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Date: February 28, Summit Day!
Location: Uhuru Peak,Kilimanjaro, the top of Africa, 19340 ft.

Here is the summit report person by person.

Jane: Very tough push, made it to 16,000 feet. Her breathing was a little short but was doing well at altitude. She went until she was exhausted and getting wobbily.

The following all together, as one group, stood at 6:40 am as the sun rose at the highest point in Africa.

Noel-Tough but worth it. Running on empty.

Ernani-Hardest thing I ever done in my life. I thought would collapse up there. Joan-I have been to heaven and hell today.

Susan- My body hates me. Lise-The summit was the hardest thing I have EVER EVER done in my life. Garret Happy Birthday.

Sam-The highlight of of lifetime.

Kon-You just can't put the beauty in words.

Ivan-The most physical and mental thing I have done. After summitting at sunrise with the most beautiful views, enduring it with all the fellow JOI climbers we will always share a common bond. Going down not so good.

TJ-Very challenging but rewarding experience

Angela-It was very emotional after thinking I was not going to make, and now I am at the top of the world. Hi Mom.

Lourdes-Amazing experience everyone should experience once in their lifetime. Incredible sunrise.

Gabriele -Everyone said I would die but they were wrong.

Kevin- Hardest adventure I have done but very rewarding. Seeing the curve of the earth blew me away.

Myra-It was the most fulfilling and personally rewarding journey of my life.

Valerie-This is great, so great. Honestly I thought it would be easier. I will do it again!

A gigantic thanks goes to the 7 Africans who assisted us. We are humbled by their service to us. Most of us would not have made it.

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For: An amazing crew!!

Congratulations to everyone for taking on Kilimanjaro! Your reports are so inspiring, and I admire you for the courage and tenacity to make this journey. I hope you are bringing home memories of a lifetime! Way to go!!! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

Gerianne - 3/1/2011

For: Angela & T.J.

Congrtulations to both of you, we cannot imagine what it feels like to be on top of the world! You did an awesome thing and everyone is so proud of you. God Bless you both, have a safe trip home, can't wait to see you. Love ya's Jody & Marshall

Jody& Marshall - 3/1/2011

For: Angela Vallone

dear miss.vallone,I'm so happy that you made it to the top! I hope you make it down safely!From:jenna PS:I hope you can be our sub this year. Dear Miss.Vallone,I miss you and I hope you are ok climbing from,yllka Dear miss,Vallone I hope you have a very good time. love, Rebekah V I hope you are having fun love,Rebekah S

Mrs. Coia's class - 3/1/2011

For: Kevin

AWESOME, friend! I hope you got some great pictures and am so looking forward to seeing you and hearing about everything. When you get back I'll be in FL and will see you when I get back. Hope trip down goes well. Have a great rest of the trip! Congratulations! Did you touch the sky when you were on the top??

Donna - 3/1/2011

For: TJ and Angela and all the climbers

What you have accomplished is soooo amazing. I sit here back in Buffalo wondering what this last week was like for you and what was today like? How can you even explain what it must feel like to accomplish something that so few will ever experience. What kind of words will do it justice and explain what it felt like when you stood at the Summit? I am sure you felt Jacquie around you. I am so very happy for you. I hope to hear about your journey some day soon. God Bless!

Pam Lalley - 3/1/2011

For: Joan

Great . You are amazing enjoy the rest of your trip. We can't wait to hear all about your trip. Stay safe. Fran

Fran - 2/28/2011

For: Susan

Wow! You made it! That is so wonderful. So glad to see you looking so well. You are truly an amazing woman. Congratulations to you and the entire group! Have a safe trip down. Hope to see you soon! Cindy

Cindy and Steve-Sr - 2/28/2011

For: Angela

I am so proud of you. Looking at the pictures and hearing the struggles many of you went through it is truely amazing!! I can only imagine the great accomplishment that you feel!!I LOVE YOU SHANNON

Shannon - 2/28/2011

For: Myra

Awesome job Myra. Careful coming down.

Olive, Rey & Isabelle - 2/28/2011

For: Myra

Congratulations!!!! You did it. Talk to you when you get back.

