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Date: February 11th, 2013
Location: Moshi, Tanzania, 92 degrees

Today was Moshi town day. Many were blown away by this experience of markets,local people's houses....gave them a lot to ponder about the abundance of material goods in our everyday life. The highlight was lunch at Yusuf's house. His family cooked us a wonderful meal of local African foods. Ugali, plantain stew, local bean dish and other local foods.

Tomorrow we depart for our climb. All are packing and a bit anxious.

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For: Mr Torey

Good luck and stay safe. Hope you have a great trip! My last meet (Nickelcity) went well ( i placed 7th)!!! Can't wait to see the picture of the flag on the top of the mountain! Love Victoria (Jochen, Christine und Philip)

Victoria Hecht - 2/12/2013

For: Jennifer and Mike

In response to Steff -- the pictures are on Mike's i phone. Get him to send them to you once they get back to civilization. And to Jennifer and Mike -- I hope you do a sun salutation every could be leading couples yoga when you reach camp every evening! I bet Mike liked the added 2.2 hike. Please take pictures of everything...including what your plate looks like at meal times...I want to live vicariously.

Jessica - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

I am thinking of you and wondering how your first day of climbing was.I am imagining all the wonderful sights and sounds of the mountain and wishing I had the courage to someday do what you are experiencing now.I remember TJ,Angela and Sadie's stories of their climbs and can't wait to hear what you will share with us. Remember to be careful,watch out for the trees that pop up in the middle of the trail.Tor-Shelby and Fozi send their love. Love to all, Sharon

Sharon - 2/12/2013

For: Troy, Marriane, and Torey & all

I LOVE that your ascent starts tomorrow! Just another sunny day in Africa going for a stroll! How cool is that? It'll be nice and cool when you finish your first day and you'll be livin on the Mount-TANE! Soak up every minute and bring us back tales to take us to the top with you! I will be prayer-drumming each night of your journey...

Bruce - 2/12/2013

For: To Torey and Marianne

Good luck as you begin your exciting climb up the mountain! Enjoy every moment and know all of us are pulling for you! What an amazing opportunity! Torey we know you will do awesome!! Love you guys!

From Keesha, Jeremy, & Savannah - 2/12/2013

For: Uncle Chris

We are wishing you tons of love and tons of Fun on your adventures. Have a safe climb.

Morgan - 2/12/2013

For: Torrey and Marianne

Hope that you had fun today! Best of luck on the start of your climb- I am so proud of you guys, and best of luck to everyone else in the group! You all are so brave and I admire every single one of you! Big T- remember to visualize success :) and enjoy every step of the way! Love, Megan Dressel

Megan - 2/12/2013

For: Torey & Marianne

Hi! I have brain cancer. I am one of Mrs. Penetrante former students. I trualy respect what are you doing. I battle this ugly disease every day. I have heard a lot about Jacquie from Mrs. Penetrante. What an amazing women she was. May her strength and courage guild you through you journey. Stay safe! Kelsey

Kelsey McCarthy - 2/12/2013

For: Marianne and Uncle Torey

Thinking about you both and sending lots of love your way!Can't wait for another update. Stay safe xoxxo love you both!

Katie - 2/12/2013

For: Marianne and Torey

Good Luck guys! Sending positive thoughts your way! Love you guys!!

Raegan - 2/12/2013

For: Paul Garsin

Paul, Sue Ames, Bob's wife, told me that you probably had to drive out of Rochester to start your trip, due to the snow storm. What a surprise! I hope the African part of your adventure goes more smoothly. I remember that you were to climb Mt. Meru, but perhaps not Kilamanjaru. So I am looking for updates on your trip. Have a great Trek ! Russell

Russell Simpson - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

We wish you luck on your climb and look forward to reading about it! Have a safe adventure and know that you are always in our hearts!

The sisters of sigma delta tau - 2/12/2013

For: Tobey and Marianne

Good luck on your climb! Not that you need it;)

Christina Falzone - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

It's pretty cool to think how many times Jacquie's name has been carried up that mountain... Thinking of you as you begin your climb. I wish you nice weather, good sleep, and many hot dogs for breakfast!! All of you are in our thoughts!

