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Date: Thursday, May 26
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Today was a day of humility. We joined over 35 volunteers to help pick up garbage in the parks, in front of schools, and along the streets of Moshi. We had to pay for the truck, the fuel for the truck and shovels and rakes to arm everyone. It cost $75 total. We used baskets and boxes to collect the garbage since plastic bags are not readily available. You quickly realize how much we take for granted at home, the services provided, and the people you don't see who do it. Paul, we have a great sponsorship project for Waste Management!

We were rewarded for all our hard work with a trip to a natural spring. It was WAY off the beaten pass because it is not well known, but, of course, Rick and Yusuph did. We let our inner child out to play and swung from a rope to drop into a crystal clear warm oasis.

We have made such amazing connections with the people over here, but more importantly with each other on this trip. We've laughed with each other, cried, sang and danced. We have been watched over, guided, cared for and appreciated. Everything we hope to bring home and share with each of you.

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For: Lynn

Hi Lynn, I have enjoyed reading about your amazing experienes. I hope you enjoy the safari and have a safe and easy trip home. Love, Anne

Anne - 5/28/2016

For: Maria

I hope you remember "don't throw your trash in my backyard my backyards full." Ha....I am visualizing you with the tarzan call , swinging on the rope into the springs. Feelin a little of the green monster when I read of your adventures.Thats ok My new neighbor is a music teacher at Ithaca college and I saw my first Poppy today. popsicle orange!Love you from usa to Africa.....Its Memorial DAy weekend!

Meg - 5/26/2016

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