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Date: Wednesday, October 17
Location: Lobuche, 16,300 feet, Arrived 2 pm

Up into the thin, thin air! Bistari, Bistari, slowly, slowly. 

Group is doing great! Need to go slow. Astounding weather. Clear again! Wow! So, so many mountains surrounding us. So etched into the sky, the rocky and icy ridgelines... 

 Lots of people coming up and down. Not a lot of conversation. Oxygen saved for walking. 

 We passed the pass full of chorten, memorials to those who died here. Prayer flags fluttering, sending prayers. The between earth and heaven very thin here. We touch the earth and we touch the sky. Very reverent place. 

 We are now in the final approach to Everest. The excitement is high but hard to tell as all are pretty wiped... Okay, some say they are pleasantly tired not wiped. The wiped ones, not here to add to this. 

 So close, tomorrow the big day.. by this time tomorrow we will know the results... 

 Stay tuned or be out of the loop.

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For: TJ and Torey

Wow!! We are amazed by your unwavering and adventurous dedication in your fight to find a cure! Your emotions can only be high and maybe a bit overwhelming ... thank you for your endurance! May God bless you with continued safety and good health! THANK YOU!! The words are not enough but what we have to share our appreciation... THANK YOU!!

Jenine & Your Roswell Family!! - 10/18/2018

For: Rachel

Congratulations! You guys are so amazing. Such a cool experience for you both. Always believing :) Love Rach!

Torey and TJ - 10/18/2018

For: Uncle Torey and TJ

Congratulations!!! We love you xoxox

Moo Blake and Claire - 10/18/2018

For: Mike

Amazing! Be safe and bring back great memories to share!

Jim - 10/18/2018

For: Torey and TJ

Congratulations to you two. So happy for you both. Believing Always

Harry Stiokas - 10/18/2018

For: Mike

Another amazing trip for the books. You are a crazy man!! take lots of pics, we all here at the office can't wait to hear about this adventure. Be well, safe and strong!! Most of all, come back in one piece!!

Roe - 10/18/2018

For: TJ and Uncle Torey

Yay !! This is so amazing and exciting and scary lol. We are cheering you all on back at home. You got this. Keep eating so you have strength and get your rest. Enjoy this awesome adventure and stay safe. We love you so much!! Xoxo Always Believing

Moo Blake and Claire - 10/18/2018

For: Harry

You have new vocabulary for us: Bistari, Bistari! Remember Pole, Pole. This is your Super Bowl and you've got it!! Stay strong, steady & focused. The journey is as special as the goal. Embrace it all.

Marianne - 10/17/2018

For: Torey and TJ

Torey and TJ, you guys are incredible! Everything you do to support a cause so important to you is truly inspiring! I am so happy for you and all that you accomplish! It is amazing that you are so close to all the beautiful angels up there! I can not wait till you get back to hear about how amazing this journey was! Keep up the great work! Love, Domenica T

Domenica - 10/17/2018

For: TJ and Uncle Torey

Tears in my eyes as I read this update! So close to heaven, fight, stay strong, reach the heavens and then get back down to us here on earth waiting to hear of the extraordinary journey, and the bonds built, you all had a different story going into this, but will walk away with something none of us will ever understand! Please when you get to heaven send our love to our angels Especially Jacquie, she will be helping u each step! Gigi and I are sending you all lots of love and strength! Ang

Ang - 10/17/2018

For: Harry

Enjoying all the posts! Can’t wait for details about base camp

The Caputos - 10/17/2018

For: Everyone

Thinking of you all as you make your way higher and higher! Sounds like you have beautiful scenery and rich culture to enjoy as you hike. Hope you’re staying warm at night and you’re keeping your bellies full. Best of luck over the next couple of days!

Jaima - 10/17/2018

For: Torey & TJ

Amazing! I can't believe you are doing this. You are both so strong, I know you will make it. Never will you be so close to Jacquie as you are now. Know that we are all cheering you on and that she is with you every step of the way. Love you both so much! Aunt Deee

Aunt Deee - 10/17/2018

For: Marlene

Dearest Marlène, Je suis très fier de toi par ton exploit et ta détermination de faire de cette expédition une prouesse qui chaque jour t’honore. Une volonté qui te pousse depuis des années à te fixer des objectifs qui surmontent les difficultés dans tes actes de chaque moment de ta vie quotidienne. Toutes mes félicitations au groupe ainsi qu'évidemment à Rick qui est un excellent guide et coordonnateur. Merci &ag

jean-claude - 10/17/2018

For: Marlene

Dear Marlene. We are so excited for you as you close in on basecamp. I cannot imagine how all of you are is something that most of us can will only dream about. Everest! That is so totally is hard to put into words. We are so proud of you, your courage, and your willingness to take on such challenges. You and your entire group are an inspiration to all of us who are at home, safe, sound, and warm :) . Can't wait to hear more details about this adventure. Good luck!

Martha - 10/17/2018

For: TJ and Torey

TJ and Torey, your quote of the day- "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."(Michael Jordon) YOU have made it happen and we are so happy for you and proud of you!!!!!!!!!Love, Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 10/17/2018

For: TJ and Torey

You guys are amazing! Love reading the updates. To Rick - thank you for always taking care of your people and giving them such an amazing experience. I hope you all soak in each unforgettable moment. Thinking of you all! - Sadie & Phil Szrama (and Theo and Luke!)

Sadie and Phil - 10/17/2018

For: TJ and Torey

TJ, Torey and all, What you are experiencing is what most of us only dream of or can never imagine doing.To become part of nature and travel to where the earth meets heaven is truly an accomplishment and a dream come true.We envy your strength,courage and determination,and we are grateful that you have each other and Rick to share this journey of a lifetime with.Enjoy it all,be safe,and know we are waiting for you when you arrive home.Love always Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 10/17/2018

For: Harry and all

Your trip to the heavens is amazing! I can feel the reverence you are experiencing. Go slow, breathe, hydrate. One step at a time. Rest toniight for the last hike tomorrow into basecamp. You are almost there. So proud of you all - what an accomplishment- how many can say they hiked to Mt Everest basecamp!!! Enjoy your crisp clear views! Good luck to all! Love Shannon

Shannon - 10/17/2018

For: Rick

Dear Rick, Mike tells me all the time what an amazing person you are.. offering your knowledge, wisdom and spirit of adventure to those that are able and willing to share in it. When Mike heads off with you I always know he will have a epic trip filled with many stories, beautiful memories and even more appreciation for what the world offers us. Thank you for guiding the people we love safely on these adventures You are an amazing man and a outstanding guide! All the best to the group.. Leslie

Leslie - 10/17/2018

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