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Date: February 21, 2012
Location: MOSHI TOWN!

Yes! Out mid afternoon after 7,000 feet of downhill into the heat. Hot shower. Wow! So happy. Still stunned.

Some of us head home, some of us on safari.

We will post 2 times on safari but not each day.

Remember to help us absorb what we have just experienced. It was huge. It may take a few days for our African brains to adjust. Again, we feel very grateful you are in our lives.

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For: Vicky

Now that you have normal oxygen levels in your system once again, can you believe what you've just accomplished?! .What an amazing feat! It must have been difficult, as you parted ways, to say farewell to friends who shared this with you. Savor every moment of the safari; you've earned it.

Ellen G - 2/23/2012

For: Vicki

Congratualations on summiting and taking on such a grand adventure - wish we were there to enjoy beautiful Africa with you.

Chris Olney and family - 2/22/2012

For: Christine

So excited for you - we look forward to hearing your experiences... so amazing! Happy Trails home! Love, Mary Lee

Mary Lee - 2/22/2012

For: Gene

Hi Gene......Can't wait till your home....Have fun. Be careful running the marathon. Go slow...Love you, MOM XXXXOOOO

The Mother - 2/22/2012

For: Lisa

Lisa - Congrats on a wonderful accomplishment. Can't wait to hear all about it!! Say hi to Vicki for me (from Joanne). She is a friend from the Y. Safe travels home. Love, Joanne and Jill

Joanne and Jill - 2/22/2012

For: Vicki

Hey Vicki - Congrats!!! We're proud of you and we miss you on Mon and Wed mornings. Love, Your Eastside Pickleball Friends!!

Your Pickleball Friends - 2/22/2012

For: Gene

Big Don and Kathy are right... Mommy is still pretending that you're 5 minutes away from us. Congratulations!! You're such a superstar! Good luck with the run. I'm sure you'll do as fabulously as you always do. I miss you so much. Can't wait 'til you're home!!!!!!! Give D a giant hug for me! XOXOXO Love you!

Katie - 2/22/2012

For: Gene Derkack

Congratulations. How fun was it? Good luck on the run. Look forward to you coming home. Your mother is a basket case. She won't discuss you until you are home

Don and Kathy - 2/22/2012

For: Lisa

And just like that, it's a reflection. I have been fielding calls and notes from those who follow your quest. It's an amazing story and we are anxious for the details. So many want to know how you did it. To say congratulations is an understatement.

Rik - 2/22/2012

For: Deirdre

You should be heading off on the safari when you get this, or does the marathon come first. Whichever, have fun, now that you have conquered the mountain everything else should be a breeze for you. Have a great time and take lots of pictures. Love you. See you in Newark.

Dad - 2/22/2012

For: Dee & Gene

Congratulations! So proud of you both! Enjoy the rest of you trip, rock the marathon, love the safari! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Chrissy & Marshell...ugh i mean marCell...thars not the 1st time thats happened... - 2/22/2012

For: Lisa

I don't know if you will still get this but savor the moments until you are back to reality. Close you eyes and remember where you have been and also all of us here who love you soooo much. God Speed and welcome to earth. My love, Aunt Patty

Aunt Patty - 2/21/2012

For: mary ann

great congratulations for all you have done.. reaching so very high. not going on 11 hour walk on level land would not be for me and i'm relieved of the worry i had that you would try it. look forward to your return..thursday 3:24 pm delta...welcome home bushie & art

art) - 2/21/2012

For: Peter & Christine, and all new found Climbers of 2012 Kili

Your lives will never be the same, after such an incredible accomplishment. Treasure memories of each of your fellow climbers,, thank you for all supporting each other. Pete and Christine, can't wait to hear the stories... enjoy the rest of the trip...xoxox mes and t

m&t - 2/21/2012

For: Lisa

Lisa, I have been incommunicado the past week, not because I haven't been thinking of you, but because I had no computer:-( But now that has all changed, I have a MacBook Air, and you have a new view of life, as seen from the top of Mount Kilamanjaro. I am so very proud of you and all of your fellow adventurers. You have come a long way Baby in the past 25 years! And I treasure our friendship over the years. See you upon your return. Yippeee to you! Love, Nancy

