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Date: November 1
Location: Kahtmandu, Nepal

We are all here safe. A bit sleepy. Overwhelming busyness of life has our heads spinning. The picture is of Tom and Jim beneath famous Everest Summiters signatures. Ed Hillary, Rob Hall and 900 other summit signatures on foot shaped cards covering the restaurant. We did some serious shopping. Might be for you so we can't tell you what we bought.

Tomorrow we fly to Lukla to begin our hike. Saw lots of the gigantic Himalayan Mountains from the plane.

Bonnie and Jim, who met on the first Cancer climb, today is their 2-year anniversary!

It's not too late to donate money for ACS in support of your favorite climber!

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For: Bonnie and Jim

On the way down! ! ! ! ! but the stories and pictures will be just breath taking .Can't wait. Computer pics are great but your interpretations will be awesome. Best to all. Be blessed,be safe, be careful,B4

Dorothy M - 11/15/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Good morning here in sunny Rochester.Evening there? Hope it's nice and presume cold but all are well because i am praying for FOUR things.We don't need heavy coats nor boots. Be blessed,be safe and for heavens sakes be careful Be4.Dorothy

Dorothy M - 11/11/2010

For: Bonnie abd Jim and Kili climbers

Weather here is beautiful.Hope that goes for your Trek.A bit more than a week and you will be back across the Pond( an Irish expression) We have a way with words,don't ya know. Be blessed,be safe,be careful,B4 Dorothy

Dorothy M - 11/10/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

We are back in business all house computers are working . Deanna's Funeral beautiful service,Bloomfield well represented.I wonder how far up the big hill you have climbed,and if you are well. Be blessed,be safe , be carefulB4. Will resume my daily notes Dorothy

Dorothy - 11/9/2010

For: Jim & Bonnie

Happy belated Anniversary! make us all very proud! Sending prayers your way...stay safe!

Lance Babcock - 11/8/2010

For: Jim and Bonnie

What a busy day! Just down now to greet you all no matter where you've landed. Rock?/// We are upgradeing our mail server so no greetings for Monday 11/8 Will get back on Tuesdat . Be blessed,be safe , be careful, b4, My bbest to all Kili climbers D

Dorothy M - 11/7/2010

For: Darlene

We are very proud that the picture on your page shows the Girls!! We hope that you are having a truly inspiring time. We can't wait to see you and Jess at Christmas and see and hear all.

Patrick and Gillian - 11/7/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Thinking of all the climbers and wishing you the best. Walked Destiny around your house and saw two deer in the side field; I guess they know you are not home Jim, so they are not worried about you hunting them down. Snow fall off and on;nothing is sticking. Take care and stay safe and hopefully warm. PS: Had a great time at the family reunion on Martha's Vineyard. xoxoxo

Joan - 11/6/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Hi Climbers, got any stones in your shoes...? You have a lot to choose from over there. I think I have the time zone correct. About ten hours difference, could be an hour or two one way or another,Weather here is ugly cold ,damp ,dark. Have to be our own sunshine. Be blessed, be safe,be careful b4 Dorothy

Dorothy M - 11/6/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo where ever you are on this planet. Betty is here for rehab. Knee surgery success. Making good progress. Deanna's funeral Mon.Heard from Dianne A.It's 1:00pm here Weather report Rainy, cold and damp. Be blessed,be safe,be careful, b4 Dorothy

Sr.Dorothy - 11/5/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Big mistake It is Nancy P. who is no longer Speaker of the House Sorry ! Be blessed,be safe,be careful, B 4 Dorothy18121

dorothyM - 11/3/2010

For: Grammee and Grandpa Jim

late happy anniversary mama tried that to send you that but it did not work. hi how you doing i'm great. i bet you are tired from walking all that way i would be. i love you very much! be safe.

Katie - 11/3/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Republicans took over the House ! thought that important. Just got back from Deanna's bedside. Not good maybe today Got an update from Beth sounds great positive news. It's2:15 pm Wed sunshinne and cold. Coumo in, Sarsh P out. Donuts and cider our Wed treat.Tx for Halloween card.Betty coming here on Fri for rehab. Enough--Be blessed,be safe, be careful of stones Be four Dorothy

Sr. dorothy - 11/3/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Thinking of you everyday. Be safe. Bonnie help Jim keep both feet on the ground. Love you both.

Sylvia - 11/3/2010

For: To? Tom W(maximum 255 chars)

Thinking about you and wishing you the very best. Don't forget to hang that prayer flag for all of us. Stay safe.Type your message here...

From? Nancy Lawler Post(maximum 255 chars) - 11/3/2010

For: Darlene

Very exciting, I will make copies of pics and updates and give to Mom. Spoke to her this am, she said for you to "BE CAREFUL". Enjoy your trip, see you when you get back.

Frank - 11/3/2010

For: Darlene

So proud of you sis. Will keep the family posted. Our own "survivor" show.

JoAnn - 11/2/2010

For: Bonnie abd Jim and Kili climbers

Donot know the time difference so I'll just add another note. Elections are over but the buzz is not. Cumo a shoe in the rest will take anoother note. From all the notes sounnds like many are keeping up with all of you. Many prayers are following you all. Be blessed, be safe and be careful ,Be4 Dorothy

Sr. dorothy - 11/2/2010

For: Jim and Bonnie

Dad and Bonnie, You're finally there after such anticipation. We're so excited for you guys to be able to follow your dreams on this amazing adventure! Good Luck and we're following the updates daily. Happy Anniversary! What a great place to spend it.