Jing - 2/28/2011

For: Valerie

Congratulations, i had no doubt you would make it. If anyone would get there, it will be you :) You must take us when you go there again.

Natallia - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin

Wow, what an amazing accomplishment! Hope you take a lot of pictures. Best of luck on the way back. Brian

Brian (brother) - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angela!

Congratulations TJ and Angela!!! I'm so proud of you for accomplishing this amazing feat! You both are truly inspiring and I know Jax was shinning down on you the entire way. I can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back. I hope you enjoy the safari! TJ - Jen made a bib for Mel's baby with you on top of Kilimanjaro! :)

Laur - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angenal

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are amazing :o) I am sure Jax is beyond proud!! LOVE YOU BOTH Sandra :o)

Sandra - 2/28/2011

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)tj... but to all of you

Type your message all have your own reasons and drives to accomplish this feat...and i am proud of all of you on reaching your goals...TJ gave up beer for his training and I would like to be on of the first to buy him one on his return...great job big brother...

From? (maximum 255 chars)mike in clarence center - 2/28/2011

For: All

You've stood on top of the world!!!! Thank you for taking this journey for such a great cause. Your personal accomplishments have touched the lives of are all heroes! Have a safe trip down and enjoy the rest of your trip!

Marlyne - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin/Dad

You did it, Dad! Congratulations to you and the group!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Kelly - 2/28/2011

For: Myra

Congratulations!!!! What an inspiring journey! You are AMAZING!!!! We can't wait to hear about the trip!

Marlyne - 2/28/2011

For: valerie

okay since your gonna go again....can i come with you? im pretty jealous right now and even though i hate hiking i kinda wanna go now....CPNGRATS!

tanya - 2/28/2011

For: Susan

Congrats!!! So proud of you - safe trip back down and see you soon!

Steve (the eagle) - 2/28/2011

For: valerie

CONGRATULATIONS! (: i can't believe you made it! can't wait to hear about the view from the top(: you would do it again? your crazy....i miss you!

tanya - 2/28/2011


Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment! Take care on the way down.

Kim - 2/28/2011

For: Angela

Congratulations Vallone ! You made it to the top of the world I knew you could make it :) Im proud of you Vallone .

Your Friend Me - 2/28/2011

For: To Valerie

Type your message here...Condratulation, great job! ou made it. I am very happy for you. We miss you and wait you at home. Be safe coming back down.

From Mom - 2/28/2011


SO EXCITED YOU YOU, WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE. Can't wait to hear all about the adventure. I was reading about everyone, and no mention of all ok? Hugs to you both, take it slow and easy down the mountain, and enjoy the next week, you both deserve it. What an accomplishment of mind and body.. You rock! Congrats to all in the group, sounds like a fantastic bunch of people.

JANET - 2/28/2011

For: TJ

Congratulations on reaching the top!! Thats an amazing accomplishment!! :)

Mindy - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Ang

AWESOME!! GREAT job, you two!! Now get down safe and get home safe!! :)

Jeff - 2/28/2011


Congrats!!!! Not a doubt in my mind that you couldnt do it!!Im so happy for you, the rest of your trip is cake!! Love you!

Dutch Master Flex - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

AWESOME!! NOW be safe coming back down!!!

Sara in Albuquerque - 2/28/2011

For: Susan

you made it!! Congrats! And you even made it in the cover picture! Have a very very safe trip down the mountain and then back home. xoxo

Elaine - 2/28/2011


Ate Myra,just feel better and be safe.Take care on the way down.We miss you.

JEANA - 2/28/2011

For: Jane and Joanie

Wow ....congratualtions on your accomplishments. You are both an inspiration and you should be so proud of yourselves!!!!!!!!! Jane, hurry back to FL so we can hear all about your adventures! Love, Sharon and Jeremy

Sharon and Jeremy - 2/28/2011

For: Susan

What a great accomplishment for you all! As Chelsea said so well,"you showed you can do anything you put your mind to"... no matter how difficult and physically challenging. You are an inspiration for all of us! Continue to have a safe and spectacular journey! and thank you for carrying the spirit of our loved ones to the top of the earth. Shirley and Edmund Kidd

