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Date: 8/8/11
Location: Quassiruk, Greenland

Amazing day touring old Viking and Inuit ruins experiencing the history and culture of the ancient vikings.

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For: To? (maximum 255 chars)Bob

Type your message here...I don't see any signs of rain in the pictures. You must be lucking out. We finally have some here. Take care and keep taking pictures.

From? (maximum 255 chars)Sally - 8/9/2011

For: Diane and Silas

Thanks for the great pictures...keep them coming! Have a great time!!

Nancy - 8/8/2011

For: dave

strong like a viking!

jennie - 8/8/2011

For: silas

thats a pretty heavy rock sills ....sure you can hold it up sills hahahaha im just kidding

devin baker - 8/8/2011

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