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Date: February 14, 2012
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

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For: Dara

I'm thinking of you, Dara. What an exciting adventure you are on. I hope you enjoy every minute. Best wishes to you and all the climbers! Barb

Barb Mueller - 2/17/2012

For: Diana

Hi Diana. So nice watching all of you. Enjoy your day and remember we all watching you here from South Africa. Love ya lots Edie and family!!!!!

Edith - 2/15/2012

For: Yusuf

Good morning teacher!! Hope you're having fun with this new group, (but not as much fun as you had with us!) miss you!! -Sadie

Phil and Sadie - 2/15/2012

For: Dierdra and Gene

Thinking of you both!! Hope you're having fun and continuing the streak of awesome ACS people on the mountain. I mean you have big shoes to fill! (smiley face) I'm wishing you a good climb and good weather! Don't let the monkeys keep you up. -Sadie

Sadie - 2/15/2012

For: Dara

Hot dogs for breakfast!!!!!!!!! I hope Rick read that as excited as it sounded in my head. Hope you are enjoying your climb! The kili 10ers are thinking of you! Tell Muhammed I said hi! -Sadie

Sadie - 2/15/2012


Are you there yet? Just kidding! Wishing you all safe and exciting journey to the top. What an amazing experience to share. Nick says, "Go big or go home!"

The Papaseraphim Family - 2/15/2012

For: Christine and Pete

Happy Valentines Day! I hope your journey began well! I guess you guys should be waking soon to begin your second day of hiking! All the guys at work were quite impressed when I proudly told them about Kilimanjaro! I wish you guys the best and we will be following along everyday! Love You!!! P.S. Loved the bears! ;-)

Jason - 2/14/2012

For: Chris, Raiel, Clay, Derek and Katie

So excited for you guys - we've been thinking a lot about you and can't wait to hear all about your trip. It was pretty warm here today 43 degrees - I would think living in Vermont you wouldn't have needed to go to Africa to find snow :) Enjoy every minute!

Katie, Adam and Charlie Forman - 2/14/2012

For: Clay,Raiel&Chris

Very excited! Luv ya, following as close as we can. Send you light hearts & happy feet. Can't wait for you all to be in hugging range with pictures. California mom&dad

California mom&dad - 2/14/2012

For: Gene

I guess you are getting ready to get up for Day 2!! Enjoy it!! Valentines Day was not such a good day for the 3rd and 4th Grade Boy's SJV Lancers! They lost to Our Lady of Lourdes. We brought cookie cake and lots of candy for after, so the kids were not upset for long:) Hugs and Kisses Have a great Day 2:) Jenny

Jenny - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa M.

What an inspiration you are! No, not climbing the mountain--was talking about the plan-ahead Valentine's Day surprise for Lori. Hehehehe, pure genius. I will follow your trek via Lori's fb posts. Good luck to all; hope the weather cooperates.

Cynthia Rehberg - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa

Did you stashing a 6 pack in the mountain stream on your way up so that it's cold on your way back down (like in Aspen)? Just keep it a secret from everyone else....oops, is this being read in front of everyone? By the way, the D&C had a nice article about "Lisa Moretto" making the climb, and the other Lisa Moretto's Facebook has recieved a HUGE amount of interest and questions regarding that (you can explain to everyone on your own time). Through all my sarcasm, know that I'm prou

Mark - 2/14/2012

For: Bob Ames

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have a great start to the hike - your article was in the Monday newspaper - deomocrat and chronicle on the 13th! It quoted you and how you were inspired by the man that you led around Rochester from Tanzania. I hope you are well. I haven't heard from Mom yet - I hope she's doing well that the orphanage. Raider is well - he got really sick - but don't worry I cleaned it all up - I owe you a wire painting brush!

Courtney and Joe - 2/14/2012

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Deirdre

Type your message here...So proud of you. Just as proud as your Mom would be. Thanks for doing this for all of us. We love you more than you know.Take care and God bless.