Nancy - 2/21/2012

For: Dee

Hey girlfriend, congrats on the climb. Have a great time with the rest of the trip. We're here in MA/Norton, having a cuz get together with pizza and chocolate milk, toasting you and your climbers for a job well done!! Love you! Hugs acorss the world, us

Rosh, K, B, Aunt Helen, and kids - 2/21/2012

For: Deirdre & Gene

Can't believe you guys are down already!! So proud of you and excited for you to have reached this amazing goal. I'm guessing you can hardly believe it's over! Good luck on the marathon, and can't wait to see you back in the States. Can you feel the love from Berkeley Heights????? (and New Prov, and Mountainside, and Summit....)

Linda Weber & BH Relay - 2/21/2012

For: Lee / Lisa

Hmm, "You don't know how lucky you are to get me", said by you over 20 years ago How true! x & hugs

The Other Half of the English Fan Club - 2/21/2012

For: Lisa (Lee) and All

Congratulations to all--well done!

Lori - 2/21/2012

For: Christine L.

Heard you made it!! Congrats!! We miss you here, but I'm sure you're having the experience of a lifetime.

Lisa B. - 2/21/2012

For: Christine and Peter

Glad your at ground level. Wish I could be there to give you big hugs. What an accomplishment! Enjoy this time, relax and take lots of pics. All my love

The Non - 2/21/2012

For: All

woops, forgot Word of the Day: CELEBRATE!!!!!

XOXOC - 2/21/2012

For: Dee

Hey! I betcha you're feeling really fabulous and probably can't even believe this has really happened... BUT IT HAS!! Poor Mr. Moore has lost his "every-day" pen pal. We are all so proud of you. We cannot wait to see you to hear all about your adventures in the heavens and on earth. Take lots of photos on your safari. Oh, did you happen to take a picture of those snow snakes? Love ya!!! xoxoxox Mom, Dad and Ash Moore

Momma Moore - 2/21/2012


Not sure where you are at the time of this post - but am so happy for you and what you've achieved! Glad to hear you are safely headed back down and have had a HOT shower. Enjoy your time left and with Edie and family. Can't wait to hug you and hear the stories of your adventure. You continue to never let me down with the amazing things you have the sheer guts to accomplish! Be safe - Be well. Your father sends his love, hugs and pride in you for what you are doing. Love you, Nanc XO

NANCY - 2/21/2012

For: 2012 Kilimanjaro Team

Rick,Marcia,Deidre,MaryAnn,Lisa,Dara,Nancy,Diana,Bob,Gene,Vicki,Paul,Katie,Derek,Chris,Raiel,Clay,Bill,Deni and anyone I missed: We back home feel like we've almost gotten to know each of you and your fans as individuals from the back and forth postings. Your special stories and support will be cherished part of "our people's" lives forever. Thank you one and all for giving so much of yourselves to each other.

XOXOC - 2/21/2012

For: Peter & Christine

Breathing rich air, soaking in showers, lolling in beds, throwing back brews, plugging in, saying farewells, recalling past week, looking forward to tomorrow. We can only imagine your emotions. Hugs await.

XOXOC - 2/21/2012

For: To Lisa

Hot shower, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that must be most welcome. Hope your spirits are still up in the clouds! Can't wait to hear about your adventure. You continually amaze me Lisa. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. Hey there wouldn't be 'our' lives if it weren't for you! Get some well deserved sleep everyone, enjoy the rest fo your time there and safe journeys home. Cheers to Pack, Paddle and Ski for keeping us updated and taking great care of those we love.

Your England fan club!! L&P x - 2/21/2012

For: Paul H

A good hot!!! You didn't use all the water did you??? I have to go to court Wed. night with YOUR tenant. Sarah left safely this morning. Pat calls every day. 2 1/2 days til I see you. I can hardly wait. Jane

Jane - 2/21/2012

For: Christine and Pete

Congrats on reaching ground level! I know that hot shower nust have been like heaven! Chris, I bet they had to drag you outta of the shower! lol. You guys must be winding down for the evening and getting ready for your safari. Have many funs and take lots of pics! Once again, you guys are AWESOME! Love Ya!