Shirley and Edmund Kidd - 2/28/2011

For: Lise

You did it!!!! There aren't words to express how happy I am for you and the entire group. The first thing Garret wanted to do this morning was check the update...he was so excited to see that you made it and loved the birthday shout out. I never had any doubts! By now I hope that you have tracked down a well deserved glass of red wine and are in full on celebration mode. Remember Mom, love survives so we can rock forever. Charlie is rockin' it right there with you. -B

Bianca - 2/28/2011

For: Ivan

What is next for your guys, Mt. Everest? Congratulations you have achieved something that our family will be honored in a lifetime. You will always be a gathering conversation subject opener. You really make us very proud of big time. Congatulations again, the 19,340 ft mountain climber an accomplishment very tough to equal. We all love more with your accomplishment.Moml; Dad & Addie

Mom; Dad ; Addie and family - 2/28/2011


Yehee!CONGRATULATIONS!!!You did it!We are all so proud of you!Love,NolanJeanaDylanJayden and Auntie Paring

JEANA - 2/28/2011

For: Angela & TJ

WOW!!!! So exciting to hear about your huge accomplishment. Im so very proud of u both! Have a safe trip down & enjoy the rest of ur time. I can't wait to see u guys when u get home! Congrats, I love u both sooooo much! xoxoxoxo

Moo - 2/28/2011

For: Myra

Great job; you did it!!! We're so proud of you...

Amado - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin

We're impressed! Congratulations to you and the whole group. So glad you made it safely and happily. Best wishes for a safe and fulfilling descent and trip home. Love, Bill and Pat

Bill and Pat in Maine - 2/28/2011

For: Everyone

Congratulations! You are all so amazing and an inspiration to so many. Thank you so much for all you are doing. I hope you are enjoying every minute of your adventure. Best, Katerina Kormas (ACS)

Katerina Kormas - 2/28/2011

For: Myra and Ivan

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I knew you guys could do it and am so proud of you both. Can't wait to hear all about the climb!

Rivka - 2/28/2011

For: Myra, Ivan & the Gang

"To those who have struggled with them, the mountains reveal beauties that they will not disclose to those who make no effort. That is the reward the mountains give to effort. And it is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly to those who will wrestle with them that men love the mountains and go back to them again and again. The mountains reserve their choice gifts for those who stand upon their summits." by Sir Francis Younghusband.

Gail - 2/28/2011

For: Myra & Ivan

I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW!! You guys are amazing for doing this and I'm sooo sooo soo proud of both of you! I can't even imagine how you feel. Congratulations and there's massages waiting for you when you get back to chicago!! (yeah, not from me!! but I'm treating!) Love you, Gail

Gail - 2/28/2011

For: 2Valerie

Congrats! How does it feel to be at hight level point of the entire Africa continent? Next climb in half the time :)

AlexC - 2/28/2011

For: To Angela and TJ

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!!! Words cannot express how proud of you I am at this moment. You are on top of the world right now, saver every moment and know that Jacquie is with you enjoying the view. I can't wait to give you a huge hug when you get home. Love to you both!!

From Danielle - 2/28/2011

For: Angela and TJ

YAH!!! COMGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew u guys would do this! It's like when everyone told me I wasn't strong enough and not a good candidate to donate platelets to Jax but I did it anyhow! If it's something for Jacquie, we all find our inner strength to do it! I'm sure she was there giving u a little push every time it got tough! I'm glad u did this for Jax and every other person affected by this stupid disease! U guys rock and I've never been so proud of anyone in my life! Love u so much!

Kerri - 2/28/2011

For: All (continued)

We are SO excited for you. Enjoy the rest of the journey down and your relaxing Safari. Ang and TJ give Shedrack a hug from me! Thank you for bringing stuff to him!! Okay I'm rambling -the point is, you are all amazing and should be very proud. We certainly are! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/28/2011


YOU MADE IT!!!!! I knew you would. Thanks for showing the world and your daughters in particular, you can do anything you put your mind to... Get down safely. I love you! xxxx