From? (maximum 255 chars)The Braintree Agnews - 2/14/2012

For: Deirdre

Happy Valentines Day! Hope that you have enjoyed your first day climbing and as Peggy said enjoying the view. take pictures - we want to share in your journey. Have fun, be safe. Lots of love. We're so proud of you and with you in spirit and prayers.

Dad & Bonnie - 2/14/2012

For: Peter & Christine

Type your message here...Happy Valentines day. Enjoy the rest, good weather?

mary & tim - 2/14/2012

For: Peter

Happy Valentine's Day, I miss you. Loved the cards and candy. Spent the last 2 days with the grandchildren and took my Mom out to lunch today. Rest for the 1st day of the climb. All my love, Andrea

Andrea - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa (Lee)

Lee it's 6:00 PM our time and the door bell just rang and it was your beautiful Valentine's Day gift to me. I am all weepy thinking that amidst all of the craziness before you left, you took the time to do this. It has ALL of my favorites and lots of Lavender. With all my heart, thank you. 143. P.S. Indaba wants to know when her Valentine's Day dog biscuits will arrive. P.P.S--I'm answering your business emails--scary, huh.

Lori - 2/14/2012

For: Christine

Loved getting your e-mail last nite. Glad you had a good day. Anxious to hear how first day of the hike goes. Proud of you. Love, Non

The Non - 2/14/2012

For: Christine

Hi Christine- So excited for you on this adventure! Enjoy the views! Love, Mary Lee

Mary Lee - 2/14/2012

For: Paul

Hey Sweet Pea, do you have your days and nights in the correct sequence? Remember to sleep at night and climb during the day. Hope you are having a super time. PT thinks I am doing well. LUV YOU.

Jane - 2/14/2012

For: Bob

Hi Bob, Hope you are having fun. Enjoy the Climb

matt and Mandy - 2/14/2012

For: Dara Grieger

Type your message here...Hi dear Dara, What an adventure - so very proud of you and all your gang. Pictures I've seen of the mountain, indicate a first day's climb through Paradise - hope the rest of your awesome journey goes just as smoothly. Be well and much love. Maggi B. Happy Valentine's Day!

Maggi Burnett - 2/14/2012

For: Mt. Kilimanjaro

This awesome group of people will spend this next week getting to know you. I ask that you treat them kind and take care of them. I promise they will be changed for the better if you do!

Fly Ball Chaser - 2/14/2012

For: Dee

Apparently this thing does not like my posts...I second my mom's motion of popping celebratory bottles when you return! Hope you're having an awesome time, and I'm suuuppperr proud of you. Ain't no altitude gonna get you down. P.S. Pop culture update--did you hear that Whitney Houston died? I didn't want you to feel all out of touch, so I thought I'd let you know. More messages to come!

A-Hole - 2/14/2012

For: Dee

How crazy that my mom is so on top of the messaging?? I second her motion of popping (many) bottles of bubbly when you return. I hope you're having an awesome time! Ain't no altitude gonna get you down...what was the Philly half quote? Don't shut it down!! P.S. did you hear that Whitney Houston died?? In case you missed that, I thought I'd fill you in so you don't feel completely out of touch when you get back down.

A-Hole - 2/14/2012

For: Deni

Forgot to wish you a happy Valentines day.....Love you... Roger

Roger - 2/14/2012

For: Diana

Make sure you sleep at night and stay awake during the day. That is how you are supposed to do it!!! Luv you!

