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Date: February 28, 2011 - Audio Post
Location: After Summit Audio

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Rick and # one guide!

Great all are down and safe,Now you all can enjoy the other wonders of that beautiful country.Hi to jousef dad French Hope to see you and your family again someday

Poppa french - 3/2/2011

For: tj and angela

congradulations on making it 2 the top!!! the whole gym center is soooooooo proud of u guys,good job :)

lauren zima - 3/1/2011

For: To Angela nd T.J.

I'm so happy that you're off the mountain and you couquered it! You are all amazing. Enjoy the safari--I wish I could be with you. T.J., you look terrific! Relax, enjoy your showers, enjoy every minute of the rest of the trip and stay safe. I love you both and I'm so proud of my awesome grandkids!

From Grandma Bree - 3/1/2011

For: valerie

i'm getting goosebumps just imagining the moment that you summitted. oh, sweetness. so wow!

amber - 3/1/2011

For: All

Wahoo! Safari time!! So exciting. I hope you see lions and cheetahs and monkeys oh my!(I hope Rick said that with the right amount of enthusiasm.) Have so much fun on Safari and experiencing Africa. I hope you get to meet all the wonderful Tumaini kids and tell them hi from us. AND give Shedrack hugs from us. You are going to have such an amazing time... you deserve it! Enjoy a few Tuskers and a few Fantas. We can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 3/1/2011

For: Myra

You did it! You did it! Great job; have a safe trip home...

Amado - 3/1/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Good morning HEROS!A big day ahead-the hotel waits for you.Just want you and your group to know that eveyone here at home knows what you all have accomplished-I have told friends and strangers what my son,neice and the group has done.The strangers may think I am crazy,but there is no mistaken the love and pride in my voice.Stay safe and enjoy the day ahead,you deserve it!Love mom?AS

mom/AS - 3/1/2011

For: Ernani

Ernani, What an amazing message! Congratulations! I'm so proud and happy for you and Noel - and the rest of the group! Great job! Now come home safely...!! :-)

Shaheen - 3/1/2011

For: Valerie

Of course, on your most important day instead of checking an update from you, I was stuck at work... So now is the time to scream: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so unbelievable! I am very happy you made it and that you are insane enough to try to do it again! I hope you don't though, as there are other mountains to climb. Or maybe we can use all you energy to fight for peace. But we;ll talk when y ou get back.

Zoya - 3/1/2011

For: Jane

Congratulations, you are one amazing lady. I enjoyed reliving my experience through the group postings. Job well done. elaine

Elaine Delmonte - 3/1/2011

For: Ernani

Wow! Ernani, it was amazing to hear your audio post! I miss hearing your voice so much. you sounded great. Everyone here is sending you hugs and congratulations. Please come home soon..... Our hearts are with you. We won't sleep well till you're back here with us. Hugs and congratulations to all! Our heartfelt thanks to the whole entire team for taking care of our loved ones! Safe journey home to you all! :0) Sarah

Sarah - 3/1/2011

For: To Aunt Jane and Joan

Type your message here... Congratulations to you both- and your fine fellow climbers and porters. So grateful you are all okay. Have enjoyed reading all updates. We are very proud of you. May God continue to bless you on your return. Much love-

From? (maximum 255 chars) Jimmers, Deb, Joe and Jacqueline Grace - 3/1/2011

For: TJ & Angela

Congratulations!!!!!! Thats awesome that you made it to the summit!!!! Good Job!!

Rachel - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angela

Congratulations!!!!!! Thats awesome that you made it to the summit!!!! Good Job!!

Rachel - 2/28/2011

For: Jane and Joan

Congratulations!!! I just knew you would make it. Hope to see you soon......Love ya, Nancy

Nancy Leenhouts - 2/28/2011

For: Angela

Hi Angela!!! Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you! How truly amazing! You made it to the top! After reading the updates and reading what you all had to say and what you were feeling I found myself sobbing! What you guys have done means a great deal to my family as well! Congrats to everyone on the acomplishment! You all should be SO proud! xoxoxoxo

Molly - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Have I mentioned how much I love you and how proud I am of you?If not, well I do and I am. I wish you a great shower, a real bathroom,real food and maybe a beer. Have a fun safari, stay safe and don't bring any stray animals home. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, mom/AS

mom/AS - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

I would ask the two of you to please give everyone there a huge hug from me, and tell them there are no words to express my thanks and gratitude for climbiing with you.I know it was truly a group effort and you are part of one incredible group of people.You saw amazing sites and the best of the human race,how blessed can you be.I envy what you have all shared.Be safe,have fun.With love and pride,mom/AS

Mom/As - 2/28/2011

For: Jane

Spa in Paris???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy - 2/28/2011

For: Angela

Oh Angela, Words can never explain how proud I am of you! I knew you could do it!!! Congrats on just one more accomplishment you can add to your long list of ones you already have! I'm gratful to be your friend!!! Love you!!! Tina xoxo

Tina - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angela

I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of accomplishment you must have have at this moment...what a humbling experience. There are so many people who are so proud ... you are literally on top of the world!! All our love & CONGRATS! (: xoxo BELIEVE

Nicki Lagree - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

You two are amazing....congratulations! I am so proud of both of you. God bless and good luck on the way down!