CHELSEA - 2/28/2011

For: All

Wahoooo!!You should all be so proud.What a wonderful accomplishment for every one of you!Ang, TJ-I told you you could do it!I'm sure Jax is so ridiculously proud of you and she was there giving you strength when you needed it.Kon-I had no doubt in my mind that you'd make it.I totally agree with your statement-it's impossible to describe the beauty up there.By now you are all probably down at your last camp about to enjoy the best nights sleep you've ever had in your life.Love to you all.We're so

Sadie - 2/28/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment!! I am so proud of both of you! Ang I knew you could do it!! Your an amazing woman and I love and miss you so much! Enjoy your safari and the rest of your trip, can't to hear about your travels xoxoxo

Sam - 2/28/2011

For: Noel, Ernani, Lise and all climbers

Hongera!!! Congrats to all climbers! Way to reach the top! Lise, hope you stayed warm! Noel and Ernani, hope it was another great journey together! See in 2013 perhaps, haha! Great job everyone! Get some rest and have a cold coke or Kili for me at Mweka Camp!

Elizabeth - 2/28/2011

For: Susan

YOU MADE IT!! I knew you could do it! Now you can do anything :) love you soo much!!

Vanessa - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin

Awesome! Did you touch a little of heaven? Prayers go with you for the return journey! God bless!

the Moriaritys - 2/28/2011

For: Angela and TJ

Ang and TJ - YOU DID IT!!! I am soooo proud of you guys and completely amazed that you are at 19340 feet !! I had goosebumps from head to toe reading this morning's post-you are at the top of the world and the closest to heaven!! I've been following your climb and am just so proud of you. Thank you for your strength and dedication to take on the Kilimanjaro Climb for Cancer for Jax, my dad, and all those who have fought or are fighting cancer!! I love you and be safe!!! Love ya, Regina

Regina - 2/28/2011

For: Lise

I am so proud of you I,m sure Charlie was with you all the way we all love you so much love vince.

Vince - 2/28/2011

For: To : Lise

Lise, you are amazing and your work is wonderful. I know that Charlie is so proud of you. You have done such amazing things and are an inspiration to all. God Bless and safe return home.

From - Alexis Donney - 2/28/2011

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)sam

Type your message here...congrats sam!!!! love you. dad

From? (maximum 255 chars)dad - 2/28/2011

For: TJ & Angela

You both are incrediable and changed for life now by having conquered this amazing challenge. I'm so proud that you did this together. You now know that, like Jax, you have her strength to fight for anything you want in life and fight against effing cancer for the rest of your lives(fight like a girl). I know Jax was with you, it would have been the only place she would want to be. Party & enjoy the safari. Love you !!!

Dad/U. Torey - 2/28/2011

For: All my friends

What an amazing group! Congrats on a tremendous accomplishment! The world is a better place thanks to all of you. Angela - thanks for carrying a name on your banner for me. I'm sorry to say he passed away while you were on the mountain but was able to see his name on your banner beforehand. It made him smile and brought him some peace. I can't thank you enough! Rick - Rick Cullinan is back in the hospital but smiled when I mentioned this group and what they are doing. Keep up the good work

Paul Artruc (Kili '08) - 2/28/2011

For: Kon

Congratulations, honey!!! I never doubted for a minute that you would do it!! And at least on THIS hike, there's no need to jog to the bottom. I love you so much, and I can't wait until you're finally back home so I can hear all about it and see all your pictures!!

Megan - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin

Great job all! Thanks from home also go out to the 7 beautiful Africans who assisted you all. What an experience you have had. I can't even imagine. To wake up this morning and see your post, Kevin was very emotional for me! I am so glad you are on your way down and can't wait to read more...Congrats!!!!

Tracy - 2/28/2011

For: Jane

16000??? Are you kidding me??? How did you do that? That is unbelievable. What a great accomplishment for you. I am so proud of you. Rest up, can't wait to hear from you. Vicky & Erin say hello they are proud of you. Susxoxo

Susan - 2/28/2011

For: Angela Vallone

I'm so proud of you. You made it to the top!! Love you, Mrs. Coia is your nose.austin I hope you learned something new,from Ameer nic you made it to the top, from joe

Mrs. Coia's class - 2/28/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

Congratulations!!! I have been stalking this site for this post.I am so proud of you!! I can't even begin to imagine the beauty you saw when you reached the top! Ang, TJ - Jax is so proud of you, we all are!! its truly amazing what you 2 have done! Have a safe journey down, get some much needed rest. love you both xoxo Katie

From Katie - 2/28/2011

For: The Entire Team

Congratulations to all! What a great accomplishment. I hope and pray that the rest of the trip goes well. I've enjoyed the reports, and will be there at the summit in 2 weeks! :-) (Dick, Joan's summit comment is in with Ernani's.)

