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Date: Sept 5
Location: Varanasi, India

We arrived in this sacred city on schedule. All is well. We are jet lagged but loving the thrill of being here. Today we visited Saranath where over 2000 years ago Buddha gave his first sermon. Not far away pilgrims come to the sacred Ganges to bath. This is where people come to die to be released from the cycle of rebirths.Amazing.

It was an exciting rickshaw ride through dark, jam packed streets to the Ganges. There we sat in the middle of incense laden air amidst drumming and conch blowing.

In the morning, time to get up early for a dawn boat ride on the Ganges with 100's of pilgrims performing pujas.

We will try to post every 2 days something about our experience.  Feel free to blog us.

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For: Gaylin)

Hi girlfriend!! Be safe- say some prayers for me- Love u Sue

Sue - 9/7/2011

For: k kennedy

Love the trip even though I am only part of the proxy! We are having fires here in East texas, BUT it is also cool weather! Bring some good kharma back with you! xoxox

texas - 9/6/2011

For: Dayle

I just discovered this log. Sounds like things are going well. Hope you are well. I actually came down with some kind of bug shortly after you left so I'm being very lazy. I hope you didn't get it. If so it's just an all-American bug, not a tropical malady. On a very non-spiritual level, work in the basement is going well. There was an old coal chute that made a big hole in the concrete wall by the driveway. It's been blocked in now.

Rick - 9/6/2011

For: Joanna

Hope you and your traveling companions are all well and not too jet lagged ;). Had dinner with Eric and Nicole on Sept. 4th and we all missed you. Stay well! Love, Neil

Neil - 9/6/2011

For: kate

Type your message here...Hi Honey, sounds like all is well on your exciting adventure. Something bogus about BofA credit card and you being in India. Email if you can and have a fab time. Love Bruce

Bruce - 9/6/2011

For: Gaylinn

You go girl, have a great time

Lori - 9/6/2011

For: Joanna

Dear Joanna, Wishing you and the group many blessings for a fabulous trip! The rickshaw/Ganges description is very vivid! Can't wait for more, and then to hear it from you on your return...ENJOY, and sending you Love! Me and the Boys

Dawn - 9/6/2011

For: Kathy Kennedy

Hi Kathy We are tracking your progress. Have a great time.

2727 Main St. - 9/6/2011

For: Kathy Kennedy

Fred misses you but he's doing great! have fun!

Gordon and Brian - 9/6/2011

For: Gaylinn

How is that holy river doing anyway? Enjoy, every step and every breath!

Frank - 9/5/2011

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