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Date: 8/7/2011
Location: Igaliku, Greenland

All happily relaxing after hiking and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of glaciers, mountains and icy blue fjords. 8 hours if hiking with amazing views. Watched and heard the power of an iceberg flipping over and breaking apart. The sights and smells are completely unique. The delicate arctic flowers, the koolaid blue icebergs, and the icy glaciers towering over us. The weather has been ideal and the company is fabulous. Great group of travelers.

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For: silas and diane (mom)

hey mom i hope you're having the best time (cant wait till you come home) HAVE SO MUCH FUN and silas i guess i could miss you too hahaha love -devin

devin baker - 8/8/2011

For: Judy and Bob

Have a great trip! How exciting for you both. Love, Aly

Aly - 8/8/2011

For: Annie

Hi Annie, So, your adventure begins. Good for you! Love the idea of these postings. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. Beth

Beth - 8/8/2011

For: Judy and Bob

Great picture Mom! Glad to see you're knee is holding up. All sounds and looks amazing! We've got steamy weather and rain at home. Enjoy your trip and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures and posts. Love, Natalie

Natalie - 8/8/2011

For: Diane and Silas

Hi Diane and Silas!! This adventure sounds amazing! Looking forward to reading more about it all and seeing your photos. All is well here in VT Love, Maur

Maureen - 8/8/2011

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