Sadie - 2/12/2013

For: Torey & Marianne

Good luck everyone as you start your climb!!! Can't wait to spend my days checking for updates and finding out how you guys are progressing. We miss you guys, be safe and HAVE FUN!!!

Kristen - 2/12/2013

For: Chris

Thinking of Dori the fish, "just keep climbing, just keep climbing" I know fish don't climb, but her voice is in my head. Going a little bit bonkers without you! Just keep climbing! Love Jen and Sage

Jen and Sage - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Wishing you both the best of luck on your climb! Be safe and take lots of pictures! My thoughts and prayers are with you both as well as the rest of your group! Torey, the girls were all talking about you last night and are missing you already! I'll keep you updated on their workouts just to keep you in the loop! Other than that have an amazing time and know we all miss you and wish you the best! good luck to all the other climbers as well!

Liz (: - 2/12/2013

For: Rick

Rick-2 yrs ago you & your group brought one of my daughters (Angela) home safely...I'm counting on you guys to do it again (Marianne)!! Have a fun, safe journey & I hope to see you again this summer! Love, Sheryl

Sheryl - 2/12/2013

For: Marianne & Torey

OMG! I left today's message on yesterday's post. It's going to take me 2 wks just to get the hang of this again. :0 I know by now you are already on your way, be safe & know that we are thinking of you all the way. Love Mom/Sheryl

Mom/Sheryl - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Good Luck Torey and Marianne! We are rooting for you! Miki, Kevin and Remy Frawley

The Frawleys - 2/12/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

One step at a time guys. You can do it! Xoxo

The Tiburzi's - 2/12/2013

For: Troy

Have a wonderful climb! Try to capture every moment so you can come home and share it with us. We are all cheering for you. Love you!

Sandi, Kara, and Andy - 2/12/2013

For: Moo and Uncle Torey

Missing you guys and thinking about you always. We are glad that all the traveling fell into place. We are all sending you hugs and kisses but most of all good thoughts that in just a few days you will be able to see one hell of a view. Take pictures, it will be the closest some of us will ever get to the top of a literal mountain!!LOL Love you both!!! Matt, Danielle, Olivia (blue), and Molly P.S. The dogs are great!!

The Cooks - 2/12/2013

For: Eric

I'll be thinking of you every step of the way! Be safe and be sure to take it all in. Love you!!!

Lori - 2/12/2013

For: TTT

Have an incredible climb! I am sure you are disappointed to miss skiing in maine......hahaha, but u will just have to!!!!!! Savor every moment!

JT and Gingi - 2/12/2013

For: Torey

We were all talking about you today and we wish you the best of luck for tomorrow. Most of us are already getting new skills and we can't wait for you to come back to see! The whole gym is rooting for you! Love, your girls.

Level 6, 7, and 8 Team - 2/11/2013

For: All the Garsins

Type your message here... This is an awesome trip. We expect a lot of feedback and pictures. We will follow your exploits everyday.

From Barry - 2/11/2013

For: Dad and Moo

Glad to hear you made it safe. I hope you enjoyed town and Yousef's house. It's really quite different huh?? Tomorrow starts a new chapter in your big adventure. Dont forget to read your cards and stay hydrated. We miss and love you. Dad-got your text messages. Love always TJ

TJ and Linds - 2/11/2013

For: Jim

Hey there! Good luck as you begin your climb! We know that you will get to the top! Take some pictures for us! Everyone is routing for you, even Winnie! Enjoy every step of the way!

The gang - 2/11/2013

For: Tommy and Agnes

Hope you had fun in town. Good luck on the climb!!

Chris and Paul - 2/11/2013

For: Jen & Mike

Missing you guys so so awed by you both....have a great trip up!! I wanna see some poses on the top!! where are the pics that "Jessica" was talking about ?

Steff :) - 2/11/2013

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