! Thinking of you every day. Happy Anniversary Troy and Sandi! Love Jen and Sage

Jen and Sage - 2/9/2013

For: Anges McKinney

Sounds like it,s a great time. Be safe and can,t wait for your return to hear all about it. Mary

Mary Burke - 2/9/2013

For: Rick/Hubs

Happy Birthday!!! It's still your Birthday here. Amazing way to spend it! Glad you have such good help. Many thanks to Yusuf, Mohamad, Yhaya(sp?) Ernest and all the other Africans that helped you!

Your Wif - 2/9/2013

For: Troy

So good to hear your voice! You sound happy and I couldn't be more thrilled. Love you! Happy Anniversary.

Sandi - 2/9/2013

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