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Date: November 2
Location: Toktok, 9013 ft

We are amazed to be in this place we have dreamed about for 1.5 years. It seems unreal. The flight to Lukla was spectacular, Giant snow/glaciated peaks just beyond us. The Everest we saw was 100lb baskets loaded with Everest beer. We followed lines of porters and zopkias [breed of cow/yak] 0n ancient stone paved trails. 5 hours of hiking beside the famous Dudh Kosi, [Milk River] and we are at camp. Some a a bit worn out from the 5 am wake, travel, start of altitude and the excitement of being here. Some are missing sharing together the thrill of being here.

Drama for the day report:
- 1 Yak goring of Alison's bag
- 1 forgotten med bag [no name but it belonged to Darlene] successful retrieval
- 2 swinging, bouncy, high suspension bridges, all crossed safely, barely
- 2 bags left in field causing great anxiety for TomTom, arrived at later date.

We are going to be reporting stats on 2 trekkers for a U of R research class each day.

Kathi: Normal, or at least as normal as usual. 02 98%,  pulse: 105
Pat:     Normal 02 90 %, pulse: 94

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For: Bonnie abd Jim and Kili climbers

Did not click on SEND so last message is somewhere in Cyber space. We are praying for good weather,clearskies and have the mountains clearing their heads. Have a safe trip . Be blessed,be safe ,be careful,be 4

Dorothy M - 11/19/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Guess you need some more prayers for your departure. I'll get the community on that problem cause yo'll need a shower and a bed for a good rest.Be blessed,be safe, be careful B4

Dorothy M - 11/17/2010

For: Bonnie abd Jim and Kili climbers

Three cheers Bonnie for your message. Knew it was your voice, sounded like the voice on Kili.Great to know that all are doing well,a Big thanks to God's care. can't wai t wait for your travelogue.Be blessed,be safe,be careful B4.

Dorothy M - 11/14/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Am I having fun being able to see and hear progress. Linda#1 showed me how to get more news.Would love to see what you see and marvel at the works of the Almighty. We know Who fills that space. All of you have daily prayers. All be blessed, all be safe, all be careful, B4

Dorothy M) - 11/13/2010

For: Bonnie and Jim

Luinda was her today and gave me some clues now I can get news of RAIN MUD MUD Etc. Will get more prayers for the rain but won't leave prayers out for the other TWO important needs, Be blessed,be safe, be careful B4

Dorothy M - 11/12/2010

For: Matt

Hello from guests and staff at HLHH. All is well. Enjoy.

Lorraine - 11/5/2010

For: Esther

Oh I will post this picture on the board in Spinning today! So nice to see your face! Keep smiling and be safe.

Lynda - 11/4/2010

For: Esther

Oh I will post this picture on the board in Spinning today! So nice to see your face! Keep smiling and be safe.

Lynda - 11/4/2010

For: Esther

Its a good look! Have fun!

The Tubers - 11/3/2010


Hey! A big chest bump goes out from me to you. It was so wonderful to see your beautiful face (though it looked like you were about to yak on a yak). I am pulling for you, thinking of you all the time. Love to everyone!

Kili Karen - 11/3/2010

For: Partick

Mayor Duffy will be the next Lt. Governor. The swinging bridges must have been awesome. Amazing what you are all doing. I can't wait to hear you describe it to us after you are home safely... Love & Peace Gretch

Gretchen - 11/3/2010

For: Paul Artruc

Congratulations you made it there!! All of us in dispatch miss you & wish you well. Kim

Dispatch - 11/3/2010

For: Paul

Have an awesome walk! I walked to the "coon's den" on Sunday. Do you think I could be ready for a climb? Thinking about you - stay safe and WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES! Love ya!

Susie - 11/3/2010

For: Tom S

I'm so proud of my wonderful dad; keep on adventuring!