Casey - 2/28/2011


I think I speak for everyone when I say "How can we thank you for helping our loved ones complete the journey of a lifetime?" I'm sure that if not for you some may not have gone all the way.You helped make their dreams come true & you are bringing them home safely! Many, many thanks, you are heros, as well. God Bless. Mom/Aunt Sheryl

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/28/2011

For: To? Angela and T.J.(maximum 255 chars)

Congratulations to you and the whole group. What you have accomplished is amazing and we're all so proud of you. I can't wait to hear your stories and see your pictures. Be safe coming home and enjoy the safari. Love you both!

From?Grandma Bree (maximum 255 chars) - 2/28/2011

For: T.J. & Ang.

You Both have made an incredable journey . It"s all over but the shouting and you both have a lot yo shout about. Stayed up most of last night to hear your early post. Will be good to see you back Home. Loads of Love.

Nana & Gramps - 2/28/2011

For: Angela, TJ and all of You AWESOME PEOPLE!

I had no doubts at all that you'd make it...can't wait to see pictures! I can only imagine the emotion and only you's can share among yourselves how it feels! BELIEVE

Kimberly Bohn - 2/28/2011

For: Angela, TJ, and the crew

Everytime I listen to the audio messages, which gets downloaded thru my itunes, a random song always starts playing after the message is done. Today it was Tim McGraw Please Remember eyes filled with tears! Think it was a message from Jax!!! I love you guys and can't wait to see you! Be safe on your climb back down the mountain! XOXOXO

Kerri - 2/28/2011

For: All

Kudos to you all! You have accomplished a feat few have done but many aspire to! Thank you Rick! Thank you from the survivors, caregivers and staff at the American Cancer Society. Enjoy the rest of your trip. All the best!

Michele Luisi - 2/28/2011

For: myra and Ivan

Congrats! I knew you guys could do it... so proud of you!!

Joanne - 2/28/2011

For: valerie

so is it cool to be at the top of the world? haha it must be an amazing sight! you must be really tired so i hope you relax and rebuild your energy. see you soon! (:

tanya - 2/28/2011

For: All

WOOO HOOOO - you made it! Being on top of the world is quite a sight, isn't it? What an amazing accomplishment, congrats to all of you!!

Liz Vidas (Kili '10) - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & ANGELA!!!

Absolutely awesome and inspiring! You both conquered the African beast and we couldn't be more proud of you at home!!!!! Closest peak to reach Jax up above, smiling down for sure!! Congratulations and enjoy a nice hot shower!

Caitlin - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment! I am so proud of both of you and I know Jacquie would be too. Always believing, Liz

Liz Fassl - 2/28/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

Hi guys! I hope the entire group is getting some well deserved and needed sleep right now! I hope you have a safe journey down. I am so happy for both of you!! you both are truly amazing! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! LoL take a shower I can smell ya from here! xoxo Katie

From Katie - 2/28/2011

For: TJ, Angela and the whole crew

What an amazing message! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks again for doing this to raise money and awareness for all cancer patients! I am so excited to see pictures of what you saw..... Travel safe on your way back! Looking so forward to giving you both a BIG Congratulations HUG!!! XOXOX

Kathleen Hogan - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angela

YOU GUYS DID IT! Congratulations to all of you for such an amazing accomplishment! The entire Jacquie For ALL Facebook and Twitter world has been with you every step of the way. TJ, we're up to 1,519, count it. Be safe coming down, we can't wait to see you guys!

Kristen - 2/28/2011


CONGRATS YOU MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS YOU!! SO PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU!!! You are amazing in so many all that you do to honor Jacquie and keep her memory going....she is so lucky to have such a wonderful brother and cousin!! love you both so much. God Bless.

ASHLEY HUER - 2/28/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Even though it's not ur voice, it's soooo good 2 hear a voice from the mountain. Take it slow coming down, so no 1 else takes a fall! It sounds like u all experienced something that not many people get 2--never forget what you've just accomplished, & whenever life seems tough, always remember that YOU R TOUGHER!! Can't wait 2cu. Love...

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/28/2011

For: Susan Hansford

Hooray!!!! Glad to hear you thought it was tough. I was thinking you would come back and say it really wasn't that big a deal. IT IS!!!!!! xo alice

alice - 2/28/2011

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