Bob - 2/14/2012

For: Dee

Hey! Glad you're ok. I've been thinking of you; wondering how your flight was. This must be an exhilarating day; so exciting! Happy Valentine's Day! We'll crack open a bottle to celebrate your climb when you return. Love you. xoxo

Mom Moore - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa

Lisa, You are such an inspiration to me, kid sis. You make my mountainous 'To Do' list seem so doable and my simple 'Bucket List' achievable. Time to get to it with the courage and conviction you model. Thanks! What a courageous example you are setting for us all by putting your heart and your health fully in to this. Happy Valentines Day! Love you. Michele

Michele - 2/14/2012

For: Rick and Yusuf

Hey guys! Yusuf, did you bring the Pulse-Oximeter that Ernani left with you? If you did, can you take readings of anyone who starts having altitude sickness. Just curious to know if there's a correlation between altitude sickness and oxygen saturation. Also, take readings when you summit,,,we didn't do it last year cause we were brain dead by the time we summitted. Oops! Positive thoughts! I mean, EUPHORIC! Go team! Savor every moment.

Noel, Kili 2011 - 2/14/2012

For: Katie & Derek

Hope your first day was great. We did a walk with altitude gain of 25 feet (over the bridge). Hope your sleeping bags are comfy.

Lake worth - 2/14/2012

For: Chris DeG

We had the best snowfall of the year so far last weekend, about 10", Cobbs Hill great!. Thought I'd try Mendon yesterday - not good! Hit some rocks and ended up at Urgent Care with 6 stitches. Be careful and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Bob - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa

Hope you are managing to keep a fresh pair of undergarments for sn emergency situation? Perhaps a fresh pair for the top would be really motivational? (It's a shame you couldn't take the two dogs with you, after all they did the training..... Love, Paul

Shropshire - 2/14/2012

For: Paul

What a way to spend your Valentines Day. Enjoy the climb. I love you!

Sarah - 2/14/2012

For: deni

very excited for you and your whole adventurous group - will be trying to follow your trip - the whole family is with you in spirit at least

mom and dad - 2/14/2012

For: Dara

We are thinking of you as you climb and admiring your courage and fortitude. Just found out that summit day is the 20th. Well, that's my birthday. Do you think you could yell "Happy Birthday Dorothy" from the top of the world? That would be a great present! Seriously, have a great trip and know lots of folks here are pulling for you and praying for you.

Dorothy and Mel - 2/14/2012

For: D!

So sad, my first message didn't take but maybe it's for the best bc was a little mcg. So excited for day 1 of your climb. You must be above the clouds now with the peak in sight. Just remember, keep hydrating and pole, pole! Love!

Peggy - 2/14/2012

For: Vicki O

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day and happy trekking! Jessop and Waylan were very excited to receive their Valentine's Day cards yesterday and even more excited about the crisp dollar bills... Jessop has made you a special valentine. We are all thinking about you and wishing you well! We'll have to skype again when you are back in NY! Love, Shawn, Alicia, Jessop & Waylan

the Bham O'Briens - 2/14/2012

For: To Gene

So excited for you and your journey!!!! Good Luck...we will be keeping in touch!!!

From The Timinskis - 2/14/2012

For: Katie

Happy Valentine's Day! We are all SO proud of you & wanted you to know we are thinking of you. We (especially Lori & I) appreciate the efforts of you & the others to climb this mountain to hopefully make the mountain easier for others. Have you seen Bigfoot yet?

HCM Fab 5 - 2/14/2012

For: "Radio" Dee (I love that one!)

I think I DID hear your voice in the background--but maybe I'm hearing what I want to hear. Glad all is going well, and that you're all excited for the climb. The boys send their love, and say happy Valentine's Day. Now, I'm off to the 1st grade Valentine's party. Love you! PS--just made my reservations to fly to CT to get the car--deets when you get back, hopefully we can run into each other, at least briefly!

Kathy - 2/14/2012

For: To? Lisa

Type your message here... Happy Valentines Day! Hope you are planning to share all those chocolates you smuggled in that backpack :-) Paul just brought a lobster home for dinner! Don't know what he's eating? Look forward to hearing more recordings. Our thoughts are with all of you incredibly inspiring people! God bless!