Randall - 2/28/2011

For: Kevin!/Dad!

Congrats Dad! Glad you made it safely! Good luck on the way down :)!!

Cathy - 2/28/2011

For: Noel & Ernani

Congratulations to both of you!!!! You made it. What a great accomplishment. Can't wait to see and hear all about your great adventure. Have a safe journey back home! Love, Dad & Tita Norie

Dad & Tita Norie - 2/28/2011


Jane, know you are disappointed but WOW what a fantastic effort. We are so proud of you. Get some much needed rest Remember, failure is only if you never tried

Sue - 2/28/2011

For: Angela & TJ

My Wonderful Kids...CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so very proud of both of you. What an experience. Thank you to everyone in the group for keeping each other going and keeping each other safe. Take care on the way down. I love you very much!

Aunt Deee - 2/28/2011

For: Jane

Great Push Janey! 16,000 FEET!!! We're super proud of you and we're looking forward to hearing all about it. We love you and can't wait for your return. xo!!!!

MLN DZ EM AUGY - 2/28/2011



DAD/UNCLEJIM - 2/28/2011

For: Valerie

Congratulations Valerie.....We have heard no news of the cow....did she make it too??

RWMS Friends - 2/28/2011

For: Kili Climbers

Congratulations to all. Enjoy the walk down and the beer at the next camp! A hot shower is not far away. You are why there is so much Joy in JOI.

Kili Karen - 2/28/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Nothing will ever come close 2 what u2 just accomplished!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY HEROS!!! Now b safe coming down (watch out 4 those trees, Angela!) Love u both so much, I can't even begin 2 tell u how proud I am of what u just did 4 so many people, I know that Jacquie is up there saying"yeah, that's my brother & cousin..I believed all along that they would make it"! Love, Mom/Aunt Sheryl

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/28/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

Congradulations. So happy for you both. I guess now you know what the term "stickin to it" means. We're all so proud of you. Enjoy yourselves the hard part is over. Love, Papa

From Papa - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Congratulations!! I'm very proud of both of you (as I've always been). You two have over come so much. Capture everything, be safe, I love you.

Uncle David - 2/28/2011

For: Ernani and Noel

Congratulations!!!!! You guys did it! I'm sure Mom was there with you two smiling and crying at the same time at what you have accomplished for all cancer patients. you guys are awesome.....

Eleonor, Steven & the boys - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Ang

YOU DID IT!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I can't even imagine how you must feel. What an accomplishment, I'm so ridiculously proud of you and you should be so proud of yourselves. I knew you both could do it. I love you both so much and I'm so happy for you. I miss you so much and I have a countdown app on my phone to say the time til ur home(I know I'm a lil crazy haha). Enjoy you trip down the mountain. SOO happy for you all. Lots of love! I love you TJ. Xoxox Linds

Lindsey - 2/28/2011

For: Valerie

CONGRATULATIONS, VALERIE !!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. You can bring the pickles, and we'll supply the Grey Goose.

S and C - 2/28/2011

For: Joan

The Summit Report listed everyone except you. Are you OK?

Dick - 2/28/2011

For: TJ and Angela

We NEVER had any dobut thet you would make it to the top.We are so proud of you!!!!!Congratulations to all of your group and thank you to all who made it possible for our loved ones to succeed in their quest.What a feeling it must be to know you have conquered Kili.We love you very much.Continue to stay safe,enjoy the rest of your journey.We are excited to hear all about yur trip when you get home.Love,mom/AS

Mom/AS - 2/28/2011

For: Susan Hansford

Susan, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are so impressed!!! Love, Gail & Ham Clark

Gail & Ham Clark - 2/28/2011

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