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Date: Valentines Day, Saturday, February 14 - AUDIO POST
Location: Karangua Camp, 13,200

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: the hikers

Enjoying -2oF at home. Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the hike! We are cheering you on. Stay strong!

Linda Artruc-kili 08 - 2/15/2015

For: Carlos and TIm

Carlos and Tim: By now you are feeling cold and spent, but soldier on my friends and I hope you reach your goal. By the way, Tim, has Carlos modeled his Duck Dynasty leotards for you yet? yeah, that's a great way to start the day . . .

Nick the Greek from the EBC trip - 2/15/2015

For: Jeff

Charlie is doing well. He's sleeping under the blanket as I write this post via Mio. See you when you get back to Rochester. Take lots of pictures.

Mom - 2/14/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Here's my Valentines Day gift to you both, Duke 80 - Syracuse 72 GO DEVILS!!!!!!

Noly - 2/14/2015

For: Sue Zafoots

SuzieSuzieQ where are you?! Happy Valentines Day bird!! I love you and miss you. Keep climbing girlfriend!! You're a tough cookie, I know you got this!! Jacob and his girlfriend are spending Valentines Day at your house...the apple don't fall far from the tree!!! ha!I'm sooooo proud of the strong amazing woman that you are. When it's getting tough, know that we are all there with you...pushing you up that bitch of a mountain with all of our love just like you are always there for all of us!!

Julie - 2/14/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Happy Valentines Day! I google searched photos of the Barranco Wall - what a sense of accomplishment you must feel, it looks very scary! Good luck getting to the summit tomorrow, we are looking forward to the post tomorrow. We hope both you and Ben and everyone you are hiking with is feeling good and we wish everyone success. Senior says watch out for Sasquatch....haha

The Spry family - 2/14/2015

For: Carlos, Tim and all the group

Just saw photos of Baranco Wall. You all deserve a magnum of champagne. That was just incredible!!!!! I hope you will all celebrate upon your descent, you've EARNED IT!!!!! BRAVO!!!!

Noly - 2/14/2015

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