From? Your England fan club!! L&P x - 2/14/2012

For: Mom (Vicki) and Climbing Partners

Remember... The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step (Confucius) Mom, have an incredible day trekking and please take it easy on the youngsters in your group. Your in our hearts and thoughts and prayers. Happy Valentines Day!!! Love, The O'Briens

Chris, Jenny, Harper, Gnocchi, Shawn, Alicia, Jessop, Waylan and Isa and - 2/14/2012

For: Peter & Christine & All Trekkers

Your Little Guy stopped by yesterday and was wearing a huge smile & blue NY cap in honor of World Champion Giants. Word of the day: HEART. Yours must be bigger than most from months of cardio training. But also from carrying all our love sent by spouses, kids, grands, sibs, friends, other hangers-on. As Dr Seuss ends his book Oh the Places You'll Go: "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way."

XOXOC - 2/14/2012

For: Mary Ann and Marcia

I have a new watch to better keep track of you! MaryAnn, you would do even better if you had all the cinni-minis that I now have. You are both so great and missed by many back here. Going to the doctor today to get some help getting rid of this "cold" or whatever. Hope the trek today is fantastic. Happy Valentine's DAy

Kath - 2/14/2012

For: Bill

Happy Valentine's Day.We are all doing good.Hope you are 2..Can't wait 2 see you you

Dawn - 2/14/2012

For: Chris & Raiel

Daily medicine taken for the trip: 4 Summit pushups prediction: 40 Getting a message while climbing in Africa: Priceless Love you guys, be safe!

KY Vogts - 2/14/2012

For: Gene

Hope your first day on the mountain was good. It was great to hear your voice on the audio update. Cant wait to let the kids hear it after school!! Hope you are having a nice Valentines Day!! Jordan has a basketball game tonight! I will let you know how they do. Enjoy!!! Love you! Jenny

Jenny - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa

Hey Lisa . . . remember if you run up, you'll get there faster. ;o) Really, it's not how you finish, it's that you have the courage to start. . . and experience everything in between to the fullest. Thanks for being an inspiration. Lots of love from down the hill. PS: Is this a bad time to ask if you are bringing back beer?

Michelle - 2/14/2012

For: D&G

Happy Valentine's Day! We all just gathered around (AFTER the Leadership call) to listen to the audio update. We weren't surprised to have you giving it -- but I'm a little surprised radio D didn't take over. Maybe next time. Multi Chevrolet wants to raffle a car. I'm working on my To Do List, don't worry! Is it okay if I'm sending you messages every day? I hope you weren't climbing this mountain for time away from me...Africa was a big hit last night in class! Keep up the climbing! You rock!

DMB - 2/14/2012

For: Gene & Dee

Good luck on your first day of climbing! We are SO excited for you. "it's's open.. IT'S OPEN" And in the words of Miley Cyrus, "it's the climb" Miss you guys! Have fun!

Alex & Em - 2/14/2012

For: Chris & Vicki

We thought of you at Soup Night and we all send our very best wishes. Looking forward to staying in touch and to hearing all about this amazing adventure.

Peggy & Rich - 2/14/2012

For: Paul

I love you so very much. Love and hugs and kisses on Valentine's Day.

Jane - 2/14/2012

For: To? (Vicki

Type your message here...Happy Valentine Day! I'm thinking of you and following you up the mountain in my mind. Everyone I've talked sends best wishes to you. Love you Rod

From? (Rod - 2/14/2012

For: JOI

5 years ago today I received my diagnosis that I had cancer. Today my girlfriend is having a double mastectomy. Knowing that you are on the mountain gives me the stength to keep on fighting this ugly disease on step at a time.

Kili Karen - 2/14/2012

For: Lisa

Hey there Lisa and all your treking buddies. Uncle Tony wrote to all his military buddies who are all in their 80's and shared your stories. They are all watching you guys and I want you to know what an inspiration you all are to them. Love you Lee. Happy Valentine Day

Mom and Dad - 2/14/2012

For: All

How great to hear voices. Thanks so much. Wonderful.

Lori - 2/14/2012

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