Jason - 2/21/2012

For: Bob

You did it! Glad to know you're on safe ground...2 more weeks one with the group and some on your own with Mom...Glad you're doing well - kitten is a mess, but we're taking good care of him. court

Court - 2/21/2012

For: Diana

Congratulations Mommy on reaching the top. Glad you are safe. Love Cameron, Courtney and Colby and Bob.

Family - 2/21/2012

For: Gene

Glad you are back on level ground:) Get some sleep and get ready for the marathon:) Love u

Jenny - 2/21/2012

For: Chris, Raiel, Clay, Katie, Derek

Hello to all. Hope you enjoyed the hot showers. Have fun on the safari. I promise I won't ask too many questions if I get to see you when you return on the weekend. Chris & Raiel, love you and I just can imagine how you must feel right now after this wonderful experience .

MoM (Stephanie) - 2/21/2012

For: Rick

Thank you doesn't seem adequate to say for providing such a life changing journey, a trip so few could only dream of taking, for those we, back home, hold so dear. We had the beauty of knowing all were in the very best of hands. Also, I feel blessed that you and Marcia could share this particular trip . A toast to you upon your retun, my friend. Love, Kath

Kath - 2/21/2012

For: Marcia

I hope you feel well enough to really take in the safari, as it should be incredible. Think of me when you see the amazing animals in their own environment. Oh, the photos! Love, Kath Ed , Morgon, and Harv hung out with Sherwin yesterday afternoon.

Math - 2/21/2012

For: MaryAnn

All I can say is WOW; You did it!! I am sooo proud of you. Hope you get this before your long trip back. Imagine it will be hard to leave the support of the people you have been with on this incredible journe, and I can only imagine all there is to fully take in, but we are here to welcome you back and learn all we can about everything. Now it's time to hurry home. Love, Kath All good here.

Kath - 2/21/2012

For: Vickie (Mom)

Congratulation! What a great accomplishment. Bet that hot shower felt amazing! Enjoy the safari, can't wait to hear all of your stories. Love, The O'Briens

Shawn et al. - 2/21/2012

For: Dara

Thanks so much for the update. Was great to hear from you directly. Glad you are feeling better now. Next phase - watch out for migrating wildebeasts! Take lots of pictures. Love you.

Us - 2/21/2012

For: Deirdre

Congratulations again! Glad that you are down safe and sound. Enjoy the rest of your journey and have fun. Be safe. Love you. See you at Newark on Tuesday.

Dad & Bonnie - 2/21/2012

For: D & Gene

What will I do without your daily updates?...I have a feeling you might answer "work" -- so that's what I'll do. Take a picture of a giraffe for Alex and a monkey for me.

DMB - 2/21/2012

For: Deidre

Wow! Congratulations to you and all your companions...Just amazing, but not surprising. Love ya lots.... Paul & Helen

Paul & Helen - 2/21/2012

For: all

You ALL ROCK! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! one and all for all you have done to chnage the face of cancer and CFS! I hear photos and stories are best done over wings and a cold....?

matt flanigan - 2/21/2012

For: Gene & Dee

Congratulations on reaching the summit! You guys rock!

Alex - 2/21/2012

For: Mary Ann

The sun is shining here and we are thinking of you. I cannot imagine all you are trying to absorb. It will take time and as things begin to fall into place, you will then fully realize what you have experienced and how amazing you really are. I wrote you a long e-mail last night. Do hope it comes through for you in time. Wishing you a comfortable, safe trip home. Congratulation to all! Love and Hugs

Joy and all - 2/21/2012

For: To? Vickii

Type your message here. Relax and enjoy your safari. Take lots of pictures. Say to Christine. I'm thinking of you, much Rod

From? Rod - 2/21/2012

For: mary ann

again my yestery's message doesn't show.. hope you got it as said "congratulations for 15000 feet and the good judjment an 11 hour walk was too much" a carefully thought decision. love art

art) - 2/21/2012

For: Katie & Derek

Enjoy the hot shower...hope there is plenty of hot water for everyone. Prepare cameras for the safari...get some sleep...bask in your accomplishment.

Mom & Dad - 2/21/2012

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