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Date: September 7
Location: Gaya and surrounding towns

Full and rich day was had by all. Highlighting yesterday was dawn on Maganga. There were deep feelings by all as we stood next to the cremations above the Ganges. Retail experience was supreme as we indulged in a few beautiful purchases of silken art. Driving experience was similar to Watkins Glen, add a few cows, people, bikes, rickshaws and thousands of people to the high speed route. Our arrival in Bodhgya was completed with an evening visit to sacred temple under the 1/2 moon.

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For: Kate ken

I love seeing you in another part of the world...we will have to do this together sometime......

Paua - 9/14/2011

For: Grams

I miss you and Gramps too. I hope that your trip is good.

Isa - 9/8/2011

For: Dayle (Mom)

This is awesome! Isa is learning her countries now - we're tracking your adventure. Have fun!

Sven - 9/8/2011

For: Rick

How did you get this job anyway? Rock on bra!

Frank - 9/8/2011

For: Joanna

Dawn on the Ganges, 1/2 moons, busy roads, and holy places . . . And to think this is only the beginning of your adventure!

Paula - 9/7/2011

For: Joanna

Of course, there is nowhere you can go without finding some EXQUISITE flowers! I can only imagine the sights, sounds, etc. you're experiencing! Love, Dawn and the Boys

Dawn - 9/7/2011

For: Bruce

Credit card has been resolved.

Kate - 9/7/2011

For: Kate

Hi Kate (mom)- I'm following you across the world, looks like it's an amazing trip! I miss you and hope you are having the time of your life! Love you lots mom!!!! Jesse

Jessica - 9/7/2011

For: Joanna

In addition to the rain, I've successfully watered the floor in the kitchen :). Good to see you're having fun. Love, Neil

Neil - 9/7/2011

For: Bob

Sounds like a good trip so far. You are missing,some rain here! Eating well? Hi to everyone and continue to enjoy!

20th Century - 9/7/2011

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