Laura, Johan, Joshua, and Sarah - 11/2/2010

For: Rick

What a long strange trip its been!! Glad you are safe!

Steve - 11/2/2010

For: Kathi

Hope you are enjoying yourself as someone had to stay behind to work. Maybe you should stuff one of those yaks in your bag and then your poor dog could just lounge around and keep Bob company. Stay safe and warm in the days to come.

Shelley - 11/2/2010

For: Paul

Paul, thanks for making the climb and lifting our spirits. Know that what you are doing is very much appreciated. Have a safe trip. Kimball's

Kimball's - 11/2/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Type your message here. Bonnie and Jim finally got the site going thanks to Linda # 1 I sent a message earlier but does not seeemed to reached Glad to hear you got there safely I thought i'd better check and did not find my message. So try number 2..Just got a caLL FROM jIM EMPY RE eLECTION DINNER.Deanna not good. So be blessed, be safe be careful(stones and rocks) be4 D

Dorothy M - 11/2/2010

For: Matt

Complete Quote: Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim, the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, over steep ways to the stars, fulfills itself. W.C.Doane See you soon!

Kate - 11/2/2010

For: Matt

Hi there! Just a note to let you know that I have returned from Seattle! We had a great time, and I was thrilled to come back to learn that we only have to work half days for the next 3 weeks! Isn't this place GREAT?! Many thanks to all the cancer climbers with wishes for safe travels. A quote to ponder: Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, over steep ways to the stars

Kate - 11/2/2010

For: Patrick

Hope you have a good flight today. The elections are happening. Will keep you posted. Love you and miss your goofiness.... The Gang

Communications - 11/2/2010

For: Matt

Glad to hear you and all are safe and well. ACS staff is really enjoying bring your dog to work week. Love the new tile carpets. Great for cleaning up "brownies." Stay safe.

Kim M - 11/2/2010

For: Jim and Bonnie

Congratulations and good luck going into Laaka airport, though by the time you get this you'll already be hiking. We'll be following along closely. No baby yet.

Kevin and Emily - 11/2/2010

For: Alison

It must be AWESOME! Hard to concentrate on work here knowing you are on the way to the top of the world (well, base of the top, whatever). The dogs keep waiting for you at the foot of the stairs. AND you are still getting ACS donations! Walk in beauty. Love, J.

John - 11/2/2010

For: To? Paul and Matt of luck and thanks for being Cancers worse your adventurous spirit

From? the Maginns - 11/2/2010

For: To? Tom S

We love you! Enjoy every minute of your fabulous journey and take good care of yourself along the way. Our love, thoughts and prayers are going with you.

From? Mary & Greg - 11/2/2010

For: Alison

Look up at the clouds and see a best to you message from me. Stay safe and healthy!

Eileen C. - 11/2/2010

For: Kili 08'ers!

...You are each one in my prayers on this adventure. It's hard to be here thinking about you being there. Especially for Bonnie and Jim- much love as you celebrate your first year in great style!!! love you all

linda #1 - 11/2/2010

For: Bonnie, Jim, and everyone

Bonnie and Jim....Happy Anniversary!!! What better way to spend it! Lots of love and prayers to you and everyone. Our hearts are climbing right with you! Take lots of pictures...Moose send his love, too:)Take good care of you and enjoy every minute of the experience. Love you incredibly much!

Marsh, Maria and Moose - 11/2/2010

For: Paul Artruc

Thanks for climbing -- for loving life, and your wife ... the cause and carrying JNFR WALKER * up the mountain with you, for me. You make us all proud !!! Peace.

Martha - 11/2/2010

For: Patrick

We miss you so much! We are counting down the days on the calendar until you come home...Are you gathering stories yet? Love you!

Robin & Annalie - 11/1/2010

For: Darlene

Well, I keep checking the clock to calculate what time it is in Nepal and wondering what you and your group are doing at that moment. Gretchen and I miss you and hope that you are having a great time. We send all of our love to you.

Jesse - 11/1/2010

For: All the Joi Climbers

Hellooooooo Nepal!!! You all are truly my hero's. Know that I will be thinking of you everyday and saying a prayer every night. But if I have my timing right, I think you will be getting my prayers during the day!

Karen - 11/1/2010

For: Paul

We Loooovvveee Yooouuu! Hope you're having fun. Miss you. Had to make my own coffee this morning. It wasn't nearly as good as yours. xxoo

Linda and girls - 11/1/2010

For: Jim Bonnie Tom Tom Rick Esther Allison Darlene Karen Matt Patrick Kathi

Lots of prayers and strength heading your way across the universe.

Suzie Coleman - 11/1/2010

For: Esther

Enjoy it all! We are watching from here. Snickers says woof.

Jeff & Emily - 11/1/2010

For: Kathi

We are going up with you in our thoughts and prayers stay safe and have a wonderful journey congrats to Bonnie and Jim

shelley - 11/1/2010

For: Alison (Mom!)

Hi Mom! I got your text messages today--it's crazy to think that you're in Nepal! Good luck and much love!

Andrea - 11/1/2010

For: Kathi

And so it begins.....Godspeed and enjoy all!!! Got my maps out and am "plotting" along...oops Max stepped on the map.

b - 11/1/2010

For: Kathi

glad you're all "there" safe and sound!!! Happy Anniversary to Bonnie and Jim!! What a way to celebrate!!! We'll be "pushing" you up the mountain from this end of the world!!! Lot's of prayers and thoughts for your wonderful "cancer cause" - wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could do what you're doing - instead of being stalled in life with cancer!!!

canoelite - 11/1/2010

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