Audrey - 11/3/2010

For: To? (maximum 255 chars)all of you

Type your message here...You guys are great. thanks for the tears of joi and all the good news. Keep up the hard work, I'll stay here and cure some cancer. Cuomo won. Love you.

mudflaps - 11/3/2010

For: Matt Flanigan

Hi Matt! I know you are savoring every moment in such a beautiful place! We're all rooting for you and following your progress. Thank you for pushing the limits and going to such great heights for the cause!

Laurie Stevens - 11/3/2010

For: Paul A

Just wondering if you have done that "Sherpa Salute" we talked about after drinking all that Everest beer? SU won first basketball game. Have an awesome time!

The Bishops - 11/3/2010

For: Kathi

wow..LOOK AT THE MOSS!!!! ha ha your stats look good...thought your heartrate would be a bit higher after seeing that bridge....can't wait to see more. is anyone else having trouble with that code thing??? i need new glasses

Brenda - 11/2/2010

For: Paul A

Way to go brother! You're looking good! We look forward to seeing your pics and vid upon your safe return.

Scarlet A - 11/2/2010

For: Paul A.

Paul! Way cool. We are all pulling for you and so grateful you are carrying our family names. I think you are getting close to a great frozen custard spot. Watch for the Indiana Jones's a trick bridge! Keep climbing! Love, Beth

Beth/Tommy/Bernie/Marianne/Carrie/Nanci/& wee ones - 11/2/2010

For: Smeg

9,013 feet? Come on. Call me when you hit 20,000. Oh yeah - SU 96 Kutztown 60 In hoc.

Smeg - 11/2/2010

For: Paul Artruc

You're rocking that ORANGE shirt. My favorite color. Jennifer likes BLUE. "Soooo damn lucky ..." to have youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, all. Peace. Climb strong !

Martha - 11/2/2010

For: Kathi

Duncan and I climbed the back hill tonight - thought about you climbing "the big one". I was huffing and puffing, Duncan was more like you!!!! It's COLD here!!! I imagine you're looking at snow mountains - I'll think of you when I scrape the frost tomorrow morning!!! "pushing from this end"!!!

canoelite - 11/2/2010

For: Aunt Kathi

Hi Aunt Kathi, hike it like you mean it and stay warm! oxox

Lexa - 11/2/2010

For: Paul Artruc

I know you're humming Great Big Blue everyday! LOL Say hey to the Big Mountain for me! Best wishes, Jimbo

Jimmy Lynch - 11/2/2010

For: All the crazy people

Glad everyone made it there in one piece. The key will be the return! :) Have an awesome time and just ignore the smell. Love you guys.

Nicole - 11/2/2010

For: Cancer's worst nightmare (aka JOI hikers)

Knowing that you are in the future, and judging by Esther's face in the picture, you must know that the "Rent is too damn high" guy won the election today! Yippee!

Big Deal (Meg) - 11/2/2010

For: Matt Flanigan

Can ya hear me now? HOPE all is well! With ya every step of the way in spirit! Keith Davidson ACs Capital :-)

Keith Davidson - 11/2/2010

For: All

Happy anniversary to Jim and Bonnie! What a fabulous way to celebrate! Hope you all are doing well and staying warm. Thinking of you! love, Sadie and Phil

Sadie and Phil - 11/2/2010

For: Uncle Paul

Dude...they need more action shots of you! Show them all that you're not just some piece of man candy that they can parade around from village to village and offer up to the virgins!

Robbie - 11/2/2010

For: Esther

hi mom, the picture is umm...have fun and good luck

Paula - 11/2/2010

For: Jim Thies

Sorry for the typo in your name. I guess I should work for the Messenger Post ;-)

Carroll - 11/2/2010

For: Tom S

Sorry I missed you Tom. We were probably all at the cemetery when you stopped by. I really did want to sign your banner. Have a great climb and don't drink the water.

Carroll - 11/2/2010

For: Jin & Bonnie

Happy anniversary !! Wish I could be there to help you celebrate. Enjoy the fabulous scenery.

Carroll - 11/2/2010

For: Patrick

Thinking about what incredible scenery you're witnessing brings a smile to my face...I scan the posted pictures furiously for your face...Hope to see it soon. XO.

Robin - 11/2/2010

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